Kpopalypse’s 10 most fappable k-pop music videos of 2018

Despite my lists’ incredibly high popularity and mystifying ability to generate intense cross-fandom butthurt, nobody sensible actually cares what songs Kpopalypse (or anyone else for that matter) likes and doesn’t like.  My thirsty readers have recently made what they really care about abundantly clear.

Don’t panic, as the time of year has come once again – time for Kpopalypse to reveal his most fappable k-pop videos of 2018!

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This post is intentionally left blank for IU

Exhibit A: real-estate queen IU, richer than your oppars

If IU feels like making the move into investment in virtual real-estate, I’m reserving this post here for her which she can buy from Kpopalypse for a special price. It’s not worth that much now but you never know, there might be some development here in the future.