Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 10/6/2019

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s check out some new releases!

That’s a nice regretful pose from Nam Taehyun. I wonder if it’s affair or his music career that he regrets more.

Fromis_9 – Fun!

It really isn’t.  Easily the worst song that “the underscore group” have ever done.

PKCZ ft. CL & Afrojack – Cut It Up

It’s not great but CL actually suits this kind of material, she’s probably got a reasonable future as a B-list rapper guest.  Also she’s looking pretty thicc lately, which I appreciate.  Thicc CL is best CL.

WJSN – Boogie Up

The other week when I said “Weki Meki finally have a good song” I actually got them confused with WJSN, who have no good songs, whereas Weki Meki actually had “Crush” last year which was cool.  Anyway, now that WJSN also finally have a good song here, shit is going to get even more confusing for me.

BoA ft. Nucksal – Feedback

I guess I can leave the troll jokes to Asian Junkie for once and I’ll just swap roles and do the “true journalism” thing and ignore her instead.

Teen Top – Run Away

Teen Top hop on ultra-late to the sinking “tropical” ship and nobody cares.

Sonar Pocket & Gfriend – Oh Difficult

I’m sure there were good financial reasons for this j-pop collaboration because there sure weren’t any good musical ones.

Jay Park – Feng Shui

Oh boy, this is terrible.  I can’t even imagine Jay Park fans being into this, but I’m sure they’ll surprise me.

Saay – ZGZG

This girl was apparently in EvoL but you’ll find none of the quality of EvoL’s better songs here.

NCT Dream & HRVY – Don’t Need Your Love

Since BTS did that thing with Halsey I guess SM have got it in their heads that they need a western collab to help NCT 127 earn those Ameros.  Don’t tell them that “Boy With Luv” would have probably performed even better if Halsey wasn’t actually in it.

Soyeon – The Loveless

This is Soyeon from (G)-I#d&l%e, and I’ve been informed that she actually writes a ton of that group’s music.  Ahh, now the reason why CLC have far better songs even though they’re both on the same label is crystal clear (pun intended).

IZ – Eden

At least it rocks, even if it’s not much of an actual rock song.

Jun – Admit

Eh it’s okay.

June – Tonight

Horrid early 90s new jack swing sound, a genre best forgotten.  Was there even one single good song in this style ever in human history?

Kid Milli ft. Yunhway – Duracell & Zanny

Triplet flow really is garbage, it just doesn’t sound any good.  It was fine for one verse in Public Enemy’s “Bring The Noise” as a gimmick only because Chuck stopped doing that shit after 16 bars.

Mark Choi – Holic

What is it with crappy Korean ballads and traffic scenes.  Literally nobody wants to watch what you filmed from outside your car window when you were bored as shit on a road trip.  If you’re going to subject us to travelogue footage at least throw some bottles out the window and try to hit some cyclists or something.

Skull ft Koonta, Mion, Vigorman – Fosho

Actually one of the better Skull tracks, because it isn’t very reggae, and also because he’s barely in it.  No k-pop fans are going to be into this though.

Kinda – When I See Ur Phone

If you don’t like what’s on someone else’s phone, stop looking.  Phone ettiquette isn’t that hard.  Only mentally ill possessive “texts you 50 times a day” creepy boyfriends/girlfriends over-the-shoulder your phone.

Suzanne – Unfortunately

Slow like doom metal, but without the distortion or drugs to make things interesting.

Leo ft. Maximilian Heckler – Flower

On the other hand this ballad is actually not too awful, due to having non-sucky instrumentation and vocalists who aren’t trying to project their spit at 100kmh.

Rocoberry – How Is Your Night

Fine until you ruined it with this crap song, thanks.

Street Guns – Something Old

And here’s a 50s style rockabilly… ballad.  Oh well.



For those curious or who have stumbled across them, these “8D” and “16D” mixes are created by using the same phase cancellation and filtering tricks that are used to make MR removed acapella and instrumental remixes, and then panning the results generated from each type of filter separately.  Just like MR removed is actually bullshit, 8D/16D remixes don’t actually have sixteen dimensions, although if they did, I think they should be labelled as follows:

  1. Length (x/y stereo panning)
  2. Depth (distance as volume)
  3. Height (human ear modelling)
  4. Time (taken to write all this crap)
  5. Heejin
  6. Hyunjin
  7. Haseul
  8. Yeojin
  9. ViVi
  10. Kim Lip
  11. Jinsoul
  12. Choerry
  13. Yves
  14. Chuu
  15. Go Won
  16. Olivia Hye

That’s all for this week’s roundup – more next week!

11 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 10/6/2019

  1. Before you dismiss Soyeon, keep in mind that she also wrote CLC’s “No”, a song that you seemed to like.

    Admittedly, I’m not surprised that you didn’t like Fromis_9’s “Fun”, but I’m pleasantly surprised that you did like WJSN’s “Boogie Up”.

    Since I’m already here and probably annoying the fuck out of you as usual, let me ask you something less K-pop related and (maybe) less annoying. As of late, I’ve been listening to some Slayer songs, and I fucking love them! So, should I start with Reign In Blood, South of Heaven, or Seasons In the Abyss?

    • Well there goes my Soyeon theory!

      Reign In Blood is easily the best Slayer album. Not that the other ones are bad or anything, but Reign In Blood is probably one of the best heavy metal albums ever made.

      • Here’s a new theory: She keeps all the shitty songs for her group while generously donating the good ones to CLC and other groups.

        Although with that being said I actually love (G)I-DLE’s music

  2. Kpopalypse Oppar, could you write an article on how to differentiate Tropical House and songs like Boogie Up that utilize the musical instruments as hooks? I always wanted to see these kind of articles because my ear is not musically trained at all. Thank you so much 😀

  3. It’s funny how Maximilian has so many fans in China and Korea while never making it big in Europe. I guess they like ballads and moody love songs more than we do.

  4. Wow didn’t expect you to like Boogie Up (and hated Fun! but I get it lol), I thought the melody is so weak and the generic instrumental-only chorus is disappointing

  5. If people are going to the trouble of making girl groups 16D they could also fix their cup size in the video. It might improve perception of the sound! Which is more than the audio treatment can claim.

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