Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 25/2/2019

It’s time once again for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at this week’s new releases!

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Loona – Butterfly

Loona’s production team do what they usually do when they have a fairly average song to work with – produce the shit out of it to the point where you can’t help but like it anyway.  An insane chorus that only does tropical shithouse noises on the offbeat saves this one.

Jason Derulo, Lay, NCT 127 – Let’s Shut Up & Dance

The backing track isn’t bad, but the rest is crap.  Shutting up and dancing was in fact exactly what this song needed, but doesn’t have enough of.

Monsta X – Alligator

Once you get past the extreme silliness of it, it’s not too bad I suppose.

Seven O’Clock – Get Away

Seven O’Clock still have good songs, and they still shoot all their videos in 480p.

Wanna.B – Leggo

Starts promisingly with some hot rhythm but there’s really no chorus here, which is a pity.  At least they’re back, I think a lot of people had written them off.

Miso – On N On

When I was listening to this, I definitely felt like it was going on and on, so this is accurate song title of the week.

Leo – Feel Love

There’s something creepy about a dude calling his song “Feel Love”.  What if I just want to be friends, do I get a choice?  Stop oppressing me!

Hanhae – Aigoo

Isn’t “aigoo” a word you say when something is really shit?

Tiffany – Lips On Lips

Okay so she’s got a video for this now, with some fantastic dalmation cosplay that definitely MRS.  I’m going to stop reviewing “lyric videos” for Tiffany because it seems she always churns out the proper MV a week or two later and that’s always more interesting to review, especially in Tiffany’s case.  Just a heads up that I know she’s got a newer song out than this and I’m deliberately ignoring it to see if she makes a video for it.

Aseul – Joke

Yeah this is just kinda boring really, what a shame.

The Pink Lady – God Girl

Super annoying and generally awful, grating blues-based rubbish.

Yukika – Neon

I’m not overly into this funk/disco kind of thing, but this is better than most plus it deserves points just for those clothing choices.  In the Japanese/Korean exchange rate 1 Yukiko is worth 1.76 Borams.

Z Girls – What You Waiting For

Speaking of currency exchange, you can stop mining your crypto-nerdcoins for Z Girls because this debut isn’t really worth spending them on.

Z Boys – No Limit

On the other hand the male unit does actually have a reasonable song which is just a little slower than it should be, but is probably still worth a few of your nerds.  (“Nerds” = the official Kpopalypse unit for all cryptocurrency.)

Vanner – Better Do Better

Sorry guys – I know you are really trying hard to win the accurate song title of the week, but I can’t pay such an obvious attempt.

Hyomin – Allure

It’s not a terrible song but all we really wanted was a T-ara comeback, Hyomin you did promise us this a few months ago I don’t mean to be rude but can you stop fucking around with trying to sell yourself as a sex symbol and just get on with business now please.

G-Most – Fallin

There’s no official video for this song that I could find, and it’s a shame because it’s actually alright – like Loona’s song it has a mundane start but is eventually saved by over-the-top instrumentation.

Jihoon Shin – Wireless

A whole album preview of boring jazz.  Of course it sucks but I thought that the two jazz fags who still read my writing might appreciate this, you probably deserve me throwing you a bone for sheer determination after being here and watching your favourite music style get abused week after week.  Enjoy!

FEB – Real Love

Yeah nah.

Biya – Milano

The travelogue footage is appropriate because listening to this gives roughly that same feeling you get when you arrive in some new city and you’re tired and need to take a shit and there’s no toilets around and you realise that you could have just stayed home and read travel books.

Lalasweet – Not Too Late

When the header image they choose is a coffee cup, do you really even need to listen to it?

Kim Soo Chan – You & Me

Absolutely rocking trot goodness.  I pity people who don’t like this.

Yoyomi – Please Don’t Stop

This is cool too for a slower song and Yoyomi always looks great but the snare drum sounds like it was squeezed out of Phil Collins’ ass.

SF9 – Enough

I see that everyone is following the pack😳. Someone has an opinion and all of a sudden it is fact🤪. SF9 are absolutely unique in the industry. Their chemistry is beautiful, their vocals are distinctive and so well arranged! I was more impressed that Jaeyoon started this beautiful arrangement off and the progression through Dawon, Taeyang and Yongbin with that rich tone of Chani was beautifully orchestrated into the chorus into a beautiful blend of vocals with Inseong breaking through his beautiful range! We have Rowoon singing through at key moments!
Then comes the deep and beautiful voices of Zuho and Hwiyoung.

The song is a very delicious recipe of vocals that draws you in and highlights the individuality of each member!
SF9 always is uniquely talented and outstanding.
Listen to it with more knowledge and pay attention to the tones and blends of some of the most beautiful vocals in the industry. They are incredible artists and this was a song highlighting each members uniqueness.

Just because someone wrote this review doesn’t make it true. It is an opinion and an opinion that lacks knowledge of these artists and music!

SF9 will always stand out. Wait and see what’s coming next!

Beautiful work SF9. Congratulations !

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Grace – The Dark Side of Kpop (Prostitution, Night Scene, Drugs, Scandals)

Anyone who liked my post about the industry this week should probably watch all of this video.  Actually even if you didn’t like that post, you should still watch this video.  Now watch this video.  Really.

That’s all for this week!  Kpopalypse roundup will return next week with more new stuff!

18 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 25/2/2019

  1. Kpopalypse, have you heard the rest of Loona’s [x x] EP? As much as I love “Butterfly”, I personally think “Satellite” should have been the feature track.

  2. you missed a new (g)i-dle song called blow your mind but they’re having their actual comeback tomorrow so it’s forgivable

  3. monsta-x’s newer releases are garbage imo…they used to be so good, what happened?

    somehow i want yukika to be made it…she looks sweet

    about that grace girl, well she has crossed that ‘attention whore’ line for me…i mean, we get it, you hate kpop, sorry that you didn’t make it, boohoo, y know

      • sure, i like me some dark side of thingy just like the next guy but i don’t know, maybe it’s just personal when it’s coming ou from her. I’ve watched some of her videos and i’m like geez nothing but salt came out of this girl. But well maybe that’s just me assuming about her being an industry reject

    • Forgive me if this sounds weird but aren’t /all/ idols “attention whores”??? Is there any celebrity out there that doesn’t make their money off of attention?

      • Yeah I always find “attention whore” an odd insult when directed at anyone in the entertainment business. Whoring for attention is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing, and in fact it’s the only way to get anywhere.

    • She made her intentions for the video clear: to educate her viewers and especially aspiring idols/entertainers. She fulfilled that part of the bargain and shared some very important details. I don’t think that’s attention whoring

  4. Tag yourselves I’m the guy in 7OC wearing the sweater that says “Sports.” But while Get Away is a nice song, it’s no Searchlight and can I just say that is some of the most disappointing choreography this side of Winner.

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