Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 29/10/2018

It’s time for roundup! / Let’s check out new releases! / In a Haiku style!

Female readers please / enjoy this Monsta X pic / save for later use!

BoA – Woman

Nice upside down move / maybe they should have done that / to the songwriter

Monsta X – Shoot Out

When I reviewed this / on my stream, my cat came out / proof of quality

N.Flying – Like A Flower

Seeing a rock group / do boring ballad shit is / not what we all want

RM – Forever Rain

A document of / a turd of a BTS / fan that washed away

Twice – Stay By My Side

I am sorry that / there is no official vid / just this boring shit

Stray Kids – I Am You

eh eh eh eh eh / eh eh eh eh eh eh eh / eh eh eh eh eh

Ateez – Treasure

What are those big rocks / Kpopalypse location / scouts please get to work

Ateez – Pirate King

A fairly standard / boy group idol song, not as / good as their other

Golden Child – Genie

I always forget / that Golden Child do exist / no great loss I guess

Taemin – Mars

No MV for this / but it’s tropical shithouse / so no great loss then

The Black Eyes ft. CL – Dopeness

It’s not a bad song / maybe CL should just go / and join this shit group


Hyangni – Obey Addiction

This is the group that / did the great “Be My First Love” / this is also cool

Hongki – Pathfinders

They are putting far / more effort into the dance / than his lazy ass

Kiha & The Faces – Cho Shim

A great video / but not much of a song to / accompany it

Jude – No Time For Chill

If there really is / no time for chill, then why is / this song so damn slow

Lyn – Run To You

Strange name for a song / by Lyn, how does she even / know what running is

Miyao – What Is Love

That cat just does not / meet required cat standards / please go and reflect

Lee Moon Sae – Looking Back On My Life

The song is just so / boring that even she is / staring at her phone

Monotonik – Grown Up

They’re in Yongma Land / I don’t have much else to say / about this dull song

Jin Ju – Petal

Great melodrama / makes Chinese restaurant tunes / worthy of a look

Peterpan Comlex – Ghosting

Some guys start walking / towards a boring building / and that’s about it

Reddy – Stand By You

Don’t be fooled by the / live footage at the intro / this is boring shit

O’Young – Tesla

I do not think that / Elon Musk would approve here / stan Loona instead

Horan – Please

She is using the / Super 55 correct / she is the real deal

R2dom ft. 9hea1 – Cyti

What is with all the / random numb3rs and sh1t in / these rapper guy’s names

Pink Fantasy – Iriwa

Cross an idol pop / girl group with Donnie Darko / this is what you get


Pocket Girls perform / somewhere and the army then / lose their fucking shit

Holy shit this is / hilarious, I cannot / stop laughing at this

That is all for the / Kpopalypse roundup, more / new reviews next week!

16 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 29/10/2018

  1. Jin Ju’s “Petal” is definitely my favourite song of this week. It’s a ballad done right, and it has a great music video.

  2. Thought we were on track for another dud week but dang, Hangni is fun.

    A reply to one of the comments on the ATEEZ video :
    “Morocco those painted rocks are near Tafraoute city and the the castle in Ait benhadou city where Game of thrones was shot.”

    The rocks look like “Les Roches Peintes”, new fancy plus code (eg. for google maps) is “M2CG+WV Aoussift, Morocco”.

  3. Being a cunt, I rarely feel sorry for people, but… Imagine being a north korean soldier standing in some guardhouse and hearing a muffled sound of thumping music from across border wondering what must be inside that large building with the vans parked outside. And wondering what the “Pocket girls” might be…

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