Kpopalypse apologises to ONCEs for posting an interview with that creepy German Nayeon stalker

A special announcement.


By (very) popular demand from ONCEs (that’s the name of the Twice fandom, for those of you who don’t follow the name of every batshit crazy k-pop fandom out there), I have removed the interview with Nayeon’s creepy German stalker from public access.  I formally apologise to ONCEs for posting this interview.  I am sorry.  I will reflect, although I probably won’t return with a more mature image (let’s not get too ambitious now).

However, as several ONCEs also personally sent death threats and threats of violence/physical harm to Kpopalypse, they don’t completely get their way.

The post is now under password-only access.  Only I decide who gets to read it and when.  Although ONCEs obviously already knew everything in my interview and more, I still think it’s a valuable document for people who weren’t following the situation, as well as a revealing psychological window into the pure gleaming madness of a stalker’s mindset, so therefore I think it’s worth preserving, although I do also understand some of the more rational counter-arguments about propagation.  In any event, I didn’t spend five hours typing out that man’s insane unhinged nonsense just to bin it all.  But don’t worry ONCEs – nobody new will be reading it soon.  Well, not real soon.

Oh and if you hear anything about someone stalking your faves in the future, don’t ever fucking ask me for shit.  Thanks for reading, cunts.

UPDATE 23/12/2019:  ONCEs have still been bitching about my site and adding me to report lists, even reporting me to JYPE, even AFTER I took the interview down, including – would you believe – the very account that originally alerted me to the issue!



I’m still on their report list as of right now, so you can all have the password, which is iwanttowrapitsoftly – enjoy reading, caonimas!