Try Not To Hold Hands With Yves!

Welcome to the new computer game by Kpopalypse, Try Not To Hold Hands With Yves!

Click Yves and Chuu above to be taken to the download page, or read on for the details and backstory of this game!

As many of you are aware, I recently released my latest computer game “Try Not To Have Gay Sex With Yves“.  This game did very well among my readers and supporters who appreciated the game’s lack of boring RPG-style combat mechanics, text-heavy, puzzle-centric focus and incredible gayness.  This game was part of my Pride month content, and the site also sported a fancy new pro-gay Chuuves banner during this time.

However, the game itself didn’t go down so well on the Loona subreddit, where it was removed by moderators very swiftly after being posted, due to being not safe for work.

I’m not quite sure why a computer game has to be NSFW anyway – who actually plays computer games at work?  Talk about asking for a completely justified firing – but I guess there are some slack Hwayoungs out there who are willing to piss away their bosses’ money on Candy Crush Saga or whatever the fuck.  Still, it’s their subreddit and their rules, so who am I to question it – I have to respect that the game as it stood just wasn’t the right fit for them.

However I felt that it was a shame as I know many readers of the Loona subreddit are more mature folks who would probably have really enjoyed the game, and it’s possible that they don’t even know about it.  Therefore, I’ve decided to make a workplace-safe version of the game so these people could still enjoy the content, and “Try Not To Hold Hands With Yves” was born!


  • All references to gay sex are GONE – now Chuu just talks about wanting to hold Yves’ hand a whole lot
  • Most of the swearing is gone too, although I think I missed a few lines here and there from Olivia, but hey just don’t talk to her, she’s kind of a mole in the game anyway tbh
  • Some of the more violent scenes and dialogues have been made a lot cuter and cuddlier and less problematic

Of course all of this gay-content-removal comes at the price of making the game easier for homophobes to enjoy, which is kind of a shame, but hey – Pride month is over anyway so I guess it’s technically permissible for homophobes to go back to being homophobic now.

Anyway, hopefully the Loona mods appreciate this effort at complying with their rules, and don’t delete this version off their sub.  I guess I’ll see how it goes – if they do get rid of it, it definitely won’t be for any NSFW content because now there isn’t any.  Anyway, if you’re the sensitive type who would enjoy such content, please play and enjoy!

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