Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 18/2/2019

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s check out some new releases!

People say that Threatin doesn’t have any non-ironic fans, but I reckon Momoland’s Daisy genuinely stans.

Dreamcatcher – Piri

Appealingly heavy as per usual for Dreamcatcher’s “proper” feature tracks but the trap influences really drag it right the fuck down.  Also what’s with Dami’s new hair.  I’m a firm advocate of short hair on k-pop girls – see T-ara’s Eunjung, Twice’s Jihyo, or Gfriend’s Eunha for examples of how to do it a lot better than this.  Even bowl-cut Jeongyeon looks far better than poor Dami here who should really take legal action over that haircut.

Infinite – Clock

The days of “The Chaser” really are over for good, aren’t they.

Hwasa – Twit

Nobody knows how to dress her, nor does anybody seem to know how to pronounce the word “twit” properly but this is still a better song than the last 3 years of Mamamoo output.

Huta – With Melody

A “four chords” song very reminiscent of Sha Sha’s “What The Heck“, and even more reminiscent of another k-pop song I can’t quite remember, which was also cool.  It’s good anyway.

Nine Muses – Remember

I remember that Nine Muses already had a song called “Remember” and that it was way better than this crappy ‘farewell’ song here.  Maybe they’re ironically forgotten?

Saturday – WiFi

Similar to “Mmook Jji Bba” with a bit of “Bboom Bboom” sprinkled in, which definitely isn’t a bad combination.

TST – Wake Up

Hey it’s alright but what’s the point of having those rings there if you’re not going to set them on fire and jump through them JYP style.

Verivery – Ring Ring Ring

I forgot about this song last week and there’s a reason for that.

Taemin – Want

Why do the more mature SM Entertainment guys like SHINee, TVXQ etc always go for that “Michael Jackson in his latter-day crap period” thing with their solo songs.  Even Michael Jackson himself wasn’t that good at being Michael Jackson from the late 1980s onward, what chance does some rando Korean have.  Still, this is slightly better than his last half a dozen cracks at it.

Key ft. Hanhae – Cold

Although I guess it’s better that than this boring crap.

Brand Newjiq – Call Me Up

Sorry, I’ve run out of phone credit.

Tiffany – Lips On Lips

Her best solo song since leaving SM Entertainment so far.  Which isn’t saying much.

Miyao – Maybe Blue

Crappy lazy videos aren’t just for ex-members of the biggest k-pop girl groups ever.

One K Stars – Korean Dream

It’s enough to make Kim Jong Un fire off a nuke or two.

Samuel Seo – I Hate Holidays

Not sure what he’s so upset about, flailing around in a jumper in a field for no reason.

Olltii – Money

Well it’s not trap so that’s something, but it’s a sad indictment of rap music these days where that’s actually a compliment.

Junoflo – Icarus

Putting rappers in a cage, now that’s a good idea – next step is to make them soundproof.

Uk – #why

#shitmusic #lessgratuitoushashtags #whyindeed

Piano Man – This Song

…is shit.

The Night Of Seokyo ft. Dawon – Dancing In The Moon

I love watching these guys pretend that there’s way more to making this music than there really is.

Tsun – Tired

Truly one of the ugliest videos ever made, certainly suits the song though.

Rami – Road

Now I know what Talking Heads were singing about, this really is a road to nowhere.


Momoland – Bboom Boom (K-Tigers version)

K-Tigers combine Momoland’s dance moves with some Taekwondo and the result is insanely watchable and gets better as it goes on so be sure to watch it all.  One thing that always puzzles me about K-Tigers though is that the men get all the really extreme gymnastic moves whereas the women really don’t, which seems silly to me as I remember that the women were always the most athletic and flexible in my high school gym class and could do all sorts of crazy shit that the guys couldn’t.  Let the girls off the leash a bit so they can kick some ass, team!

That’s all for this week’s songs – Kpopalypse roundup will return next week!

13 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 18/2/2019

  1. aside from saturday and verivery the rest were crap.. yes i liked the new jack swing sound from the late eights to early nighties . But the K Tigers were fucking awesome.. never heard of them till now.. next time Momoland are performing live they should have that dojo on performing with them…

  2. I personally liked Piri, WiFi, and Twit; and loved Wake Up. I thought you’d like it more, but for me it is already approaching song of the year status.

    • I dunno man, they’re both ok. If you want exact precise rankings of every single song ever, carefully weighed and measured against every single other song ever, I reckon check out The Bias List, that’s what he does. I just talk shit about how I feel at the time after about 10 seconds of thought maximum, and save the agonising for once a year.

  3. I’m going to disagree with you on haircut again, I think Dami’s hair is cute. It is more butch than the other short haircuts you mentioned and that is very much part of why I like it, and I’m guessing why you don’t.

    • “Butch” didn’t really come to mind when I saw it. It looks like a Donald Trump wig. She’d look more “butch” – and better – with it shaved completely off.

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