AustralianSana & Kpopalypse podcast – Episode 9: idol dating, line distribution, #KPopisCringe and more

AustralianSana and Kpopalypse return with another huge podcast for your entertainment!

Podcast timestamps and question box below!

0:00 – will Korean idols dating always be controversial?
5:20 – watching Japanese wrestling in Australia
7:52 – the Australian fires
12:55 – is CL too poor to afford proper music videos now?
15:25 – ancient astronauts
17:20 – “dog food lid” backwards is “dildo of god”. Thoughts?
17:45 – home toilet etiquette
18:25 – Ian Miles Cheong: “finally, #KPopisCringe is trending
22:20 – Cookie Monster math
23:01 – fuck, marry, kill – Australian politics
23:34 – pineapple on pizza?
25:17 – Onision
27:14 – AustralianSana’s massive Russian figure-skating rant
37:43 – are k-pop scandals cover-ups for Korean government scandals?
40:48 – Australian politicians are China’s bitches
43:53 – Amber’s subway law enforcement comments
49:55 – …and while we’re on the subject of hate-crimes and k-pop
51:23 – is k-pop overall progressive or conservative?
1:02:02 – One Nation and “How To Sell A Massacre
1:06:00 – K-pop line distribution (not cocaine) (well, probably not)
1:11:06 – AustralianSana on the Kpopalypse songwriting credits article
1:16:06 – how have k-pop member roles changed over the years?
1:18:32 – fans getting mad about idol suicides delaying comebacks (yes you read that right)
1:20:57 – final thoughts and thank-yous

Transcription coming soon (if the person who does them could actually be bothered, trust me we won’t blame you if you can’t be fucked)

Do you have a topic for the AustralianSana and Kpopalypse podcast series?  If so, use the question box below!  If no box appears, you can use the new Yeojin link on the sidebar to submit your topic request!  Stay safe, caonimas!


3 thoughts on “AustralianSana & Kpopalypse podcast – Episode 9: idol dating, line distribution, #KPopisCringe and more

  1. Those quads are under-rotated. It’s only 3.5 rotation at max. She is cheating her jumps. If you understand the jump techniques and pay attention, you will notice under-rotated and wrong techniques done by Trusova.

    While Evgenia is a talented skaters, her jumps techniques are terrible. Her Word title is doubtful At her age, it’s difficult to fix her jumps. With ISU corrupted system, it will be very hard for her to reach podium.

    Yuzuru Hanyu is GOAT, despite the scoring is unfair to him many times.

    Anyway, just putting here because figure skating is mentioned.

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