Introducing Chuu+, the Kpopalypse search terms Twitter bot!

Say hello to Chuu+, the new Kpopalypse twitter bot!  Read on for the details!

Regular followers of the Kpopalypse Twitter account will know that one of the most entertaining aspects of this account is the “search term that brought someone to Kpopalypse blog today” tweets, which provides not only lots of laughs, but an eye-opening insight into what k-pop fans really search for on the Internet.  I have been hand-selecting these search terms for a while for the entertainment of caonimas, but it’s a lot of effort to do so and of course the results of my hand-selection will naturally create a certain bias.

I was inspired by other automated Twitter accounts that I enjoy to start up a bot that could sort through these search terms more impartially without me having to manually sift through entries, and with the wonderful technical assistance of Twitter user @KardOnIce I have been able to program such a bot and organise some cheap virtual hosting so I can run it without having to leave my home computer on 24/7 when I’m otherwise not using it.  Say hello to the newest member of the Kpopalypse family, Chuu+!

The robot AI of Chuu+ is smart enough to bring you random search terms, and will weed out anything really boring (like when people just search “Kpopalypse”), so you can expect a continuation of the type of bamboozling Kpopalypse search terms that you already know and love.

Sometimes she’ll also tweet other things, because occasionally she struggles to find an interesting enough search term to show you and just gets bored.

She sometimes also shares songs from any of the Kpopalypse favourites lists when she can’t find an interesting new search term.


Like any obedient k-pop idol, Chuu+ always presents a smiling disposition, and never sleeps, so you can expect tweets at any time of the day, at the rate of approximately one per hour or two.  She also works for a very cheap rate, although I do actually pay her more to keep her running than what many k-pop idols receive.

Chuu+ is completely funded by the Kpopalypse Patreon so thank you to all the people who have been supporting Kpopalypse, your continual love and donations have made this possible!  If you’d like to give Chuu+ a follow or just a curious look, then head on over to her Twitter account by clicking the image above, and enjoy the automated caonima action!

UPDATE 4th February 2023:

Sadly Chuu+ has had to close down due to Twitter restricting their API to a paid tier, which means that Chuu+ can’t get her data anymore. She is very sad about this and so am I, hopefully we can have a Chuu++ in the future.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Chuu+, the Kpopalypse search terms Twitter bot!

  1. Just a thought – with these search terms (and Chuu+) out in the open, maybe some of them will start to be jerks just playing with you… Like (if I thought there was any way in hell to actually see kpop boobs) I might try searching Puer Kim boobs

    • That wouldn’t be an unpopular search term in any case. Really, any genuine “trolling” would struggle to be noticed as it probably wouldn’t be that far away from people’s legitimate searches anyway.

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