Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 3/9/2018

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at some new releases!

I originally went with NCT Dream for the header image, but then I couldn’t find their song in time for the radio show. It was okay though because Hitchhiker then released something and the world was saved.

Shinhwa – Kiss Me Like That

They’ve been really careful with the angles, lighting and makeup here to make sure the Shinhwa guys don’t look anywhere near as old as they are, so I hope you all appreciate it.  Sure the music’s a bit plodding but let’s not give these old men a heart attack, they’re nearly as old as I am.

Alike – Summer Love

I guess now that most groups actually worth a shit are done and dusted with the awful tropical shithouse trend, it’s graduated to becoming the default setting for nugus a couple years behind music fashion.

Tropical – Mwah

So much so that nugu groups are even naming themselves after the style now.  We are living in dark times.

Hitchhiker ft. Sunny, Hyoyeon, Taeyong – Time

Starts off a bit slow but soon we’re into fairly typical Hitchhiker territory, although the lack of a bass-heavy drop somewhere is concerning.  What’s the bet that this is miles better than the new SNSD comeback anyway.

Baekhyun & Loco – Young

It’s kind of almost not completely boring but not really.

Jooheon – Red Carpet

You’re right – it’s not my thing.  But this week is unusually shit so I’m pretty desperate.

We Girls – On Air

You know the rules, folks.  If the producer is in the YouTube title, the song is almost always going to be shit.

Rothy – Burning

There’s a lot of bullshit that sounds like this, this week.  Rothy’s is actually a better version than most, and if all the tropical shit was removed from it completely, would actually be a really good song.

Rothy – Lost Time

Her other song is that other crap sound that Korea does now, because following one lame trend isn’t enough, apparently.

Camila – Red Lips

Directed by Shindong?  Oh what, it’s not THE Shindong?  I don’t care then.

Kim Areum – Cross The Line

The song starts playing before the needle even hits the vinyl.  That’s what happens when an entire generation of idiots start fetishising a thing when they don’t even know how it works.


Onsu – A Trail Of Seasons

It’s not enough that we get boring seasonal comebacks every few months, this chick wants to do all four of them at once.

NCT Dream – We Go Up

Okay yeah that chorus is a bit dumb but the hip-hop-lite vibe of the rest of it actually works.

Driveshower – Zero

These guys making really upbeat music look amazingly bored by the process.

Hara – Wild

Distinctly lacking in promised wildness.

Drug Restaurant – 403

You’ll definitely need a main course of drugs to stay awake during this.

Nu’est W – ylenoL

  .parc siht pu skniht ohw ,yllaer naem I ,sdrawkcab eltit gnos ruoy gnitirw fo tniop eht ees t’nod yllaer I

Giantpink, Duckbae, K Jun, DJ Drewv, Sohlhee, Bray – AIKM Music Cypher

Unfortunately the beat is a bit crap but it picks up when Sohlhee gets her turn for some reason.  Making the first 60% of the music boring is an odd creative choice but oh well.

Gree – Doves

Truly painful.  Sort of like Jvcki Wai but with the melodies all cut and pasted back in random order.

Dyon Joo – #Life_Is_Pain

Oh cheer up woman.

Ovit – Right

This guy on the other hand looks way too happy for the material.

Shin Jong Yae – The Reason Why I Became A Singer

Let me guess, it was to get a negative write-up in Kpopalypse roundup?  If so, it’s your lucky day!

Tune – Stranger

More of that boring acoustic strumming nowhere sound.

Leebada – Night Dream

More smooth crappy music that it’s impossible to care about in any way.

Jclef – One Hour Before The Earth’s Collapse

The weirdness of it is appreciated but that’s the only good thing about it, there’s not much of a song here sadly.

Space Boutique – Spooky Moon

Almost a good song, some more interesting harmony would have got this one over the line.

Juni – Diet

Ugh.  This has been a really bad week.

Nana Mellie – Falling

Tropical shithouse at half speed now.  The world is ending.

Lay – Sheep (Alan Walker relift)

Not sure why someone wanted me to cover this.  I mean what can I say about Lay’s “Sheep” with a different beat on it except that it isn’t any worse than the original.


Bumzu – I Don’t Miss You

This is what Pledis actually think you want instead of an After School or Orange Caramel comeback.  Are you mad yet?

Raina – It’s Okay

No, it’s definitely not okay.  Even Orange Caramel’s shitty ballad B-sides were better than this.


Speedpaint #125 – Eunha by Qridoodles

Have you seen the great new Qrimole header by Qridoodles yet?  If not, take a look, but remember that Qridoodles doesn’t just draw T-ara!  Also, did you know that Qrimole has now been officially certified by Qri herself?  Now you do!

That’s all for this week – Kpopalypse roundup shall return next week!

7 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 3/9/2018

  1. With the sheer amazingness of SHA SHA’s What The Heck, I guess K-Pop had to have a snoozefest of a week to follow it up.

  2. I thought the Nu’est song was called “Tylenol”, which is rather fitting since it made me feel numb and sleepy

  3. Rothy impressed me, she has that special cuteness. And she reads Proust? Damn!
    The Kim Areum video blows me away! Reminding me painfully that all the normy videos showing “real life” are incredibly lazy and boring trash! We’re so attached to human values, concerns and sorrows that we miss most of the wonder of the universe, like babes with our faces stuffed into our mother’s breasts. Wake up and experience the universe!
    “Life is Suffering.” There ya go! Quote the Buddha, you’re right of course.
    Eunha!! Not only a delightful quick doodle of our cutest idol, but some delicious Kyary too! 🙂

  4. Why Hitchhiker has so few comebacks? What is SM doing!!!? Clearly they don’t know anything about business or how to promote their best act. #JusticeForHitchhiker #HitchhikerSavesKpop

  5. Why don’t I hate that Baekhyun one? It has all the reasons that I started not listening to western music – I can see how boring and low key it is, and yet there’s something in the sound that I really like. I’m confused!

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