The Kpopalypse 2019 objectification survey!

It is time once again for the annual Kpopalypse objectification survey, where you can vote for your favourite idols!

Please fill out the webform below, or if no form appears, click the picture of Hitomi Tanaka below to open the survey in a separate webpage!

Happy voting caonimas, and may the most objectified idol win!

6 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse 2019 objectification survey!

    • It’s impossible for anybody to spam the survey because of the way its designed in the back end. I can detect duplicate votes incredibly easily even if people try to hide it with different machines, VPNs etc. If you’re worried about a certain idol winning, the best solution is to share the survey on online fan communities who support other idols that you actually like. You should totally do this, instead of worrying about “spammers”.

  1. Wow, new header! It’s new or it was like this for the past year and I only realize it now?
    I think it’s also time for me to change my username, was taken aback when I logged in after so long.

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