Kpopalypse’s stats, metrics and not-so-secret data-hoarding post for 2018!

Other websites like to keep their data away from prying eyes so they can sell it to third parties, use it to generate traffic in sneaky ways, or just to be general scumbags.  Not Kpopalypse – in this post I will share with you all the fun data collected about Kpopalypse traffic, readers and habits over the course of 2018, just for your entertainment!

Firstly, what countries visited Kpopalypse blog the most during 2018?

Gosh, that’s a lot of readers, thank you to all readers from around the world who keep checking into Kpopalypse blog!  The following are the sucky countries who only viewed Kpopalypse blog once – fuck these countries in the ass:

British Virgin Islands get your fucking shit together, you lot probably need Kpopalypse blog more than anybody.

Most readers of Kpopalypse just go straight to the homepage so that always gets most of the views.  However some readers, especially those first discovering the site, do come to Kpopalypse blog via specific posts.  What posts were the biggest traffic-drivers to Kpopalypse in 2018?

Could it be that thousands upon thousands of readers are being master-baited into reading Kpopalypse blog with the promise of boob flesh?  Yes, it appears so!  But how did they find the site?  Here’s the most popular search terms that they used to arrive at Kpopalypse blog:

Gosh, I think I notice a theme forming!  You would think from all the carry-on online that only a tiny minority of people make searches like this, but I guess the stats say differently!  Looking at the most popular tags on Kpopalypse blog, this is confirmed:

Fap was a big winner for tag searches, as it always is.  The big surprise this year was that Nugu Alert is becoming more and more popular!  I’m not sure what’s behind this, maybe the reputation of Kpopalypse as a champion of nugus is spreading?

Above are all the sites that directed people to Kpopalypse blog during 2018!  (Note that the black rectangle denotes a site under an active Kpopalypse boycott.)  The biggest traffic-generator was of course Reddit, where many readers dearly love Kpopalypse blog and continue to visit often – thanks guys, and also a big thank you to all people on all other sites who are linking to Kpopalypse blog!

Once readers were at Kpopalypse blog, where did they go next?

The above documents clicks from Kpopalypse blog to other sites of interest.  Note that I give Asian Junkie twice the amount of web traffic that he gives me, that’s because I’m such an incredibly nice person and I love him lots and lots.  In the above chart “ Media” denotes an image on my own site, and “” means that someone navigated from one of my articles to another one of my articles.  The most common article for people to navigate to was believe it or not the Kpopalypse FAQ, and the most common pictures people clicked on were the ones for The Red Velvet Identification Test, which makes sense as clicking the pictures is required to see the content of the post.

The ten most popular blind-link YouTube videos linked from Kpopalypse blog were:

“Not Quite My Tempo” – “Whiplash” scene – 1079 views

Gfriend’s Yuju and Eunja pre-debut – “I Hate You” – 779 views

First Bite – “Move Over” – 522 views

Hexagonal Water – “Adduddu” – 469 views

Einsturzende Neubauten – “Z.N.S” – 451 views

Yidcore – “Why Won’t Adam Sandler Let Us Do His Song” – 428 views

KARA – “Pretty Girl” – 357 views

T-ara – “Yayaya” – 333 views

Highlight Talk About Cube Rebellion! – Members Talk About Time When They Went Against Their Agency! – 314 views

Block B Bastarz – “Zero For Conduct” – 308 views

Now because I love him so much let’s take a look at the articles that led the most people from Kpopalypse to bastion of k-pop journalism Asian Junkie:

These are only the top ones!  Over 100 different educational and informative Asian Junkie articles received web traffic from Kpopalypse during 2018!

Finally I’ll leave you with some stats from the Kpopalypse radio show:

Note that unlike the other stats here, the radio show stats are running total tallies from since stats recording began a few years ago, and are not just from the last 12 months.

Anyway, that’s all for this post, and hopefully you enjoyed this look into the exciting stats world of Kpopalypse blog!

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