Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 24/6/2019

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s look at some new releases!

After every second rapist in k-pop getting busted and losing their jobs over the last few months it almost feels good to get back to the usual lame scandals about some random girl like Berry Good’s Johyun causing an online ruckus because she showed 2cm of cleavage, even though nobody over the age of 14 actually gave a fuck.

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Kpopalypse’s super-basic easy-to-follow and not at all condescending guide to k-pop for people who have only ever heard of BTS

Perhaps you’re a longtime reader of Kpopalypse blog, or a veteran k-pop fan who knows all about the groups, songs, boys and girls, business deals, shadiness and trufax of k-pop.  If so, you can probably stop reading right now because this post isn’t for you, and in fact you may even find it slightly condescending (which is a long word that you might have trouble spelling, that means “talking down to you like the dumb cunt you are”).  No – instead, this is a fresh new post for all those new fans who have just gravitated towards k-pop because BTS are a thing and have heard that BTS might be a k-pop (but also might not be).  Let’s read on and discover all about this wild crazy new thing called k-pop!

If I insert a picture of BTS here (I’m pretty sure the above is a picture of BTS, Google Image Search told me so), hopefully you’ll click on the article and then you’ll click on my advertising. Hey it works for Billb… oh wait, I don’t have any advertising on this site. How am I supposed to farm BTS fans for ad revenue with no ads? Clearly I haven’t thought this through.

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