Kpopalypse’s web traffic, stats and metrics wrap-up for 2019

Most k-pop websites don’t tell you anything about their stats because they want to keep all that stuff a secret so they can use their data for sneaky data-mining and monetisation.  However Kpopalypse isn’t most k-pop websites, so let’s take a look at all the stats for Kpopalypse blog in 2019!

Did you know that 2019 was the first year when Kpopalypse blog was slightly less popular than the year before?  This is true!  The writing style hasn’t changed much at all, the reason for the slight decrease in traffic is probably do with the shadowbanning of Kpopalypse on various other k-pop websites (try posting anything of mine on most of them and watch your post get automoderated straight into the sin bin regardless of content) as well as the incredible maturity of k-pop fans who have realised that they are too erudite and woke for Kpopalypse blog… just kidding, the real reason why is that I didn’t do a boobs post at the end of 2018, and the yearly boobs posts drive a significant chunk of web traffic to my site – not as soon as I post them, but over time, as the new boobs gradually get indexed by search engines thanks to all you thirsty readers searching for “content”.  However I did do a 2019 boobs post so we’ll probably see the traffic go back up in 2020.  We’ll see how we go with that.  In the meantime Kpopalypse blog still somehow managed 1.5 million individual hits over the course of 2019!

So where have people been visiting from?  Here’s the full list of countries that have been supporting Kpopalypse the most in 2019!


Unsurprisingly, The USA is at the top, being the country with the largest amount of English-speaking k-pop fans.  Interestingly, despite the site being Australian, home traffic lags behind many South East Asian countries, even ones with less population, which just goes to show that those countries probably have much better taste than the lame Australians where I live who still listen to Cold Chisel or whatever.  Hong Kong and Taiwan both polled above China for traffic, probably because Kpopalypse has been a consistent supporter of freedom, however I’m also part-Chinese so thank you Chinese readers for your support!  Kpopalypse loves all international readers regardless of country!  Special shout-out to those visiting Kpopalypse blog from sucky war-torn locations, I hope people in your area stop being dicks soon so you can do the “Fancy” dance in peace.

However I can’t say the same for the following countries who only visited Kpopalypse once this year:

Don’t visit any of these countries, the people there don’t read Kpopalypse blog at all, so you probably can’t trust them.

What posts were the most popular on Kpopalypse blog this year?  Kpopalypse’s groundbreaking music theory series?  The amazing continual evolution of Nugu Alert?  A post in the QRIMOLE series where Kpopalypse helped readers suffering from estrangement, social struggles and mental illness?

No, it was just the titties and sex again.  Of course the readers who clicked these links mainly just got to see lots of cat photos and JYP’s plastic pants, but hopefully these people found that their efforts were still rewarded in some way.  End of year content was also popular, and a Kpopalypse roundup even made it into the top performers, mainly thanks to Loona fans rage-reading it after someone linked my end-of-roundup rant to them telling them all to chill the fuck out about Loona’s success levels.

What search engines did people use to find Kpopalypse?

Nineteen readers clearly need some help removing the toolbar from their web browser, I suggest you search up how to do that (but not on

Here’s the other sites that linked to Kpopalypse the most in 2019:

Readers will note that these numbers are way down from last year’s from nearly every source!  For instance, Asian Junkie managed to give Kpopalypse over 6000 visitors in 2018, but in 2019 only managed a measly 811 due mainly to Asian Junkie not giving credit where it’s due and linking Kpopalypse at the appropriate times, plus deleting comments from anyone who talks about or refers to my website.  Tsk tsk, reflect!  But how much traffic is going the other way?

Kpopalypse still found a way to give Asian Junkie over 11,000 hits through the goodness of his heart.  In other words, I now give Asian Junkie over thirteen times the traffic that he gives me!  Truly, Asian Junkie needs to reflect and return with a more improved image of his site that spams spyware-infested ads less and links to Kpopalypse more.  On a brighter note, nearly 3000 readers checked out computer games that were written by Kpopalypse, with “Night Of The Living Fandumb” being the most popular!

Here’s the educational and informative Asian Junkie articles that I sent readers to the most:

Wow, that’s a lot of informative and trufaxual articles!  Please continue to support Asian Junkie by clicking on his content often!  Just remember to bring your adblock, your virus checker, your malware detector, unplug your webcam, clean any temporary files, clear cookies, deactivate any untrusted plugins, plus disable popups and Flash player!

What were the most popular search terms that people used to find Kpopalypse blog?  Here’s the main ones…

These results won’t be at all surprising to those who follow the activity of Chuu+, the Kpopalypse search terms Twitter robot.  I’m not sure how “amazon” got so high, I’m picturing all these people who didn’t care at all about pop music but who were concerned about the fate of the Amazon rainforest suddenly getting into k-pop now thanks to my writing.  Let me know if you’re one of those readers so I can see if my theory is correct!

What were the top blind YouTube links that Kpopalypse sent brave randomly-clicking readers to in 2019?

Girl Crush – “Memories” – 521 views

Go Won – “One & Only” – 281 views

Seckskies – “Chivalry” on MBC Top Music, 1998 – 276 views

Laysha member’s epic wardrobe malfunction – 265 views

Threatin – “Living Is Dying” – 226 views

First Bite – “Move Over” – 218 views

BTS – “Dionysus” – 218 views

Rookie group criticised for awful cover of Blackpink’s song – 206 views

Full body male makeup – John Maclean – 190 views

Fromis_9 – “Love Bomb” (Karaoke instrumental) – 185 views

Ice-T ft. Jello Biafra – “Freedom Of Speech” – 185 views

Senior citizen targets teen, runs into Chris Hansen instead – 180 views

CLC – “No” – 174 views

Produsorn Ep.1 – My experience as a trainee – 173 views

CSS – “Hits Me Like A Rock” – 167 views

CLC – “Me” – 161 views

Radio show fans might wish to know what the cumulative radio charts are for the Kpopalypse radio show.  Here they are!

Note that these charts count plays of individual artists on the show since radio statistics have been electronically recorded a few years ago.  The radio show is mainly dictated by new releases and requests, and regular listeners will know that I play way more of these than “personal picks”.  The big news is that show favourite T-ara has lost the lead for the first time as Twice has taken over!  EXO has also now overtaken BTS as the most popular boy group on the show.

However the radio show isn’t all about just what’s popular, and over 1300 unique artists have now been played on the show!  If you’ve heard of a Korean artist, there’s a good chance that they’ve been played on the show at least once!  There’s also lots of support of women – just like Kpopalypse blog has a majority female readership, Kpopalypse radio show has a majority female playlist, and in fact a higher female content playlist than all other shows on Three D Radio!  Of course this is not just to fill quotas (although Three D Radio does have them), but completely merit-based – most radio listeners know that girl groups have better music!

That’s all for this post!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon, and if you’d like to support all the independent trufaxual k-pop journalism over at Asian Junkie, click on the below image of Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon having a typical Asian Junkie browsing experience, and you’ll be sent straight there!  Stay safe and malware-free, caonimas!

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