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It’s time once again for Kpopalypse to counter the toxic negativity in the world of k-pop, with a POSITIVE post!  Let’s take a look at all the reasons to feel POSITIVE about BigBang’s Seungri!

Why you should love Seungri reason #1 – BigBang had some good songs occasionally

“Monster” is a great song!  And “Fantastic Baby” is pretty good too.  Seungri was in 20% of both so that’s a good reason to like him, I think.  Oh, and by “occasionally” I mean “twice this decade”, just to be clear.

Why you should love Seungri reason #2 – Seungri has the best solo material out of any BigBang member

Let’s take a look at the best solo songs from other BigBang members.

G-Dragon decided to stop being Korea’s z-grade answer to Soulja Boy for a whole one solitary song.  Lucky us, aren’t we blessed.

T.O.P didn’t even get that far.

Taeyeang’s best song “Wedding Dress” is only considered a classic because everything he did after it is even worse.

Daesung had the right idea – leave the country completely.  His second-rate Japanese trot exports make Hong Jin Young sound like… Hong Jin Young.

On the other hand Seungri has the cool-as-shit song about “huss-a-lin-huss-a-lin” which reeks with all the authenticity of someone who has been there and done that, we all know he is a genuine ‘huss-a-la”, what better person to make a song like this.  Stick around for the song’s excellent ending, which is actually a wild uncharacteristc twist, something Seungri’s fans I think should be able to relate to.

Why you should love Seungri reason #3 – Seungri is all about cross-cultural love

How many Korean pop stars have a Japanese girlfriend or boyfriend?  Not many, because the racism of Korean pop fans is huge and one wrong turn of the genitals can equal a swift career suicide.  The few who dare to travel down this road have to partake in extreme secrecy, for instance SHINee’s Jonghyun never came clean about JongTomi because his squeaky-clean idol image would have been blown right out of the water, and he probably quietly DMed Hitomi to delete her well-wishing tweet.

In the meantime Seungri was banging Japanese girls with no shame.  Not only is Seungri breaking down barriers of racism, but he also fought against class prejudice as a celebrity by daring to have relationships with lowly hostesses.

Hospitality industry work is hard yards and most of those people probably never have a celebrity pay then much attention ever, except to say stuff like “carry my bags”, “this steak isn’t cooked quite right” or “don’t you know who I am”.

Why you should love Seungri reason #4 – Seungri is a considerate lover

I’m not sure why Seungri got all that hate for giving a girl a towel to wipe down with – that’s exactly what a gentleman should do after making a mess.  There’s no point leaving it all there to turn into a crusty hard paste, clean it off quickly, or it might become another one of the “messes” covered at asianjunkie.com!

Why you should love Seungri reason #5 – Seungri makes Asian Junkie write better articles

Speaking of which, Asian Junkie has sure gotten fat and lazy after raising all that advertising revenue from the tons of ads that shit up his site and make it impossible to use on a mobile phone.  However at least he sometimes bothers to write a little more than three sentences about how he jacked it to some random k-pop girl, and there’s been lots of great Seungri content on his site lately that’s kept me well up to date with all the latest Seungri clubbing news.

Article: guy gets assaulted at a club somewhere that Seungri owns and details are sketchy

Article: club management says “guy was a dick, lolz”

Article: clubs are pickup joints and shady things happen in them, in other news sun rises in the east usually

Article: Seungri says “shit happens at clubs, man – it’s not fucking church”

Article: Seungri says “I never met that girl and also I’m a virgin, you believe me right”

Article: In more shocking news, somebody from YG is involved in something to do with drugs somehow

Article: Seungri revealed as alleged gangster thuggin’ pimp, YG says “come on, we’re not SM… but we’ll still sue you like SM would!”

Article: pretty much the same shit as the last article but with more exclamation marks from nervous people about to get vanned

Article: YG says if required Seungri will act like one of those pedos on To Catch A Predator who knows the cops are waiting outside his house and puts his hands above his head and lays on the front lawn before they even come out of the bushes to make an overly dramatic arrest for the cameras

Article: Seungri likes talking in a Mickey Mouse voice to impress new fans overseas

Article: Seungri situation becomes Asian Junkie’s wet dream as the “mess” is revealed to pretty much encompass everyone who ever set foot in a club ever, allowing Asian Junkie to probably recycle that same vaguely sinister header image of Seungri over a yellow background at least a dozen more times in the near future

Wow, that’s a lot of articles!  Asian Junkie has been so caught up in this that he in fact completely forgot to write about the latest boring off-brand Dreamcatcher comeback, which is below for your entertainment!

Why you should love Seungri reason #6 – progressive politics, man

Longtime readers will remember when I made a positive post about G.NA where I revealed big support for her chosen career path, as sex workers don’t get enough respect these days (or ever, really) for their hard work.

Prostitution is a tough job with many risks that not everybody can do, and the people who take this hard and dangerous road deserve your full respect as much as anybody else engaged in a hazardous and unpleasant occupation.

Of course given the incredible misogyny that exists within k-pop fandoms, not many trashbag k-pop fans liked G.NA despite my stanning, but I am required to stan her, and now him too.

I’d obviously be a complete hypocrite if I supported her career choice while withholding support for his, given how symbiotic their roles are.

Perhaps the involvement of an A-list Korean pop idol like Seungri in the sex industry is what is truly needed to help destigmatise the important occupation of sex work, which provides a much-valued service for many people and represents up to 4% of South Korea’s GDP, the size of South Korea’s fishing and agriculture industries combined.

Why you should love Seungri reason #7 – he gives YG shit from time to time, and don’t we wish we could all do that

I think everyone knows about him giving YG some friendly shit over his lack of touring backing dancers by now, but Seungri has been giving YG shit since forever.

Suck it YG you creep.

That’s all for this post!  Bonus image:

Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

4 thoughts on “POSITIVE post – Seungri

  1. Another great positive post.

    I still have “SHANNON IS PRETTY” pop into my head now and then.

  2. Keep the Kpop community honest, as usual Kpopalypse. Good shit with this one. It’s like these people forget Frank Sinatra was part of the Chicago Mob, Marilyn Monroe was signed by columbia after they strong armed them into signing her. Fame comes at a price, and there has to be power behind that fame. Most these 12 year old girls won’t ever realize, and if they do it won’t be till at least 22. Park Geun Hye being taken down is directly related to YG’s collapsing power inside South Korea, and the rise of JYP and Big Hit are a result of their ties to Moon. SM doesn’t have ties to Moon, as SM is composed and funded by mostly Chaebols. Just wait till Moon’s out of power, I’m sure we’ll get the result of that JYP cult scandal.

    That’s why Cube manages to stay relevant. They have ties to no one. No one actually gives a shit about Cube.

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