Important checklist

Hi, caonimas!  It’s Kpopalypse once again, this time coming through with a quick but important checklist.

Hopefully this is useful reference material to some of you.  Feel free to refer to this handy checklist when making decisions about which k-pop related people to stan for on your social network of choice.  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

Oh, and I just got a new phone recently.  It’s great!  Just coincidence.

A heartfelt pre-emptive eulogy from Kpopalypse, just in case one of the k-pop stars involved in the current sex-crime scandal commits suicide

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just stumbled upon this blog at a whim, you’ve probably heard about the sex-crime scandal that has currently been sweeping through k-pop.  Several high profile artists, including BigBang’s Seungri, Highlight’s Junhyung, CNBlue’s Jonghyun, FTIsland’s Jonghoon, and some balladeering fuck I’ve never heard of have all been booked for various sex crimes and lost their entertainment careers, with the possibility of more to follow.  Having lost everything that they have worked for until this point due to their actions, and with perhaps now nothing left to live for, the possibility has occurred to myself and many others that the likelihood of self-harm or suicide attempts from these perpetrators is likely.  Therefore, I have prepared this appropriately mournful post, a kind of online bereavement card, for anyone feeling sad to read and share should such a tragedy occur and one of the above people (or any other as-yet-unknown perpetrators) loses the will to continue living and takes their own life in deep remorse.  Feel free to copy and paste the contents of this post anywhere, and you don’t have to give credit to Kpopalypse because it’s not all about me – even though I thought very carefully about exactly what to write so it expressed exactly the right amount of remorse, I’m happy for you to just share it, I just think that these heart-touching words can hopefully heal some of the wounds from the loss of these k-pop entertainers, who were until very recently highly respected and cherished.

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Help for k-pop fans who just found out that their bias is a dirty rapist

So – how are you going there with the recent wave of rape, prostitution and sexual misconduct scandals that has just hit k-pop?  If the answer is “swimmingly, everyone is going to jail roflmao”, then that’s great – continue to enjoy k-pop and feel free to disregard this post!  However if your reaction is more along the lines of “OH MY GOD HOW COULD MY BIAS HAVE DONE THIS ERTWIUHDFSOIUHOEFW BRB KMS”, this post has some handy hints that could help you cope with the trauma of realising the ugly truth that your k-pop fave has possibly drugged and raped girls, recorded video of it and then shared the footage to Seungri and his friends.  Read on!

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