The Kpopalypse problematic tweet generator!

Kpopalypse is back with another fun activity post for readers to enjoy – yay!

At the time of writing, the following tweet is running hot with the BigBang fan community on Twitter:

Several fans are upset with this tweet, which has been reported to the Twitter authorities multiple times (at the time of writing, they are yet to take any action, but it’s archived here if Twitter take it down).  Kpopalypse has also been the recipient of much online abuse and threats over my refusal to take this tweet down or apologise for it, as well as many objections in regards to the subject matter.

If you’re a reasonably smart person who understands how language actually works, you’ll read my tweet and instantly realise that the complaints of me “disrespecting the victims” are a strawman, and that I’m not actually making fun of the victims of the New Zealand shooting at all – what I’m making fun of is BigBang stans who will forgive their bias no matter what he does.  By picking the New Zealand incident, I am actually respecting the victims deeply, by acknowledging that the incident in which they died is a horrible atrocity – because if it wasn’t, the entire premise of the tweet’s observation wouldn’t work in the first place.  By imagining Seungri doing one of the most extremely barbaric and cruel behaviours possible, and also imagining the likely stan reaction to that behaviour being exposed, I can thereby demonstrate that his stans will forgive him no matter what horrible thing he does.  For this observation to work as intended, I need to use a “very extreme incident”, otherwise this point is not clear.  In this case I picked the New Zealand shooting, which I selected arbitrarily because it was recent and personally upsetting, and thus very much on my mind, but I could have easily picked anything else.

Of course, trying to explain this to the kind of thick-as-dogshit BigBang stans who occupy stan Twitter is impossible.  Some of them probably really are that stupid that they think that my tweet is disrespecting anybody other than BigBang stans.  However most of them are probably just playing the moral high-ground game because they know exactly who the tweet is really targeting (i.e them), and they don’t like the fact that I’ve called them out on being the rape-apologists that many of them absolutely are.

However it’s probably much less fun for me to write about this, as it might be for you to actually try it yourself.  So therefore I’ve written a simple program that can produce “problematic tweets” about anybody in any group that you’d like.  Since I don’t have anything against BigBang stans in particular because all k-pop stan communities are essentially the same in their rabid devotion to their bias and refusal to accept the slightest criticism or negative feedback, this program has been designed to work well for your tweeting purposes regardless of who your preferred target is.  Don’t worry about thinking up a problematic thing to make observations about or a specific punchline however, the program does this part automatically for you.  Here’s how it works.

Select your group member:

Then your group:

Don’t forget to nominate a sex so the program knows what pronouns to use:

Then nominate from the following list of potentially triggering items and you’re good to go!

Have fun!  Note that this program only works on Windows for now, but stay tuned as caonimas might make versions compatible with other systems.  Enjoy and use responsibly!  Click on the picture of Seungri below to be taken straight to the download page!  Or, if you’d rather not download an external file, click HERE for the web version courtesy of caochuunima on the Kpopalypse Reddit!

7 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse problematic tweet generator!

  1. I admire your patience, just reading the replies gave me a brain aneurysm.
    Why don’t you write this in java? Works in most systems.

  2. ” If Seungri was found to write for Kpopalypse blog, BigBang stans would be like “actually that’s completely unacceptable – he’s cancelled and dismissed!”. ”

    So that’s how he can be cancelled forever. Please do something about this.

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