Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 10/12/2018

It’s time once again for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at this week’s new releases!

No songs of any worth came out this week so have a picture of Honey Popcorn.

Not much on offer this week, but here’s what we had:

Onew – Blue

Accurate song title as this certainly blows.

Minzy – All Of You Say

Minzy still has no idea why anybody listened to 2NE1 in the first place.

Up10tion – Blue Rose

A kind of good chorus and a kind of boring plodding everything else, but it’s still the best song this week which is actually kind of sad.

Mino – Fiance

I forgot about this song when it came out, so I’m sorry about that.  As it happens it wasn’t worth the wait anyway, this song only sounds good when it’s sampling from other songs that are not itself.

LaBoum – Turn It On

A kind of bland almost-reggae-ish thing that is just too weak and slow to be any good, even 1.25x speed just highlights how nothingy it is.

Jungkey ft. Minseo – Honest

Don’t get your hopes up just because Minseo is in it, this is a waste of time.

Justin Bieber ft. Jay Park – Coogie

This song is about 90% Jay Park, our friend Justin is in it for all of about 20 seconds.

Seowoong – Regret

This is so bad that you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a Christmas song but actually it isn’t as far as I can tell.

O.O.O – Seesaw

A song where a rock band are afraid to rock.  That’s all we need.

O.O.O – Darkroom

At least this one has a bit of pace but it’s that horrible funk-rock style that every second original band in your town does.  Maybe their other slower song is understandable.

Sleepy ft. Sway D, Liquor – Nuclear Insider

One of the most deliberately ugly videos of all time.  Song isn’t too bad though, which surprised me given who’s involved.

G2 – Alive

Nobody needs this music.

Kim Dong Ryul ft. IU – Fairy Tale

This probably sounds okay when the end credits of a Miyazaki film roll and you’re leaving the cinema, but who the fuck wants to hear this bullshit music out of context.

Mackelli – Baby

Mackelli is always shit and this is no different to anything else he’s ever done.

Ezen – Fly Away

A weird and unusual case where the rock delivery actually seems kind of wrong for the song.

Soran – Happy


Holmes Crew – Holmes Delivery

I think I relate the most to that bored-looking guy who is on the phone for nearly the entire song.

Junoflo ft. BoA – Autopilot

Don’t try to drag BoA into this, you suck so just suck on your own.

H M Moon – The Poet’s Winter

Yeah nah.

Sam Kin ft. Chai – When You Fall

When you fall, you may end up making shit like this.

JD – What

What indeed.

Ovan – Happiness

I beg to differ.


Former A.De member Yeorin/Seungju is now employed by Sweetune as an elevator operator for the office cat

Thanks to the reader who sent this in!  mrcs

That’s all for Kpopalypse roundup!  New releases are really starting to slow down now, so this will be the last roundup for 2018.  The roundups will be replaced by “clearing house” posts that will pick up the feature tracks that I’ve missed during the year, as well as the few new releases that will come out over the Christmas period.  If you want to nominate songs for the clearing house posts and haven’t done so already, you can do so at this link (but use the search bar to see if you can find the song in an existing roundup before doing so, because you’ll be amazed what I’ve actually covered).  Note that Christmas-themed songs (probably) haven’t been forgotten but will appear in a separate Christmas post that will appear on Christmas Day, and OST songs will never be featured anywhere unless I decide to make an exception for some reason, which I probably won’t.  The honourable/dishonourable mentions lists and best/worst lists are also coming at the end of the year, and Roundup will return in 2019!

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  1. It’s now “what” Minzy releases, it’s the fact that she IS releasing stuff. Unlike other members of 2NE1.

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