The Kpopalypse fan comment generator!

Are you a fan of a certain group or artist in k-pop?  Do you wish that people writing reviews of your favourite songs would write the opinions that you want to read?  The person who left this comment on Asian Junkie’s review of SF9’s “Enough” certainly feels that way:

I thought that maybe this person, and others like her could benefit from a computer program that took all the hard work out of creating stan comments.  Always one to lend a helping hand to the k-pop community, I have now written such a program!  Download it at Kpopalypse’s page by clicking HERE! – or if you prefer clicking on something more attractive than a text link, click the picture of Yves below!

Kpopalypse’s mysteries of k-pop: How concerned should you be about your favourite k-pop stars?

Thanks to the many candid revelations of Kpopalypse interviewees (including ones who may have received pressure from people acting on behalf of major entertainment agencies to STFU) there’s now a growing awareness in the kpoponlineosphere that being a musician in the Korean pop scene is actually a pretty raw deal.  But – how much are your favourite idols being buttfucked, exactly?  Should you be concerned about this?  This post has a mixture of 100% confirmed answers from secret online sources, plus other data Kpopalypse has collected and verified contains a bunch of wild speculation that I probably just made up, but read it anyway because it’ll probably be entertaining even though it’s definitely all fictional, so please read on and enjoy!

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Kpopalypse Nugu Alert Episode 42 – Kolavo, Minsu, Yoorae

After the usual new year rush, web traffic has been gradually slowing down on Kpopalypse blog, but it’s still not slow enough for my liking, so it’s time for 2019 to see the return of the most unpopular series on Kpopalypse blog, Kpopalypse Nugu Alert!  Let’s take a look at some more Korean artists that you haven’t heard of and probably don’t give any fucks about!  Yay!

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