Help Kpopalypse present his problematic self appropriately for Dreamcatcher!

It’s almost time for Kpopalypse to go and see Dreamcatcher perform in Melbourne, Australia!  Obviously I am excited for this huge event, but I also have stumbled across an important moral question that I require assistance with.  Read on to assist Kpopalypse!

Here’s a Tweet that someone made recently about some fancammers recording footage at a Dreamcatcher outdoor event.  Click the image to be taken to the live Tweet, assuming it still exists.

Clearly, recording Dreamcatcher with a camera if you are a male has now become unacceptable to the new third-generation woke k-pop fanbase.  However when I post my Dreamcatcher review it might be very boring if there is no video content.  Therefore, I, as a male, will be forced to record Dreamcatcher with a camera for the benefit of you, my lovely readers.  Since image and appearances are very important to Kpopalypse, I would never wish to be deemed “problematic”.  However I still wish to also bring you the Dreamcatcher content that you crave.  How do I reconcile this clear conflict of interest?

I thought maybe if I looked “less leery” or something, that might help.  However on closer inspection of the Tweet, I think that this alone isn’t going to cut it.

The men here aren’t doing anything in particular other than looking through their cameras, making sure that their footage of the performers is optimal, after all how else are they supposed to get their fancam to come out the right way.  Where do you think the fancams you love come from?  They don’t have their dicks out or anything, and I don’t even see any drool forming on their chins, this is clearly an aura of “business, not pleasure”.

They all seem fairly preoccupied with the mundane technical aspect of recording, apart from that one guy on the right who is giving his hair a bit of an adjustment.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more bored bunch of people watching any k-pop group – far from “getting off”, none of them seem all that excited to even be there at all.  They’re copping all this criticism for being perverts and they’re barely even awake!  God knows how much more heavily criticised they would be if they actually showed some interest in what was going on in front of them.

If the above is “problematic”, then it’s clear that just the act of men recording women with photographic equipment, while they look at their recording of the footage to ensure its quality, is in fact the issue.  What can I do the resolve this dilemma?

I have come up with a few different options, and listed some potential positive and negative aspects of each one.  Hopefully my woke, erudite readers can pick the most effective choice for me to utilise when attending Dreamcatcher!

Option 1: have my back turned for the entire show

+ I can’t be accused of perving at the girls if I’m not looking at them
+ There will be no visual distractions from Dreamcatcher’s music to bias my impression of their sonic qualities

– This would make it very challenging to write an accurate review of any on-stage occurences
– having my head turned away may not be the most optimal listening posture
– fancam recording could prove challenging
– although the Dreamcatcher girls wouldn’t be creeped out, anybody standing behind me might be

Option 2: wear a bucket

+ no visuals in any direction means nobody can be made uncomfortable by my problematic “male gaze”

– navigation of the stage venue could prove difficult
– sonic reverberations inside the bucket could be unpleasant
– fancam recording quality could be severely compromised
– my impression of the night’s events may be altered due to only being able to see a slab of plastic for the entire evening

Option 3: wear a Donald Trump wig

+ should not affect mobile phone operation
+ any perving will probably be tolerated as fans will just be grateful that at least I’m not grabbing anyone’s pussy

– merchandise stand may decline to serve someone who may possibly start a trade war
– my gaze may be considered even more problematic than usual, just by association
– high risk of looking like a complete bitch-ass

Option 4: do not go to the show

+ easier to resist temptation to buy expensive Dreamcatcher merchandise
+ definitely the most low-risk option for any fans of Dreamcatcher who may dislike me…

– …but who gives a fuck about those cunts
– lack of any visual or audio content to share or write about could make a write-up challenging
– cynical readers may feel that any resulting live review lacks credibility
– flights and hotels have already been paid for so any savings may be illusory as I’d probably still find a way to waste money in Melbourne somehow

Option 5: be my problematic self, fuck it

+ I will actually get to see the show, record parts of it, and write an accurate review

– people might get upset oh wait that’s a positive
– I might get a reputation as a pervert gosh I guess I already have that reputation

Option 6: Identify as Haseul

+ I get to identify as an erudite Loona person
+ no dress-up required – I only have to identify as her
+ I might get more blog readers now that people think Haseul has a blog

– I might get more blog readers now that people think Haseul has a blog
– People might stop me at the venue and ask me to verify their wacky “Loonaverse” conspiracy theories

I’ve outlined what I think are all the positives and negatives of each option – but what do YOU think?  Help Kpopalypse make this difficult decision by selecting an answer from the poll below!  The poll will stay active until I leave for the Dreamcatcher event!  Stay safe, caonimas!

16 thoughts on “Help Kpopalypse present his problematic self appropriately for Dreamcatcher!

  1. Dreamcatcher is doing a concert in Paris in November, i will probably go and face the same dilemma as I’m a very old white pervert male in kpop fan standards. Thanks for this post and poll, it will certainly help me decide if I should go to the concert or fap at home.

  2. I’m not dumb enought to deny this is a kpop reality, however I can’t help to cringe a bit while seeing a bunch of older men filming a group of (most likely) teenage girls dancing in school outifts. It’s just fucking uncomfortable. And if we take into consideration the fact that spy cams and filming women without their consent are huge problems in Korea things just get worse.
    I’m not here to say men (or anyone in general) shouldn’t record fancams or anything of the kind, but I think it’s easy to see why some people have a problem with the video in the tweet and it is kinda disengineous to deny that.

    • Yeah… the video of the men following Yuna on her way to record an Icy stage made me much more uncomfortable than this, because she’s so young and the people following her were so much older. But then again, I don’t support any fansites at all and I find the whole thing to be pretty gross. Whether it’s for boy groups or girl groups, no matter what age.

    • The thing is, they’re just filming. They don’t even look like they are aiming for cleavage/titshots or upskirt pics. So it just looks like you’re mad because they’re older men, and that if you had cute teen girls looking ecstatic while they approached the artists you’d just think they are true fans and not pervs taking advantage of vulnerable girls.

  3. I suggest you keep that Shinee’s back posture the entire show, no one will blame you or call you a creep and you’ll have a lot of women and some DC members throwing themselves at you. Try Taemin’s hair extensions if you want the experience to last longer or simply identify as Taemin and enjoy your moment. Who cares about an accurate DC review?

      • Well, there you have it. If you have ever looked for a pure instance of {pick one} karmic retribution, God’s wrath, evil incarnate, natural balance, bitter happenstance, reverse serendipity, or “why? Why? WHY?”, then.. ..eureka!

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