Kpopalypse reviews the drama video career of Moko Sakura

It’s time for Kpopalypse to return with the third drama review post for Honey Popcorn!  Let’s quench the thirst of Kpopalypse readers for more quality drama action and take a look at the videos of Honey Popcorn’s Moko Sakura!

Some facts about Moko Sakura – she was born in 1991 and is 27 years of age at the time of writing, she is a former member of the Japanese group Bakusute Sotokanda Icchoume under the name Itou Yuu, and her best works appear under two different drama production companies.  Firstly there is the company Muteki where she debuted in late 2017, and she switched to the company Kawaii around the start of 2018, where she continues to make drama productions until the present day.  Moko Sakura’s drama video career is the most recent of all the Honey Popcorn members, so this post was therefore delayed to allow Moko sufficient time to collect enough quality drama appearances so her post wouldn’t appear too short compared to previous posts dedicated to her groupmates Yua Mikami and Miko Matsuda.

The catalog numbers indicate which company released each video:

TEK = Muteki videos
KAWD = Kawaii videos

I’ve included the catalog numbers along with the film titles, as there’s so much quality drama content out there that catalog numbers become essential when trying to track down specific works, plus they make life easier for those not fluent in Japanese who might have trouble searching by Japanese characters.  Using these codes you should be able to find all these videos at friendly drama retail sites such as where only the best dramas are sold, so why not make a purchase and support Moko Sakura’s acting legacy today?


Fuck Stage – TEK-096

Plot synopsis: after a short preamble where Moko Sakura tries on various outfits, our story begins with a fourth-wall breaking interview, as Moko is asked if she can reach the “fuck stage”.  “What’s the fuck stage?” asks Moko.  The interviewer explains that the “fuck stage” is when Japanese ex-idols debut in Korean pop groups and annoy K-pop fans to the point where they all start screaming “fuck this stage” whenever the Japanese idols appear.  The drama them proceeds in mockumentary format as Moko’s auditions for Honey Popcorn and training routines are shown.  Will Moko be able to debut successfully and reach the coveted “fuck stage”?

Dramatic impact: some excellent wardrobe choices help to lift the dramatic material, but it’s clear in this early performance that Moko has yet to really find her form.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 5.5/10 glares from IZ*ONE fans


Electric Transfer: Kawaii Exclusive Debut – Sotokanda’s No. 1 Most Popular Idol, Moko Sakura’s Eros Awakening – KAWD-871

Plot synopsis: Having changed drama companies, Moko moves into her new accommodation provided by her company, a large mansion.  While the decor is nice and the views are fantastic, Moko complains to the staff that she gets lonely in such an empty house.  A concerned employee of the company arrives to make Moko feel better.  “I’m getting so bored waiting for the casting director to return my phone calls, I need something to do until my next drama appearance or I’m going to quit this company already”, complains Moko.   “Let’s go for a walk in the garden, we can hold hands and think pure thoughts and discuss your future”, replies the employee.  Moko protests: “I hate the outdoors – can’t you just move the plants in here instead?”  The employee looks confused – how can he best make Moko happy?

Dramatic impact: it’s a little bit hard to work out why there are random plants everywhere, but Moko puts in a fine performance even if she is a little bit clumsy.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6.5/10 conspicuous indoor vines


A Real Life Idol Moko Sakura In Her First Orgasmic Fuck, A Squirting Orgasmic First Experiences Special – KAWD-877

Plot synopsis: K-pop idol Moko looks at the pile of fan-mail that the postman dropped off.  “This is huge, how am I ever going to get through all this?  I want to reply to each and every one of my dear fans because I love them all so very much, but I also have important schedules to prepare for!  Where am I going to find the time?”  Just then there is a ring at the doorbell, Moko opens it to find Shindong.  “Super Junior are between schedules at the moment and I need to pay the rent on my new apartment, do you have any odd jobs that I could do?” he asks.  Moko considers that she could get him to answer the fan-mail, but is getting a Super Junior member to ghost-write her responses ethical… and how did he know her address anyway?

Dramatic impact: plenty of Dong action to behold in this bold new direction for Moko’s career.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 black suits


A Real Life Idol’s Little Sister Who Lures Me To Lovey-Dovey Body-On-Body Temptation When Our Eyes Meet And Her Heart Leaps With Joy – KAWD-884

Plot synopsis: Backstage at Show Champion, the conversation between Honey Popcorn members is getting heated.  “I really think T-ara were the best idol group!  You can’t beat T-ara in 2012!” says Moko.  “No way, 2012 was all about Girls’ Generation – besides, T-ara had that horrible scandal, I mean no k-pop group ever has fights, how stupid of them to do that” replies her groupmate Miko Matsuda.  Moko gets angry: “Yeah but that scandal was manufactured by you Sones because you saw that you had no other way to stop T-ara’s rise to the top apart from pushing some fabricated bullshit!  Let’s be real, SNSD were a done deal by 2012!”  “Fuck you, T-ara were stupid for fighting!  No k-pop group ever has arguments!  I’m not even talking to you!”  Miko storms off and slams the door behind her.  Moko can hear Miko crying behind the closed door, and knows that she needs to comfort her to repair the group friction, but can she bring herself to talk to a T-ara anti?

Dramatic impact: you can’t fault the shuffling in this drama tribute to k-pop’s golden age.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 zombie dancers


A Real Idol Moko Sakura, A Sure Thing Real-Life Temptation Situation – 6 Otaku Cosplay Transformations! – KAWD-888

Plot synopsis: Moko Sakura gets a job at a party costume shop.  After a while she notices something odd – one particular customer keeps borrowing different corsets, going into the changing rooms, and then coming out looking kind of sweaty and flustered.  Moko asks him what’s wrong.  “I just can’t find the exact type of corset to give my girlfriend the perfect S-line, it’s really bothering me!  Can you help?” asks San E.  “Maybe your girlfriend would prefer a different type of look, perhaps corsets don’t suit her?” she asks. San E shakes his head. “No!  She loves corsets!  She specifically sent me out to get her one, and told me that if I could find the right size by 6pm she was going to enlist me in the armed forces!”  Can Moko assist San E in his unusual predicament?

Dramatic impact: costume play always makes drama more dramatic.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 short haircuts


A Real Idol Moko Sakura, She’ll Twist Her Tongue In A French Kissing Fuck Fest – 3 Sweaty Drooling Dribbling Rich And Thick French Kissing Fucks – KAWD-896

Plot synopsis: it’s Sunday afternoon and Moko Sakura is watching Korean dramas on her favourite Korean-drama streaming site.  “How come they don’t kiss properly in these things, nobody kisses like that, they don’t use full tongue or anything” she types into the chat bar.  A comment comes back from an anonymous user: “hey I take offence to that, I totally kiss like that actor does.  Why are you discriminating against my kissing style?  You’re problematic!”  Moko becomes frustrated.  “This is discriminating against people who like to see tongues.  I’m not saying we should always see tongue, but none of these actors ever properly tongue-kiss like ever, it’s like they’re trying to make those of us who do tongue-kiss feel bad.  Maybe you’re the one who is problematic by supporting this tongue-oppressive kissing play”.  All of a sudden, Moko’s comments are deleted and she is disconnected from the drama stream.  Could it be that she has finally caught the eye of the draconian Korean drama streaming site moderators?

Dramatic impact: a scathing polemic on sexual discrimination which hits the right dramatic notes but might be considered too politically-charged for Moko’s core audience

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 extra-long Asian Junkie articles


This Real Life Idol Is Getting Pumped And Orgasmed Even After Cumming And Now She’s Experiencing The Other Side Of Ecstasy For The First Time Ever In Relentless Piston Pounding Sex – KAWD-904

Plot synopsis: Moko answers a knock at the door.  She opens the door to a well-dressed young man.  “Hi, I’m Daniel Lee, your photographer.  Shall we get started?”  “Yes of course, thanks for agreeing to do some photos for me!” says Moko, adding “but remember – no funny stuff.  This is for a sales catalog only, I don’t need to flash any more skin than is absolutely necessary to sell the product.”  Daniel interjects: “But… more skin has been proven to sell products more effectively, and you do want to be noticed, yes?”  Moko shakes her head.  “I’m not the product in this case.  I don’t know what kind of gullible people you’ve been photographing, but I’m not that type of girl.  Please stick to the conditions that have been laid down.”  Moko watches as Daniel sets up his camera equipment.  Can she trust him to behave professionally and respect her dignity?

Dramatic impact: Moko is good here but is upstaged by Daniel Lee, who plays himself to perfection.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 leaked topless photographs


An Authentic Idol Babe Gives Men Her Best Super-Intimate Service: Ultra High-Class Bathhouse Whore – KAWD-911

Plot synopsis: flush with cash after the incredible success of Honey Popcorn’s “Bibidi Babidi Boo“, Moko Sakura goes to hardware retailer Bunnings Warehouse to order a full bathroom renovation.  On the way in, she stops at the Bunnings charity sausage sizzle and orders a sausage with onion.  As she waits in line for her turn to receive a sausage, Moko notices something disturbing – the onions that are being prepared are being placed on top of the sausage, rather than underneath, causing potential onion spillage and dangerous non-OH&S compliance.  However Moko also considers that onions on the bottom of the sausage will be more inclined to make the bread soggy and the resulting meal may therefore be unpleasant to eat.  Moko considers whether she should report this OH&S issue to the Bunnings authorities.  What will she decide?

Dramatic impact: Moko performs well but a needless cameo from Australian PM Scott Morrison makes the action harder to swallow.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 $1 extra cans of Solo


Plot synopsis: Moko’s idol debts in Honey Popcorn are mounting up, so she decides to do some cleaning on the side for other richer idols with luxury apartments.  Moko finds herself at an apartment owned by Apink’s Eunji where she feather dusts Eunji’s extensive collection of tears bottled from fans upset that Apink finally stopped doing “innocent” concepts.  As she cleans the shelves carefully, Moko’s phone rings – the ringtone is the chorus to IU’s “Bbibbi“.  Moko quickly rushes to put it on silent – but it’s too late – Eunji emerges from the other room, furious.  “Traitor!  Hand your phone over, now – or lose your job!”  Moko grips her phone tightly – she can’t afford to lose this lucrative job, but what punishment does Eunji have in store?

Dramatic impact: Moko’s cleaning is very authentic and it’s impossible to imagine that she hasn’t had previous janitorial experience.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 yellow cards


Crowded Bus Molesters: She Didn’t Want Anyone To Know She Was Being Raped, So She Kept Her Mouth Shut And Let Them Rough Sex Gang Bang Her To Orgasmic Ecstasy – KAWD-931

Plot synopsis: Moko receives a phone call.  “Hey it’s your manager, you were supposed to be here an hour ago!  The fansign is waiting!”  Moko sighs.  “I’m on the bus, fuckface!  You don’t give your drivers enough sleep!  I don’t trust them after that near-miss last week on the highway, I’m going to take the bus from now on! Try and stop me!”  Her manager is furious.  “You don’t respect that this is a business!  You need to be punctual and get back in the van with the rest of the girls!  You’re not too good for th…”  Moko hangs up on her manager.  Riding the bus might sometimes be unsafe, but it’s better than ending up like Ladies Code.  Surely her manager can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to do – or can he?

Dramatic impact: the harsh realities of cruel idol life hit hard in this dramatic tour-de-force.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 post-tragedy ballad comebacks


Perverted And Dirty Sex With A Middle-Aged Man On The Day Of Meeting – KAWD-941

Plot synopsis: Moko arrives at the Kpopalypse compound, and is detained by security guards at the barbed-wire front gate.  “I just want to talk to him!  I just want to know why I had to wait months longer than all the other girls in Honey Popcorn for coverage!”  Moko’s face then meets the butt of a rifle, swung at her by one of the guards.  “Shut up, Moko.  You’re Honey Popcorn’s Boram, and you’re last on his bias list, so you have to wait your turn.”  Moko falls to the ground and looks up at the guard with scorn, nursing the bruise on her cheek.  “But Kpopalypse says Boram is his mother!  This is no way to treat your family!”  The security guard looks down at Moko, crying in the dirt, wondering if maybe she has a point.  What will be the outcome?  Will Moko gain access to the Kpopalypse compound?

Dramatic impact: okay I finally wrote the thing, can you chill out now Moko kthx

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 clickbaited JAV fans

That’s all for this post!  Hopefully you enjoyed these drama reviews!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts!

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