Kpopalypse 2018 roundup clearing house post 3

It’s time for the last clearing house post of 2018!  Let’s take a look at some more songs that didn’t get a shitty one-line review from Kpopalypse during the year!


Day6 – Days Gone By

Day6 go for keyboard-based 80s rock style and have the song of their career.  It’s not as good as similar more electro-pop versions of the same type of thing that have come out in k-pop this year, so don’t get too excited because it’s definitely not going to bump anything out of the top 30, but it’s definitely a big step in a good direction.

Musky – I’m Leaving You Now

It’s boring.  There, I hope that was worth the wait.


TVXQ – Truth

Nothing to write home about.  I guess people gonna be mad for another year that the “culturally relevant” TVXQ can’t seem to make any Kpopalypse list lately, good or bad.

Hitchhiker ft. Zin – 4 Lines

Completely brainless, which is kind of what you want from Hitchhiker.

Blue Lamb – Wolf

Too much lamb, not enough wolf.

Jiyeon – One Day

At least MBK never gave her anything like this.

CZA – Persona

A terrifying expose into furry life.  Don’t do it, kids!

Boramiyu – Like Or Love

Where’s the third option – hate?

So Soo Bin – I Wish You Well

Can the music video technically be called a “Story version” if nothing actually happens?

Andy – Fall In Love

Nice guitar work but the song is too boring and like everything else for me to care.

75 & Gracie – Ggaddak

Contains required levels of horse content, not much of a song though.

Gogang – The Night

This song takes some weird turns that nearly save it, but it’s just too slow and dull in the end.

Dindin ft. Hanhae & Greg – Dindin Is Dindin

Dindin’s boring song is Dindind’s boring song.

Lee Hyun – Let’s Stop Getting Hurt Anymore

Sounds like a plan.  I recommend not listening to this song as step one.

Ku One Chan ft. Baek Yerin – How Did You

Not sure why I even bothered with these clearing house posts, it’s generally been a total waste of time, too many songs like this.  I hope it kept someone happy though.


Somdef ft. ph1 – Wait

Korea’s hip-hoppers aren’t too cool to do crappy Christmas ballads.

Epik High – No More Christmas

It’s not just the yolo crowd either – even the old-school ones are getting in on the action.

Hyolyn – Christmas Day

Yeah er, leave the songwriting to the pros, Hyolyn.

That’s the last of the clearing house posts for 2018!  If you’re fave didn’t make it in – stiff shit!  Any songs that come out from here on will be considered 2019 songs by Kpopalypse and eligible for those lists instead.  Have a safe and softly-wrapped new year, everyone!

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  1. Hyolyn’s song would sound much better in acapella. That music just sucks. On another note, I only managed to get about 30 seconds into Jiyeon’s song before I said, “screw this. I’m going to go back and listen to T-ara.”

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