Copy paste these to clear Jungkook searches!

It seems that Jungkook from BTS has gotten himself into a bit of hot water lately.  How can we best protect our precious Jungkook?  This post has the answers!

It seems that many people are concerned about making sure that when people search Jungkook, they only see nice things.


I wondered what this was all about.  Gosh, what is this weirdness – what could be going on?

Proof… of what?  What’s this about censoring names and not clicking articles?  What are they hiding?  Hmm… I thought I’d better do my own Twitter search:

What… Jungkook was in a car accident?  No, it can’t be!  That’s just terrible!  What are people saying about this incident?

Some people are accusing BTS fans of trying to cover the incident up.  Could this be true?

Why of course not, people are just concerned because there’s so many BTS anti-fans out there who might Tweet nasty things.  Gosh, I can’t imagine what would make someone a BTS anti-fan, it’s not like BTS don’t have the most loveable, adorable fandom in the entire world.

Can you feel the aegyo?  It’s such a shame that adorable BTS fans are being misunderstood.  How can fans rectify this false impression and help others understand that Jungkook is actually just as loveable as ARMYs?

Well, I’ve been thinking about this, and I’ve come up with some new search terms that ARMYs can trend!  Please feel free to use these search terms at your leisure.


Jungkook has never had car accidents!  In fact he probably doesn’t even know what a car accident is.  If we trend “Jungkook Road Safety” then instead of that nasty accident, we can focus on how he is so incredibly safe!  You’ll notice that in the above video he’s not even wearing a seatbelt, that’s because road safety just emanates from his very being.


We all know Jungkook is a great rapist, just watch the above video!  By drawing attention to his fantastic raping, we can divert it away from those nasty car accident rumours!


There’s tons of great BTS horror fanfiction out there, maybe we should promote some of it to people who are speculating about nasty car accident rumours?


Oh my god, look at how aegyo he looks in his jail cell!  Jungkook should definitely be in jail, just to brighten the place up.  He could teach dance moves to all the prisoners!  All those people who are in jail are probably only there because they didn’t love themselves enough, think of all the good Jungkook and BTS could do in there!


Did you know that Jungkook does commercials for coke?  If you’re an ARMY, you probably do know this, however many people don’t, so if we trend “Jungkook does coke” everybody can learn this amazing fact!


Like his BTS groupmates, Jungkook definitely stinks – because he’s out there every night sweating up a storm, giving his 110% to his adoring fans!  Trend “Jungkook stinky” and force those haters to appreciate the simple fact that Jungkook works harder than they ever could!


As the world’s most successful k-pop group NO HE IS NOT A KPOP BTS ARE BTS-POP ITS THEIR OWN SPECIAL GENRE ALL JUST FOR THEM AND NOBODY ELSE BECAUSE THEY ARE SPECIAL MORE SPECIAL THAN ANYONE EVER OKAY Jungkook has touched the hearts of many young people all around the world!  Trend “Jungkook touches kids” today and let the world know what a powerful positive influence he is to today’s youth!  How has Jungkook touched you?

I hope this post helps all BTS fans to clear those Jungkook searches!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

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  1. Fanatical fandoms are similar to totalitarian movements: there is a party line and you must follow it… or else.

      • Well, at least they haven’t been posting anything annoying here in the comments section. Last year, I had the nerve to defend Momoland for not bowing to BTS at some stupid awards show. ARMY was… displeased, to say the least.

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