Kpopalypse 2018 roundup clearing house post 2

It’s time for the next clearing house post!  Let’s take a look at some more songs I didn’t get a chance to review throughout the year, and dump on them in typical Kpopalypse style!  Yay!


EXO – Oh La La La

Not all that fascinating, because it doesn’t do much – the fangirls screaming in this live version is far more interesting than the song itself.

Ten with Rion Five – Do It

I like the idea of the two grouups having a dance-off, more groups should try this in official MVs.  K-pop is the ideal genre for it.

Indigo Music – IndiGO

Not too bad, but would be better if the beat threw away those trap cymbals.

Rose Finger – Hibidi Pop

Legit good visuals for a nugu but there’s not much else here.

Rose Finger – Go Away

The ballad is actually a slightly better song but the visuals are worse with about 80% of the screen time spent waiting for someone to fade into focus.

Parkgolf & Jvcki Wai – Xaradise

None of her other songs have the infectious catchiness of “Enchanted Propaganda” to help mitigate that horrible Autotuned drawl but at least she still looks the part here.

AOA – Super Duper

Well they’ve had worse songs, especially these days, but it all just makes me miss the band concept.

Xeno-T – Everywhere

These guys used to be in ToppDogg, and have now moved to Japan, probably because they want to be closer to Martina’s flesh.  Who can blame them, that’s what I’d do too.

Dabda – Polydream

Korean pop has overtaken the west years ago but their rock music is still three steps behind the pack.  The co-ordination required to do some of that playing seems pretty cool, until you hear how much the western version of this kind of thing shits all over it.

IN2IT – Geronimo

Too much brassiness, not enough actual song.

UNI+ G – You & I

Really pretty bland.

Gfriend – Love Bug

It’s not bad but sometimes it’s easy to hear why a song wasn’t chosen as a feature track.

Sera – Medicine Song

Poor Sera can’t turn a trick since leaving Nine Muses.  Boring songs all the way without exception.

Sera – Han River

See what I mean?  Idol agencies hire outside songwriters for a reason.

Sandy – Azera

I’m sure one day she’ll get big and will be forced into boring rap ballads and R&B bullshit to sustain a career, but right now she’s still cool, enjoy it while it lasts.

Dreamcatcher – July 7th

Honestly a bit of an unfortunate waste of time, Dreamcatcher shouldn’t mess with tracks like this that dilute their core sound into nothing.  Know your strength, team.

NO:EL – 00

That bass and those guitar riffs just don’t go together at all.

Young B – Polo

This guy can’t work out if he’s shit yolotrap or shit shoegaze.

Shaun – Way Back Home

Honestly, I don’t completely doubt Shaun’s success – this is definitely one of the better songs in this style, and there’s not many good ones, so the good ones stick out.  The fact it goes for midrange guitar where most songs would reach for the ear-busting toot-toot certainly helps it along.


Lim Hyun Jung – God Bless You

This has some nice strings but it still boring anyway.

Jade ft. Seoungmin – Would You Love Me The Same

This looks like a heavy metal album where they deploy cursive and rococo ironically – except in this case, these boring cunts mean it.

Saturday – In Your Eyes

Oh dear, this is about as far downhill from their last song as it gets.  Also what’s with the disturbing zoom.  I don’t care how pretty you are I don’t want to see anybody’s face that close up.

Kwon Jin Ah – This Winter

This winter don’t listen to bullshit like this and you’ll have a better winter than I did… oh wait it’s actually summer where I live.  Fuck these k-pop singers are so insensitive waving their Northern Hemispehrian privilege in my face.

Berry Good – This Winter

You know those fan videos that get made where people grab random footage from various official sources and try to sync the words up?  Well this is just like that except it’s actually an official video, and they do a far worse job of it than most of the fan ones do.

Jay Park – Million

That hair, Jay – yeah nah.

Eyedi – Caffeine

Eyedi pitches for 80s synthpop territory and doesn’t quite get it right.

GOT7 – I Won’t Let You Go

Who is the “you” they are referring to here… or maybe it isn’t a person but they’re talking about the tropical shithouse fad, now that would make sense.

100% – 28C

Man, it hurts how much this group suck now.

Junggigo ft. Soma – Swish

On the other hand Junggigo has always been crap so this doesn’t hurt at all.

Yesung & Chungha – Whatcha Doin’

The usual rambling formless R&B mess.

Surl – Snow

Hey this is alright and wasn’t the lame seasonal bullshit that I feared.

Woohyun – A Song For You

Woohyun talks over most of this song and probably just as well.

BoA – Amor

BoA is a bit late to the boring latin trend.  Go home girl, party’s over.

Jang Deok Chol – If I Knew

I can’t wait for global warming to stop these kind of comebacks.

Winner – Millions

This is just that trendy sound we’re all bored with, it’s weird how YG can get Blackpink right these days but can’t do much for Winner.

Seventeen – Getting Closer

All those people sad about Pledis changing their YouTube channels or some bullshit are idiots.  Pledis are looking out for you – they’re just trying to protect you from having to hear this crap.

Sooyoung – Winter Breath

Relax, it’s not that Sooyo… oh wait what the fuck, yes it is!  Sooyoung here is de-glam like SM would never dare, pity the song isn’t anywhere near as brave.

The King – I’m Coming To You

Let’s hope not.

High Tension – Infectious

This is that group who like to dance with guitars but who don’t play them much.  They haven’t changed their ways.

Sori ft. Jaehyun – I’m Ready

This sounds exactly like every other tropical shithouse song ever.  Watch everyone else lose their shit about it because they can’t see past Sori’s body, but she’s not my type at all so her powers don’t work on me.

That’s all for this post!  The next post will be the Christmas roundup – enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Kpopalypse 2018 roundup clearing house post 2

  1. kpopalypse, you fucking idiot, i commented this on your last clearing house post but here it is again – you missed “i’m leaving you now” by musky.

    • I agree. SoRi looks damn sexy in latex, hence the reason why I always watch the “Touch” music video on MUTE.

  2. you completely forgot day6’s days gone by and twice’s christmas snoozefest which was so boring i don’t even remember the title.

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