Kpopalypse says thank you for 2019

Just a short post from Kpopalypse to say thank you for 2019!

2019 was a wild year of bold new directions for Kpopalypse.  The site branched out into computer game development, a music theory series, creation of the Chuu+ Twitter robot, and regular livestreaming and collaborative podcasts.  Some of these are things that I hadn’t imagined would be possible a year ago!  This is on top of the radio show, weekly roundups, and all the existing posts and regular content that readers know and love!  All of this content is brought to you completely free to access as well as advertisement-free, just for you lovely readers!

Kpopalypse also became even more controversial than in previous years, something which many people scarcely thought possible, myself included!  Bullying fandom culture, the unfairness of the industry, and websites that do not meet required standards (especially in light of recent tragic events) were all criticised with renewed vigour, and interviews were made that called into question many of the more sordid aspects of the k-pop machine – and that’s just the stuff you know about (you would be amazed who talks to Kpopalypse in private).  Naturally the observations of Kpopalypse did not go down well in all quarters of the k-pop online world, with several sites now officially shying away from hosting or linking any Kpopalypse content at all.  However as I write for my own personal reasons, not for web traffic, clicks or popularity, the blog continues unfazed – many enemies bring much honour!

Of course I couldn’t do it all without the help of readers.  Kpopalypse would like to say thank you to all readers who visit Kpopalypse blog!  Whether you’re a daily visitor, a Patreon subscriber, someone who just drops in for the weekly roundup or at irregular intervals, or someone who visits basically never except when other people link my articles, Kpopalypse is grateful to all readers!  Thank you so much for your support!  Also a special thank you very much to the websites who still link to Kpopalypse, and the people who have collaborated with the site, assisted with providing extra content, given technical support, and shared tipoffs and information – you know who you are!

Thank you also for all your comments, including those that come in privately!  I find the positive feedback from many readers to be very highly motivating!  I understand that not everyone can be “public” in their appreciation of this blog for “reasons”, but just know that I read every single piece of feedback received, and I will continue to look out for the well-being of all readers, industry workers and k-pop fans!

So what’s in store for 2020?  Honestly, I don’t plan to diversify into any more new directions at this stage.  The blog is keeping me exceptionally busy along with my regular work and it’s tricky at times just keeping up the current flow of articles and content.  Having said that, it’s difficult to tell what’s on the horizon.  Fortunately, Kpopalypse has high determination levels to keep bringing you more new things to read, so whatever you can expect, you can certainly expect it fondly!  Rest assured that no matter how much some people might wish for it to be otherwise, Kpopalypse is here to stay and will keep entertaining you throughout 2020 and beyond!

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