[EXCLUSIVE] Kpopalypse reveals shocking evidence of r*pe in k-pop

It is said that many Korean pop music videos contain instances of r*pe.  Kpopalypse can confirm that this is sadly true.  This post is a compilation of videos that contain undisputable evidence of r*pe.  I realise that some readers may be sensitive to this topic and that these videos may be distressing to some people (hence the censorship of the word “r*pe”, in the tradition of many other k-pop sites).  However in the light of the recent scandals in k-pop, I feel that it is very important to expose instances of r*pe in k-pop to the public.  Reader discretion is advised, and please only read further if you are of legal age to consume such content in your country, state or territory, thank you.


You probably all know about the r*pe in Hyosung’s content, she clearly struggles with it at 2:36 in her video for “Find Me”.

You can also see r*pe at 2:07 in the below video of KARA’s “Wanna”.  You might be thinking “well, it’s just a little r*pe, it’s barely even in the video at all” – but r*pe is still r*pe!  We shouldn’t trivialise or downplay the existence of r*pe.

“Going Crazy” tries to make it look like Kan Mi Youn just loves r*pe, but it’s clear that her victim in the video isn’t enjoying the r*ping.  While statistically r*pe poses a clear and present danger to women, it’s also true that men can be r*ped.

Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” is another example of this, and features a harrowing ending where a hapless individual is r*ped underneath an aircraft.

But there’s more.  Girl’s Day are in a boxing ring literally surrounded by r*pe in the video for “I’ll Be Yours”.

In the video for “Dream Candy” at 2:15, April even use bedding materials for r*pe, truly a disturbing twist.

And of course it will come as no great surprise that BigBang are involved in displaying r*pe for all to see, watch at 1:13.

You could probably find many other examples, there are several that I’ve no doubt left out, because instances of r*pe in Korean pop music videos are all too common.  It’s not just in music videos however, there is also plenty of r*pe on Korean variety TV shows and it would be negligent for me to not highlight this.  I would in particular like to call out the show “Weekly Idol” for consistently encouraging the use of r*pe against girl group members.

Everybody is trying to play it off like it’s no big deal, but there is clearly a r*pe here.

K-pop fans might be happy that BTS have evaded the recent k-pop sex scandals, but after watching this you will agree that BTS must be very familiar with r*pe to be able to use it so fluently.

It’s not just the boys, either.  Girl groups are also not holding back on displays of r*pe.

There’s no denying that the following video has two girls and one guy dealing with one big r*pe.  Some instances of r*pe are more extreme than others, but it’s all still r*pe at the end of the day.

And don’t give me that “she asked for it” nonsense – watch Yeonwoo crying in the r*pe-heavy video below.  The men in this video laugh at her in a cruel way, as the women try to comfort her during the ordeal.  Clearly she does not want to have to deal with all that r*pe.

With the popularity of r*pe clearly visible across the board, you could almost say that k-pop performers are living in a r*pe culture.

Thanks for reading!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon – and hopefully less r*pe!

4 thoughts on “[EXCLUSIVE] Kpopalypse reveals shocking evidence of r*pe in k-pop

  1. Wonderful, this is the reason I keep coming back, top quality post.

    Also peak journalism by a humble aussie blogger identifying all those instances of blatant r*pe use in MVs and public tv, shame on them really.

  2. At first I couldn’t see the r*pe at all, but now I finally understand. This is clearly r*pe culture in effect on me and I’m glad that my eyes are open now. Too many people treat r*pe as if it’s nothing.

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