Kpopalypse on podcast “Not Your Average Netizens”

Kpopalypse recently guested on podcast “Not Your Average Netizens”.

This podcast begins with an interview, and then after this was a round-table discussion of current k-pop events.

Also if you like their podcasts, you can check out more of them here.

Enjoy, caonima!


3 thoughts on “Kpopalypse on podcast “Not Your Average Netizens”

  1. Kpopalypse is concentrated in the first 36 minutes.

    Introduction, T-ara, the blog, antikpopfangirl, Asian Junkie, site statistics, songwriting in kpop, haters of the blog, plagiarism, the SM trainee, the evolution of kpop (trends, competitiveness), patreon, music theory, computer games, annoying people…

    Then they all talk about Girl’s Day, sasaengs, EXO, Red Velvet, new groups, BTS, YG, Amber, iKON, promotions, decline of the music industry, the strategy of JYP and SM, predictions for 2019, the person as the product, shout-outs.

  2. thanks to the previous comment I stopped listening after 45min. Kpopalypse’s part was mostly old stuff but thanks for the heads up with the Neil Hannigan situation, I was that dense. Also, your voice was pleasant to listen to compared to the other people.
    How did they approach you? Is one of them a caonima? The mix of standpoints seemed a bit bizarre, kudos for you to sticking till the end. Was this a case of “showing respect and talking with the enemy” as in the linked ted talk from the qri mole?

    • I was sent an email asking to appear, I said yes without hesitation. I believe they are regular readers! I’m happy to do this kind of thing for anyone and I think it’s always a good idea to converse with people especially those who might have differents point of view. (For comparison, it’s always more interesting listening to political pundits when they’re guests on shows that don’t usually ideologically line up – just to see how they fare – rather than on shows where you know the editorial staff share the same views.) The “interview” section is mostly old territory that will be familiar with readers but clearly it was new to these guys and I think it serves as a good introduction to me for their regular podcast listeners. The round-table stuff, for the most part I just let them talk away and then just chime in with something fairly lengthy at the end of each discussion topic to give them the Kpopalypse perspective on it.

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