An important announcement from Kpopalypse about two entirely unrelated matters

Hello, this is Kpopalypse with an important announcement about two matters which have absolutely no relationship to each other.  Indeed, no relationship between these two matters should ever be inferred or implied.


In 2015, an individual conducted a Reddit AMA, claiming to be an ex-trainee of a major Korean entertainment label.  I then later contacted him for an interview, and he agreed, and gave a lot of very detailed information about the inner workings of the company from a trainee perspective.  The interview was greeted with a mixed response.  Some people didn’t believe this individual, others did.


On 15th January 2019, the same individual posted the above on Reddit/kpop, claiming the entire AMA and interview to be a lie and calling for the interview to be removed.  Having been “summoned”, I of course replied.

The conversation continued:

We then had a private conversation, and the issue was resolved to my complete satisfaction.  I cannot and will not divulge the contents of our private conversation other than that he officially retracted the statements he made in my interview with him, and that as a professional courtesy to him I have now removed the interview.  I’m sure most of you have already read it by now anyway.  Tsk tsk, that dirty liar, gosh now why would he lie about being a k-pop trainee and about certain k-pop companies being all mean and nasty.  We all know that they are all wonderful people who would never do bad things.  Let’s listen again to this fantastic randomly-chosen song, aren’t Red Velvet like the best group ever?


(which is IN NO WAY related to important announcement #1)

There is a new post which I have drafted today, it is currently sitting in permanent draft status on Kpopalypse blog.  I never intend to publish this post.

The post contains:

  • Explicit details of the various underhanded methods used by certain music companies and their fanbases to influence staff, ex-staff, media and content creators
  • Details of the conditions of trainee life in some major k-pop agencies, including health, diet, scheduling and standard contract information
  • All private messages between Kpopalypse and people who have confided in me such details (not including Neil, he’s a dirty liar ahem)

This post has an automatic publishing date which will always be kept at two weeks into the future.  As long as Kpopalypse remains healthy, happy and non-threatened by unfortunate circumstances, this post will never see the light of day, as I will continually keep pushing the automatic publishing date back every time I log into the blog to do maintenance.  I will also delete this post should I ever happen to fall terminally ill through natural causes, and my next of kin also have instructions to delete the post should I die in a sudden yet 100% non-suspicious manner (or if I’m killed by an avid reader who really wants to see that post, I mean, you never know what some readers are like…).

Gosh, it would certainly be unfortunate if something bad were to happen to Kpopalypse that would then allow that post to be published, it’s a good thing that this definitely won’t ever happen.  Also just a note that when people threaten my friends and accomplices, I find this to be personally very stressful, and this stress can sometimes make me a little bit forgetful and can cause my memory to lapse when updating blog information such as future draft post dates.  Thanks for understanding.

I know that it might seem odd how both of these matters are mentioned here in the same post, but I’d urge Kpopalypse readers to not read too much into it.  Happy k-popping and Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon (hopefully not the one mentioned above)!

19 thoughts on “An important announcement from Kpopalypse about two entirely unrelated matters

  1. I have a feeling someone got sent a threat from SM, to shut up or else.
    Welp guess that’s another juicy spicy meatball the contents of which I won’t get to sink my teeth into. Since I don’t want to hurt the Cunt of all Cunts or Neil (or whatever the fuck his name is) guess I’ll have to go and beat the truth out of SM.
    If only the plain ticket to SK wouldn’t be so Expensive.

  2. Neil’s interview is the reason I found your blog. He was pretty convincing, but a lot of people on reddit later called him out on the integrity of his experience because of a picture he posted of his contract which didn’t match what a contract should actually look like, so I guess those users were right after all

    Probably just a side effect from lack of attention growing up or a boring life.. or both

  3. As a veteran reader it makes me fucking mad to hear that some assholes are making you take such measures, stay healthy Kpopalypse, I admire your determination.

  4. Due to you shedding light on some of the more unsavory aspects of the k-pop industry and the fact that your audience has grown a lot, I had wondered for a while if you had ever received real pushback from the industry. Centers of power can get nasty.

    It would not surprise me in the slightest if an idol anonymously leaks documents and audio to you one day. Kpopalypse…from occasional boob blogger to muckraking journalist! Perhaps a secure drop link would not be the worst thing to have.

    Also, instead of one MEGA TEA posthumous post, you should have those parts drip-drip-drip out nice and slow. Werk that media cycle, babe.

  5. Obviously since no Korean music agency would ever think of threatening people (they’re more like a loving family anyway) have you ever thought of writing an article about what a horrible hypothetical western company would do, maybe give, again, hypothetical examples of explicit details of the various underhanded methods used by certain music companies and their fanbases to influence staff, ex-staff, media and content creators.

  6. um holy shit, if this is true (“this” being the circumstances which are in no way laid out in this article) I don’t think I can support [redacted company] anymore…I got into this whole thing because of cool dances, why does it have to be mafia controlled 😦

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