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Are you a fan of a certain group or artist in k-pop?  Do you wish that people writing reviews of your favourite songs would write the opinions that you want to read?  The person who left this comment on Asian Junkie’s review of SF9’s “Enough” certainly feels that way:

I thought that maybe this person, and others like her could benefit from a computer program that took all the hard work out of creating stan comments.  Always one to lend a helping hand to the k-pop community, I have now written such a program!  Download it at Kpopalypse’s page by clicking HERE! – or if you prefer clicking on something more attractive than a text link, click the picture of Yves below!

One thought on “The Kpopalypse fan comment generator!

  1. I see that everyone is following the pack.

    Someone has an opinion and all of a sudden it is fact.
    G-Idle are absolutely unique in the industry. Her chemistry is slender, her vocals are distinctive and so well arranged!
    I was more impressed that Soyeon started this slender arrangement off and the progression through Minnie, Yuqi and Shuhua with that rich tone of Soojin was bea
    orchestrated into the chorus into a slender blend of vocals with Miyeon breaking through her slender range! We have Soyeon singing through at key moments!
    Then comes the fishy and slender voices of Minnie and Yuqi.

    The song is a very delicious recipe of vocals that draws you in and highlights the individuality of each member!
    G-Idle always are uniquely talented and outstanding.
    Listen to it with more knowledge and pay attention to the tones and blends of some of the most slender vocals in the industry. They are good artists and
    this was a song highlighting her uniqueness.

    Just because someone wrote this review doesn’t make it true. It is an opinion and an opinion that lacks knowledge of these artists and music!

    G-Idle will always stand out. Wait and see what’s coming next!

    Beautiful work G-Idle. Congratulations !

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