The second Kpopalypse compilation of important Honey Popcorn drama reviews!

Shocking news has hit the world’s Korean pop fans – Honey Popcorn is going through some lineup changes.  Miko Matsuda has left the group in order to concentrate more fully on her drama career, and there are plans for new members to be added to replace her.  Now seems like a good time to update Kpopalypse readers on all the important drama productions that Honey Popcorn members have been involved in from the time of my previous drama reviews, up until this moment.

The first compilation of Honey Popcorn members’ drama activities was split over three posts, one for each member.  If you need some background information on the members as well as an indication of where we left off with reviewing their drama careers, please check out the following review posts for each individual member (and ex-member) of Honey Popcorn:

Yua Mikami

Miko Matsuda

Moko Sakura

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As it’s been nearly a year since I’ve reveived anything of Yua’s, there’s quite a bit to catch up on.  Let’s take a look at her more recent drama productions, and note that with each girl I’m only looking at productions where they are specified as the leading actress.

The Rape Of A Big Tits Female Teacher: A Massive Gang Bang Rape – SSNI-152

Plot synopsis: Kpopalypse readers will be familiar with scenes from this drama production, where Yua leads a study group in the thankless task of researching Kpopalypse posts, so Yua can then use the knowledge to fine-tune her Honey Popcorn debut for maximum Kpopalypse list potential.  Tensions rise as the study group navigate methodological disagreements between themselves and their tutor.  Will the study group be diligent enough to unlock the true secret of Kpopalypse list preferences, and will Yua be open-minded enough to truly learn from her class?

Dramatic impact: spicy drama and classy-sexiness abound in the tense classroom scenes, which are definitely worthy of further study.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 after school comebacks


You vs Yua Mikami – Five Basic-Instinct-Baring Lust-Exposing Mind-Blowing One-On-One Upper Limit Fucks – SSNI-178

Plot synopsis: Yua begins this video being interviewed in the university courtyard.  “Gosh, it’s hard to find time to be a Korean pop idol and also diligently complete my studies” she tells the cameraman, adding “wouldn’t it be great if I could find a way to graduate my course in advanced hydraulic fluid mechanics but without having to spend time-consuming hours in lecture halls each week?”  The cameraman mentions that he may be able to help, as extra funding has been released for women attending topics in STEM fields to do courses by correspondence.  Feeling encouraged, Yua enthusiastically begins the path to apply for remote courses, but will the university administration’s enrollment process be flexible enough to accept her application, and will they come under fire for allowing idols preferential treatment?

Dramatic impact: plenty of academically-correct action in this university drama, plus bonus postmodern architecture.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 concrete courtyards


Plot synopsis: concerned about OH&S compliance, Yua takes a break from her hectic idol schedules to visit the local massage parlor for some relaxation.  When she gets to the foyer, she finds that her favourite masseuse is booked out and will be servicing Seven and Sanchu for the next fortnight.  Yua negotiates with the receptionist – “I don’t want anybody else, my masseuse Jimin is the best, only he understands my debilitating muscular condition!  If I pay extra, can he break his existing appointments and see me sooner?”  The receptionist refuses, explaining that a booked appointment must always be honoured.  “Don’t you know who I am?!?  I could buy this place!  You’ll never work in this town again!” screams Yua.  The receptionist calls for security, will the angry Yua be able to be placated, and how will YG take the news?

Dramatic impact: the oil is smooth but the drama is even more slippery in this dramatic tour-de-force.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 oiled Jimin abs


Silent Obedience On The Molester Train: A Big Tits College Girl Is Taught A Lesson In Orgasmic Ecstasy – SSNI-229

Plot synopsis: another video which will have content that Kpopalypse readers will be familiar with.  Having just acquired the infamous Kpopalypse favourites list and and worst-of-k-pop lists for 2018, Yua is tasked with delivering the documents safely to caonima action HQ via public transport for proofreading and eventual publication.  On the train she is confronted by several Kpopalypse haters, and the comments come flying in thick and fast.  “He’s so condescending and mean, how can you support him?”  “My bias didn’t appear anywhere in his lists, he’s trash!”  “Why didn’t he properly explain why he hated my favourite song instead of going off on some stupid tangent?”  Yua grips her suitcase tighter, it’s going to be a dangerous ride.

Dramatic impact: the exciting drama action is matched by an environmentally responsible message about using public transport.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8.5/10 Reddit/kpop downvotes


Jiggling And Wiggling Voluptuous Titties In Hard Piston-Thrusting Sex – SSNI-254

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami calls a group meeting to discuss the performance of Honey Popcorn’s “Bibidi Babidi Boo“.  “Why didn’t we set the charts on fire with this great song?” asks Yua.  “Maybe it was too ‘nice’ for the market, perhaps we need to go for a sexy concept next time?” suggests Miko.  “I’d like to do something like Stellar’s “Marionette“, that would be lots of fun!” explains Moko.  “No way!” shouts Yua.  “We’re innocent and pure girls!  We don’t do things like that for attention!”  The other two girls look despondent – being in a group with someone as conservative and puritan as Yua sure is a drag sometimes, but they wonder if going too far in the other direction may also be a trap?

Dramatic impact: while slow to heat up, this tense human-interest drama eventually delivers the goods.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6.5/10 flowing white gowns


A Lusty Kissing Slut’s Spit-Swap Sloppy-Licking Fuck – SSNI-279

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami moves into her new house.  “Gosh, being a Korean pop idol doesn’t really pay the bills, it’s awfully nice of IU to allow me to rent out this room in her new building for a bargain price!  This should help me financially get on my feet with my idol career!”  Soon however, nosy journalists and curious public start poking around the building, wondering if IU had acquired the building as part of some kind of real-estate fraud.  “Sorry, I’m not the landlord here, I know nothing about it”, says Yua repeatedly as she is confronted multiple times by strangers and press regarding the financial situation of the property ownership.  It seems to Yua that taking on board this lease has become a double-edged sword, but it would be good to give all the nosy-parkers a reason to go away, will Yua be able to assist IU in clearing her name?

Dramatic impact: there’s plenty of real-estate to go around in this scandalous thriller.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 quarterly landlord inspections


Yua Mikami Is Completely Tied Down And Unable To Move: Unlimited Piston Pounding Fucks That Won’t Stop No Matter How Many Times She Cums, Until Her Hips Shake So Much That They’re About To Shatter- SSNI-301

Plot synopsis: Yua talks over her costuming choices with her wardrobe assistant.  “I really like Dreamcatcher’s look, but I don’t want to look too slutty either, do you think that you can make me something like what they wear in “You And I” but perhaps with a little less skin exposure on the legs?”  Her wardrobe assistant sighs.  “Look, you are in the public eye, you can’t be so afraid of showing skin all the time.  It’s good to be concerned but it’s also important to create attention and give people a reason to look at you.  If you can’t stand public scrutiny, maybe the entertainment business is too harsh for you?”  Yua ponders the advice – how can she balance the need to be noticed and relevant with her desire to keep her image pure?

Dramatic impact: Yua does well but is nearly upstaged by the attentive costuming.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 full-length dresses


Massive Cocks x Follow-Up Fucks x Large Orgies: These 24 Massive Cocks Will Relentlessly Pump These Twitching And Cumming Pussies In A Furious Follow-Up Piston-Pumping Ultra-Large-Orgies Special – SSNI-322

Plot synopsis: Yua answers a knock on the door, it’s Jennie from Blackpink, she comes in crying.  “What’s wrong?” asks Yua.  Jennie sobs: “people just don’t understand myself and Kai dating!  We’re very much in love but everyone’s forcing us to downplay it!  Why can’t they accept that we want to be together?”  Yua sighs.  “Look, you can’t just go around being in love with everyone, you need to be be more pure, that’s what your audience wants, you know.  They’re trying to imagine you as their girlfriend, when you go around banging EXO members that kind of fucks it up for them because it destroys their fantasy, and k-pop is all about fantasy – do you understand?  Think about how your boss must feel!  I know your feelings are real, but you need to be more considerate not just of your lover, but those around you who depend on you for their income!”  Jennie continues to cry. Can Yua make her see reason, or is it in fact Jennie who will find a way to change Yua’s mind?

Dramatic impact: worth it just for the special cameo from YG’s legal team.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8.5/10 renamed Starcraft maps


Ever Since That Day When My Father-In-Law Raped Me… – SSNI-344

Plot synopsis: Yua is helping her father-in-law move house.  “What’s in all these big boxes?  They’re so heavy!” she asks.  “Oh, that’s just my collection of Apink photobooks.  I buy multiple copies of each album, so I can have one copy of all the different photocards for my collection!”  Yua is impressed.  “That’s so sweet that you like Apink, they’re such a nice girl group… mind you, lifting these boxes is really hurting my back, I think I need to go and have a lie down.”  Yua lies down on the couch for a while, but as she rests, she starts thinking – why does her father-in-law like Apink so much?  Is he satisfied in his relationship?  Yua wonders if his love of girl pop could harbour a deeper inner angst and resentment, and becomes determined to find out the root cause of the issue and help him improve the quality of his life.

Dramatic impact: the innocence keeps on coming in this touching tribute to k-pop’s most pure concepts.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 Apink debut concepts


S No.1 Style x MOODYZ Popular Series: Quick Cum Sensitive Sex 4 starring Yua Mikami – MIDE-599

Plot synopsis: Yua starts off this drama production with one of her trademark fourth-wall breaking interviews, where she discusses at length the reasons for her drama agency S No.1 Style collaborating with agency MOODYZ for this release.  “I really admire Hitomi Tanaka’s work for MOODYZ, and when Jonghyun died, it touched my heart, as I knew Hitomi would be sad as Jonghyun was her favourite.  I wanted to show her that she had made sensible career choices, and that if Jonghyun was looking down from heaven, that he would be proud of all that she had achieved.  I know just one drama production won’t bring someone back to life and can only make a small difference overall, but if my collaboration with MOODYZ helps reasure Hitomi, and gives someone fighting through depression the strength to live another day, then I feel it’s worth it.”  Yua wipes a tear from her eye, to a round of applause from the film crew.

Dramatic impact: definitely recommended for anybody suffering from mental illness and questioning their place in society, Yua’s cheery persona and enthusiasm will perk you right up.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 SHINee photocards


Yua Mikami In A 16-Consecutive Cumshot Slut Assault: She’s Tied Up Men For Some Energy-Sucking Forced Ejaculations – SSNI-388

Plot synopsis: Yua takes charge in this drama where her agency CEO falls sick and she becomes boss for a week.  “Right – I want to start a new boy group!  I only want absolutely the best and prettiest dancers and singers!  We’re going to launch a debut which smashes all those records set by BTS right out of the park!”  Yua’s agency presents to her several candidates, but none of them meet required standards.  “Why can’t you find some real talent?  Do we have to pinch someone from another agency?”  Yua then thinks for a moment – what if that’s not such a bad idea?  Boy-group contracts are pretty terrible, if she offered decent enough terms, maybe someone would jump ship for her label, even if it wasn’t completely legal…

Dramatic impact: Yua stirs up trouble in this rousing tribute to k-pop man-flesh.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 missing NCT members



Miko’s drama career was last reviewed in May 2018, so there’s less to catch up on here.  Let’s now take a look at Miko’s drama productions from May until the time that she left Honey Popcorn to focus on building her drama career further.

She Came So Hard That She Pissed Herself For The First Time In Spasmic Orgasmic Ecstasy: A Massive Pissing Orgasm – SSNI-225

Plot synopsis: Miko is talking to Yua backstage, just before showtime at Music Core.  “Yua, I’ve always wondered – what do we do when we have a period onstage?  I know that our live performances haven’t coincided with our menstrual cycles yet, but I wonder how we’ll handle that when the time comes?”  Yua smiles.  “Don’t worry, I think of everything!  I know a really good video you can watch which explains exactly how to handle this situation!”   Miko looks happy.  “Thanks Yua, you’re the best ever!  With such good support I’ll definitely never leave this group!”

Dramatic impact: Miko’s devotion to Honey Popcorn doesn’t quite convince, but she still puts in an energetic performance.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6.5/10 idol-grade maxi pads


A Nationally-Loved Idol, The Private Voyeur Brings You A Collection Of Rape Videos: A Video Record Of How She Was Peeped By A Stalker And Raped Out Of Her Mind – SSNI-250

Plot synopsis: Miko is having trouble dealing with Honey Popcorn’s fame.  While she enjoys the notoriety and endless love that she receives from the general public, sasaengs are making her life difficult.  Miko hires an extra security guard to keep watch over her dorms at night, but then becomes even more concerned when the sasaeng fans become even more active than before.  When one obsessed fan sneaks into her room while she’s away and steals her favourite plush toy, it becomes the last straw.  Could it be that her newly-employed security is being paid off – or is he perhaps one of the sasaengs?

Dramatic impact: the intrigue is dialed up all the way in this tense psychological thriller.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 BT21 plushies


“I Promised Myself I’d Never Betray Him Again…” – A Married Woman Gets Fucked By Her Husband’s Client – JUY-706

Plot synopsis: Miko decides to help out her partner at his office job.  However a client at an office meeting has an unusual request.  “I’m a big fan of Honey Popcorn, but I’ve notice that you girls have never covered any T-ara content.  I’d really like to see you do the “Roly Poly” hand-dance, could you do this for me?”  Miko complies, but the client gets upset.  “No – you’re not doing it right!  It needs to be just right, or there’s no point!  Can you really call yourself an idol if you haven’t studied the dances of T-ara?”  “I’m sorry sir, but T-ara are a little bit before my time… I promise I’ll study harder!”  The client relaxes, but Miko becomes concerned – will she have the raw talent required to succeed at this difficult task?

Dramatic impact: this attempt at the modern “dance film” isn’t the best one you’ve ever seen but it’s better than BoA’s “Make Your Move“.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 stolen milly-rocks


Celibate Woman X Insatiable Man: Bareback Sex! Real, Instinctive Creampie Sex!! – HND-605

Plot synopsis: Miko is shocked when a limousine pulls up at the front of her dorm.  “What’s going on?” she asks as she is ushered into the back seat.  A lady in the seat facing hers has a mask over her face, she points a gun at Miko’s head.  “We want to know if you stan Loona.  Do you?” she asks.  “Errr, yeah, I guess so!  Sure!” Miko replies nervously.  “Then name for me all twelve girls and comeback songs, in debut order!”  Miko hesitates, and stammers “um, the first girl was… Haesul, wasn’t she?”  The masked girl slaps Miko over the head with the butt of her gun.  “Get out of my car!” she says.  Miko opens the door and scurries out of the car onto the pavement, nursing her head, as the limousine drives off.  “We’ll be back!” shouts the girl as she rolls the window up and the car disappears down the street quickly, however the wind lifts her mask off her face a little… and she thinks to herself “…wait, isn’t that girl IN Loona?”

Dramatic impact: still a more worthy cameo for the Loona members than Mixnine.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 Loonaverse conspiracy theories



I only reviewed Moko’s career two months ago so she’s only had time to appear in one film since then.  Kpopalypse nevertheless has the scoop!

Her First Large Orgies Experience! No Matter How Many Times She Cums, She Keeps Cumming Back For More: 20 Cocks In A Consecutive Pussy Pounding Piston Thrusting Fuck Fest – KAWD-949

Plot synopsis: Moko is asked in an interview “so how does it feel to be Honey Popcorn’s Boram?”.  Moko looks confused.  “What do you mean by that exactly?  I never broke anybody’s umbrella!”  The interviewer says “no, that’s not what we mean.  The umbrella thing was all lies – what we’re talking about is Boram’s powers of ESP, which we all know is trufax.”  “But… I’ve never predicted anything?” says Moko.  The interviewer shakes his head.  “Yes, but I’ve read Kpopalypse’s latest comic.  You knew that Yua Mikami was barking up the wrong tree with trying to beat Apink by copying their concepts, whereas she had no idea.  Clearly you are endowed with Boram powers!”  Moko scratches her head. “But, that work was fictional wasn’t it?”.  The interviewer laughs.  “Yes, but so is this conversation.  I mean, what would you prefer he write about, a detailed account of the 20 dicks that went inside you when you made this film, or something actually entertaining?”

Dramatic impact: actually she gets 20 dicks in her.  It’s alright, if you’re into that sort of thing, I suppose.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 20/10 dicks

That’s all for this post!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

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