Kpopalypse Nugu Alert Episode 46 – Zeebomb, J-Cat ft. Ovecoco, Soumbalgwang

Thanks to the ever-increasingly far reaching and controversial public profile of Kpopalypse, web traffic has been hot lately, with several people visiting this site to take screencaps of my incredibly sexy and erudite writing so they can share it with their friends and gaze at it in sheer admiration on their social network of choice.  Nevertheless I don’t want to feed my ego too much, so it seems like a good time to slow down the increasing interest in Kpopalypse blog by featuring some Korean groups that nobody gives a fuck about!  That’s right caonimas, it’s time once again for Kpopalypse Nugu Alert!

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AustralianSana & Kpopalypse podcast – Episode 7: BTS, Twitter harassment and weaponised “wokeness”, plus Lovelyz “Sixth Sense”

AustralianSana returns to discuss her disappearance from Twitter, BTS ARMY thug life, and a whole lot more!

(Apologies for the echoes near the end, I think our audio was hacked by BTS fans)


0:00 – what happened to AustralianSana on Twitter?
6:00 – on stanning idols, not their companies
12:40 – on the Hollywood Reporter BTS article
18:50 – the relationship between fandoms and populism
25:48 – weaponised “wokeness”
35:30 – the connection between BTS and Moon Jae-in (South Korean president)
41:30 – music “journalists” cozying up to k-pop stans
52:20 – the reaction to Lovelyz’ version of Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sixth Sense”

Read on for relevant links below, and the full transcript!

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Help for k-pop websites who don’t know exactly what to write about Sulli

Sulli’s death is a big thing in the news right now.  Tragic, right?  Of course we’re all very upset about this horrible incident, me included.  Having lost several friends and even a partner to suicide, the issue is quite close to my heart.  However finding exactly the right thing to write about someone’s suicide on a k-pop website is hard.  Kpopalypse is here to give website owners a hand so they can maximise their web traffic heartfelt and entirely appropriate feelings of mourning during this awful time.

Look at this picture of Sulli.  One image is worth a thousand clicks.

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