Kpopalypse says thank you for 2018

This is just a quick post to say thank you to Kpopalypse readers for 2018!

Kpopalypse continues to trend upward and 2018 has been the most successful year of Kpopalypse blogging ever!

In 2018 more people visited Kpopalypse blog than ever before!  Traffic was actually about the same overall as last year, but 2018 didn’t have a massively viral post like 2017’s “Frenchface” to boost the numbers with random float-ins who probably only looked at the site for one day and then never again – take all those extra hits out of the equation and 2018 was a substantially better year than 2017.  Also Kpopalypse has been linked from sites like Reddit, OneHallyu and Asian Junkie far less than in previous years but still increased in traffic anyway.  This means Kpopalypse content is growing organically without much outside assistance, apart from you loyal readers who read, discuss and share Kpopalypse postings!  A big thank you to all of you!

Of course not everybody was pleased with Kpopalypse blog this year, and that’s fine.  I’m not a dollar bill to be liked by everyone, and people are entitled to dislike the content here for whatever reason they think is important.  Why they continue to visit anyway I’m not sure, because I don’t go around regularly visiting sites that I despise, but whatever the reason thanks for visiting and I’m glad you came – hopefully underneath the angst and unpleasant emotions you’re feeling, you secretly enjoyed yourself a little.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell!

So what can you expect from Kpopalypse in 2019?  I don’t like to talk too much about future plans, because sometimes “talking about plans” can get in the way of “actually doing shit”.  Don’t you hate that one person you know who always has all these amazing plans that they’re always talking about and they never fucking come together, I don’t ever want to be that guy.  However there’s nothing to fear as Kpopalypse always has maximum determination levels to bring you posts, so I will now tell you some things that are definitely on the planning table for 2019.

More music theory posts.  It’s been a commonly requested thing from Kpopalypse readers, and I have noted these requests!   I find that most of the music theory literature out there is really dry and boring, and nobody wants to read any of it, so I’m planning to do a whole music theory series that trains people in all the aspects of music theory.  Not just stuff like note-reading but also the sciency-stuff and areas of theory that aren’t considered “canon”.  My posting schedule may slow down a little bit while I make those, because they will take some time to assemble all the trufax.  Sure, it’s a little bit tangenital to k-pop, but then so is… this entire blog, really.

Kpopalypse will get prettier.  Even though it has not yet turned 20, I feel that it’s still not too early to make Kpopalypse blog become prettier, so you may notice some extra bone being shaved off of the jawline of Kpopalypse blog.  I’m not sure at this stage exactly what all of these changes will be, but it will be revealed in time!

Interactive content.  The “Stan Loona… or else!” fanfiction received a very positive reaction so you can expect more content of this nature.  Whether they will be more stories in the same format, or something completely different, I am not sure, but I’ll certainly be looking to do more with interactivity and special content, time allowing!

More Patreon action.  The Patreon donations I’ve been receiving have actually increased to the point where they are very significant – sure, they’re still a tiny drop in the ocean compared to the thousands per month other sites rake in, but I’m nevertheless very grateful for everything my readers choose to send.  Thank you to all Patreon donators!  These donations allow me to do more with the site, so I feel like this year I should give back more to Patreon subscribers.  However I don’t want to paywall any content, because I don’t ever believe in such things, but what I will do instead is be more accessible to Patreon subscribers.  Know that I’ll reply to 100% of private messages sent to me via Patreon’s DM system by subscribers, and I’ll also be posting bonus (free) content on the Patreon wall from time to time.  Those caonimas who have been donating money at a high tier or for a very long time, if you send me your postal address via Patreon DM you may also receive a special mystery gift at a time in the future.

One thing Kpopalypse will never, ever do, is feature paid advertising.  Below is a summary of how much money I could supposedly be making if I accepted advertising like many other inferior k-pop sites do:

Apparently I should be earning $79 per day, but I’d rather you keep that money and have a more enjoyable, non-intrusive web browsing experience on this site that makes you want to come back (or not).  But if you are a hater you might want to consider switching to the Bing search engine because apparently you won’t find as much Kpopalypse content there.  Go on, do it – she’s feeling neglected.

Rest assured that notwithstanding some cataclysmic event like Kpopalypse’s city being leveled to the ground by a rogue wombat incursion, Kpopalypse blog will definitely continue at full strength throughout 2019!  Here’s to another year of caonima action!

8 thoughts on “Kpopalypse says thank you for 2018

  1. Thanks for your posts, they were making my Kpop year significantly better. PD: Have you noticed that your All Kpop boicot will end the next year.

  2. And thank you, Kpopalypse. It’s nice to know that there’s at least one K-pop website where I don’t have to hear about BTS 50-90% of the time. It’s also nice to know that there’s one at least K-pop blogger who roots for the underdog and brings attention to lesser-known artists and songs. Unlike most other websites, you never let commercial success determine which songs will appear on your year-end lists. Lastly, you clearly prefer girl groups over boy groups, and that’s always a plus in my books.

  3. Thank you, Kpopalypse! Even though you could be making some coins, I think it’s actually really cool of you to keep your blog free of ads and whatnot. It makes visiting here so much nicer. I can’t wait to read your upcoming bests and worsts lists, and I’m looking forward to all of the new stuff you have planned for next year. Thank you for recognizing Yoo Jiae as a best girl, too. ♥

  4. Just a little note to thank you for remaining ad-free, for liking Gfriend, and for your tasty Australian humor… Music Theory posts are welcome, as are your pithy breakdowns of what’s going on behind the scenes. Thanks!

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