The third Kpopalypse compilation of important Honey Popcorn drama reviews, plus crucial member updates!

Fantastic news for k-drama fans – Honey Popcorn has come back!  It’s time for Kpopalypse to give readers a run-down of the latest group additions and catch up on all the latest important k-drama action so you lovely readers don’t miss anything!  Read on for all the trufax about Honey Popcorn’s progress!

Happy times for k-pop fans abound as Honey Popcorn save k-pop in 2019 by picking up Gfriend’s slack and releasing the song that Gfriend should have really come out with instead of that tropical bullshit asswipe fest that their label sadly lumped them with.

But wait… I don’t recall Honey Popcorn being a five-piece group – who are these three new members in Honey Popcorn?  Let’s get to know them!


Nako Miyase (also known as Aiya Miyase) was the first new member to be revealed, and she is 22 years old at the time of writing.  Apparently Nako used to be in a Japanese idol group called “Sherbet”, which I don’t know anything about, because I’m not Jpopalypse, but now she’s in Honey Popcorn where she is obviously going to be eclipsing all of her past activities with ease, at least as far as Kpopalypse is concerned.

One thing that I do know about however is that Nako is also no stranger to drama productions.  Her drama is certainly “lighter” in tone than that of the original three Honey Popcorn members, but it’s definitely still worth a look by Kpopalypse!  Let’s examine her drama productions!

Cutie – MMR-AZ103

Plot synopsis: the film begins with Nako talking to her casting agent.  “If I’m going to be worthy of Honey Popcorn membership, I’d better be getting into some shit-hot drama productions.  However I’m still new to drama – what do you suggest so I will be noticed?”  The casting agent furrows his brow.  “I’m not sure Nako, it’s a cut-throat industry with many girls competing for status as the potential new Honey Popcorn visual.  You’ll definitely have to work on your aegyo skills.  Why don’t you try on this black lingerie and lacy cat-ears?”  Nako nods hesitantly – “Sure, I can do that – but will this be aegyo enough?  I know Yua Mikami loves Twice and Apink, don’t you think I should be going for a fetishistic school uniform style instead?”  The casting director shakes his head.  “You’re just going to have to trust me on this one, I consulted with YG carefully on this.  He’s important in the industry, you know!”  Nako wonders to herself – sure, this casting director has helped her a lot with her career so far, but can he be truly trusted?

Dramatic impact: a slow start for Nako, who has a high bar to reach, but her debut shows promise.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 4/10 poorly-fitting swimwear costumes

Sweet – TSDS-42266

Plot synopsis: Mako is watching TV with Yua Mikami in the gym, it’s a Gfriend special.  “Look at these fucking bitches, they can’t even dance properly”, snaps Yua.  Nako is perplexed.  “But… they seem to be one of the best k-pop girl groups out there for the complexity and energy of their dance routines?  Are you sure you’re not just having sour grapes?”  Yua glares at Nako: “Listen here, your ballet skills could easily dominate these bitches, they’re so tall and lanky they can’t even keep upright.  You wait and see, we’ll knock these sluts out of the park.  Just keep practicing those stretches.”  Nako decides to keep quiet, but secretly worries about Yua’s overconfidence – will it be the group’s undoing?

Dramatic impact: Nako shows high determination in a more dramatically nuanced role.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 5.5/10 dead moths

Lucu – LCDV-40830

Plot synopsis: Nako and Moko are busy designing Honey Popcorn’s latest touring poster draft.  “What’s a Lucu?” asks Nako, pointing to a word she doesn’t understand.  Moko responds: “Lucu means ‘funny’ or ‘cute’ in Indonesian.  If we’re going to go over well in our first Indonesian concert, you have to be more lucu – and less ignorant of Indonesian culture!”  Nako sighs.  “I don’t really know where to start.  How can I learn more about this country so I can endear myself to the locals?”  Moko starts making a list for Nako.  “Firstly, you have to listen to heavy metal.  All Indonesians love heavy metal, even their president is a huge Napalm Death fan.  I recommend that you buy all their albums immediately, and don’t also forget to check out local Indonesian metal acts like Burgerkill and Funeral Inception!”  “But won’t that be a bit loud?” asks Nako.  Moko winks: “not as loud as our uncle fans!”

Dramatic impact: a great soundtrack helps out this slow-burning drama, Nako’s most recent before entering Honey Popcorn

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 futile letters from Barney Greenway


Ruka Tajima was the second new member to be announced for Honey Popcorn.  She is 23 years old at the time of writing.  Ruka apparently joined the group after following Yua Mikami on social networking and answering the call for new members, proof that being a k-pop is only a DM and some determination levels away!

Unfortunately Ruka hasn’t starred in any drama productions, however Kpopalypse will be ready to investigate should this change in the future!


Sara Izumi was the last Honey Popcorn member announced.  Almost nothing is known at this stage about this enigmatic new member, but it’s almost certain that she has yet to make her drama production debut.  Everybody let’s cheer on the new Honey Popcorn members!


Of course, Honey Popcorn’s leader and main bankroller hasn’t slowed down a bit, not only taking the time to train her new members into the group, but also starring in some of her best drama productions yet!  Let’s take a quick look at what she’s been up to!

The Female Undercover Investigator – Aphrodisiac And Brutal Torture Special – SSNI-409

Plot synopsis: “Who sent you?” screams Way, while holding a gun to Yua’s head, after capturing her infiltrating her secret hideout.  “I’m not going to tell you!  Just know that if you kill me, your retribution will surely come!  We know all about the Way’s Girls compound, and your secret arms deals with Blockberry, and we’re about to bring this whole thing down!  But if you let me live… maybe we can come to a lucrative arrangement.”  Way pauses – does Yua really know all she claims, or was the Blockberry thing a lucky guess?  Could she bring something worthwhile to the bargaining table?  One thing is for sure – more uncle fans couldn’t hurt the bottom line.

Dramatic impact: the bullets whizz past faster than Gerald Belanger’s trademark applications in this high-octane thriller

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 aborted soundchecks

I’m That Scumbag Who Gives Into Temptation When My Girlfriend’s Busty Little Sister Provokes Me With Her Bra-Less F-Cup Tits – SSNI-432

Plot synopsis: “I feel like cheating”, says Yua, in an online chat to her friends.  “I mean, I’ve always been a Once, but sometimes I just want to be a Buddy as well.  If I join the Gfriend fandom officially, can you promise not to tell the Twice fanclub admins?”  “Don’t worry, I won’t tell” replies Shindong, with several emoji lovehearts.  “You can definitely trust me to keep your secret”, replies B.I.  “Sorry I’ve been away from chat, I just got back from the bathroom – but you know I’ll always support you no matter what you decide”, mentions Yoochun.  Yua takes a step back from her computer and sighs.  It’s so great that she’s got online pals who she can vent to, but is the online world ever truly as private as it seems?

Dramatic impact: plenty of saucy cyber-drama, which heats up even more once Shindong gets into Yua’s DMs

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 DMs requesting a private man-boob ranking

Made To Model Lingerie… Fetishism 9 Lingerie Special – SSNI-452

Plot synopsis:  The pressure is on backstage at Show Champion, as costumers and stylists work to get several groups in and out of their stage outfits in time for their TV broadcast schedules.  Yua is busy tightening up her full-length babydoll dress when she hears a tear of fabric – Apink’s Eunji has trod on the back of her dress, tearing it up the side.  Wardrobe assistants quickly rush to safety-pin the gap, as Eunji leans over and whispers to Yua “stay out of our turf, bitch!”  Yua struggles to keep composure – she’s sure that she could take Eunji in a fight, but her comeback performance is only minutes away and she needs to maintain professionalism.  Will her stage go without a hitch, and does Eunji have something else in store?

Dramatic impact: lots of behind-the-scenes tension in this insider look at k-pop’s hidden pressures

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 wistful stares into the distance while walking through a field holding a flower

For The First Time In Her Life! Orgasmic G-Spot Press – Vaginal Orgasms – SSNI-473

Plot synopsis:  Yua attends her local cosplay convention dressed in a mankini.  Several fans ask her who she is cosplaying, and Yua replies “Borat!  I love Sasha Baron Cohen!”  Fans ask her if she thought it was problematic that he tried to abduct Pamela Anderson in a sack and how would she like it if someone did that to her.  Yua replied “actually, if the pay was good, I think I’d be okay with it.  Honey Popcorn comebacks don’t pay for themselves, you know!”

Dramatic impact: skip the furry booth scene and there’s lots of fun to be had

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 unwashed neckbeards

S&M Debut: National Idol Fully Bound And Forcefully Violated – SSNI-493

Plot synopsis: “Are you sure that this is appropriate attire for my fansign?” asks Yua, as she spins around in front of the mirror, inspecting her latest jumper.  “Oh yes, it’ll be great!  Fans love this sort of thing, even if they don’t always want to admit it in polite company” says Nayeon, continuing: “Just make sure that you’re showing enough cleavage through the heart-shape in the middle of the jumper, the real fans absolutely love that.  Of course you’ll get some sexually conservative pieces of shit who will choose to Photoshop it out, but that’s okay, we know who those people are and we shun their misogynist ways whenever we can.  Fighting!”

Dramatic impact: Yua is given plenty of rope to extend her dramatic abilities in this tense drama

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 softly-wrapped airport fashions


It may surprise you to know that Honey Popcorn’s pure, sweet Boram lookalike is also the oldest member of the group, at 28 years of age.  She also hasn’t been slouching in the realm of exciting drama productions, and Kpopalypse now brings you an important update on her thespian activities!  Let’s all stan her cute innocent charm and marvel at her acting talents in these exciting drama productions!

Kawaii* Debut One-Year Anniversary – 20 Regular Users Unleashed For The First Time: Moko Sakura Fan Thanksgiving Day 3-Hour Special- KAWD-958

Plot synopsis:  Twenty of Moko’s most diehard fans are seated at a fanmeet, waiting for Moko to appear on stage.  A voice comes over the public address system.  “Hi guys!  You’ve been specially selected because of your devotion to Honey Popcorn’s Moko Sakura!  Did you know that Moko Sakura only likes fans who stan T-ara’s Absolute First Album as the greatest album in k-pop?  Please note that only fans who can present a copy of this album to Moko will be eligible for the private fanmeet!”  The fans all look at each other.  “I… threw out all my other k-pop albums when I discovered Honey Popcorn” says one.  “I thought Moko would want us to be devoted to only her” says another.  Nervously, one man at the back of the room stands up.  “er…. I… have a copy right here…” he says, tentatively waving his hardback copy of the only decent k-pop album ever made at the fanmeet staff.  Instantly he is swarmed by the other Moko fans, who fight each other vigorously for the photobook.  Venue security rushes to the scene but will they be quick enough to save both the fan and his T-ara album, and what will become of Moko’s new fandom?

Dramatic impact: while dramatically light, the violence is as classy as the soundtrack in this martial-arts tribute to the best k-pop girl group of all time

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6.5/10 Boram photocards

A Pop Idol Gets Gang Raped Again Right After Being Raped – KAWD-963

Plot synopsis: two guys see a girl walk down a dark alleyway.  “Is that Moko Sakura from Honey Popcorn?” says one.  “Why yes, I believe it is – I’d recognise that cute Boramesque angel anywhere!” says the other.  “I wonder what she’s doing in this very dangerous neighbourhood, gosh I hope she’ll be okay and won’t be victimised by any of the creeps out here” the first guy says.  The other guy nods.  “Yes, we definitely shouldn’t call out to her or follow her because she might be a bit freaked out by two guys tailing her and mistake us for some nasty rapists, but we should certainly keep our eye out for any weird people or signs of danger in the general area, as well as be ready to scare away any suspicious people and report anything odd to the authorities.  Let’s keep our community safe so people like Moko can walk freely and undisturbed.”  The two men watch as Moko walks off into the distance, as one says “this reminds me – I really need to stream De-aeseohsta more on YouTube, it’s not even at 250k views yet, which is shameful really.”

Dramatic impact: the aegyo just keeps on coming in this light-hearted yet pro-female-empowerment three-way romance

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8.5/10 Gain video re-enactments

A Bewitching Pervert Makes Men Cum Over And Over Again By Constantly Fondling Their Nipples – KAWD-968

Plot synopsis: “Please take your shirts off”, orders Moko, as all the members of BTS remove their upper body clothing.  Moko looks their naked torsos up and down.  “You realise that you all performed poorly in the Kpopalypse Objectification Survey this year.  I know that some of you did chart, but as the biggest boy group you should be doing much better than your current placings.  It’s easy to see why you’re failing to perform – you’re all displaying significant muscle wastage due to poor diet.  Exercise isn’t worth much if you’re not giving your bodies proper fuel and rest – Honey Popcorn is going to mobilise to ensure that your CEO treats you appropriately so you can build maximum healthy muscle mass.  In the meantime, let’s bring out the rib-eye steak and mashed potato”.  Just then the door breaks down, and KARD’s BM emerges, holding a gun.  “Ah-hah, I’ve found you, Moko!  I’m holding you hostage!  Your shady objectification-survey-rigging schemes won’t get past DSP Media!”  How will Moko and the BTS boys escape this sticky situation, and will they all survive to achieve objectification survey domination in 2020?

Dramatic impact: a high-carb, high-protein tribute to your favourite k-pop boy groups

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 Army sausages

Big Dick x G-Spot Development – G-Spot Deep Pussy Orgasmic Breaking-In Training – KAWD-975

Plot synopsis: “I don’t think I can fit it all in!” screams Moko’s wardrobe assistant – “it’s almost impossible to get these audio receiver boxes into these tiny shorts pockets!”  “Please keep trying, we can’t just have the audio box hanging out there with all the cables and stuff, it wouldn’t be OH&S compliant!  It has to be flush with the stage uniform or we’re not going to be able to perform properly”, complains Moko.  Yua looks on, examining the predicament.  “You know, now that we’re gaining momentum as a group again, I should splash out for some customised in-ear monitor boxes with a tapered design that fits into our clothing easier.  It’s be especially good for you, Moko – you’re a bit smaller than the rest of us so the box is a bit too bulky.”  Moko smiles at Yua.  “You’d really do that for me?  You’re the best group leader ever!”  Yua nods – “thank you, but remember that I expect returns from this investment – there’s an obligation on you to perform more accurately on live stages.  With greater agility, I expect greater results!”  How will Moko react to the pressure to perform to a higher standard?

Dramatic impact: formidable body contortions and impressive physicality characterise this film, shot in the style of your favourite epic choreography-based dance movies

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 miss A videos

During The Last Hour Before My Wife Comes Home Every Day, I’m Fucking Her Daughter – KAWD-980

Plot synopsis:  “Quick, there’s not much time – let me put it in that tiny box before my wife finds out!” says Moon Hee Joon to Moko.  Moko holds open the small coloured gift box and Moon puts a plush toy inside, a panda sporting a small helmet.  “There – she’ll be home soon, Soyul will never expect this cute anniversary gift!”  Moko smiles as she then looks on her phone, there’s a text there from Soyul, it reads: “I hope Moon hasn’t got me a fucking plush toy again, I keep telling him I want a new car, it’s not like he doesn’t have the money from all those years of fame in H.O.T – why does he keep holding out on me?  Also, why does everything he gifts me have fucking helmets?  He knows I’m sick of that shit!”  Moko looks to Moon – “I’m sure that deep down, she’ll appreciate this sweet gesture”, she says to him, smiling.  Does Moko really have the couple’s best interests in mind, or could she be making a secret play for Moon’s heart?

Dramatic impact: an old-school love-triangle romance, in the style of “The Room”.  You’re tearing me apart, Moko!

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 photographs of spoons

She’s Abstained From Sex For A Month And Her Sexual Frustration Has Reached Its Limit: She Rides A Dick Passionately And Brings Herself To Violent Orgasms – KAWD-986

Plot synopsis: “It’s time that you finally settled on a good, thick piece of meat.  I know that this event of yours is important, but we have other customers waiting, you know.  You’ve been here for nearly an hour and you haven’t even bought anything yet!”  Moko sighs at the butcher’s complaints.  “Hyoeun, I’m sorry that I’m taking so long to decide, but the Honey Popcorn fan barbeque needs to go just right, and exactly the right cut of meat for the dining centrepiece is terribly important.  Our fans are very demanding and so is our leader – Yua won’t be satisfied with just anything, it has to be special!”  Hyoeun rolls her eyes.  “Hmph, you Honey Popcorn girls think you deserve special treatment just because you’re in k-pop and you have money, but you’re not even Korean!” she grumbles.  Moko narrows her eyes at Hyoeun.  “Maybe if your group complained less about your outfits and concepts, and were more willing to give the fans what they actually wanted, you’d still be in k-pop and making some money too!”  Will Mako and Hyoeun sort out their differences and eventually see eye to eye, or will their fighting over the right piece of flesh degenerate into a war of flesh and blood?

Dramatic impact: there won’t be a dry eye in the house at the end of this emotional rollercoaster

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 test shots totally not for publication in Stellar’s next comeback photobook

That’s all for this post!  But remember – if you’re new to Honey Popcorn and their drama-friendly ways, don’t forget to check out the previous Kpopalypse drama recaps of all three original members of the group below!

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Kpopalypse will return with more postings soon!  Stay safe, caonimas!

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  1. Very interesting. By recruiting some new members with no prior drama experience, Yua has changed the dynamic of Honey Popcorn… although the irrational opposition to this group will continue.

  2. S&M Debut: National Idol Fully Bound And Forcefully Violated – SSNI-473 it is wrong!.
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