Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 20/8/2018

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at some new releases!

Chuu is well on her way to Tesla CEO-dom, keep signing that petition folks.

This week was Radiothon week for Three D Radio, therefore the roundup doesn’t have any relationship to the radio show this time around as when it’s Radiothon time I tend to just play tracks from whatever it is I happen to be giving away at that moment (usually Golden Age girl groups!).  There is also no deliniation this week between normal and “bonus” songs, as none of the below were played on-air.  Normal programming shall resume next week!

(G)I-DLE – Hann

All style no substance, I guess just like CLC these girls are going to have boring songs for the first ten comebacks before Cube finally get it right.

MXM (Band New Boys) – Ya Ya Ya

No, it’s not THAT “Yayaya” which is kind of a shame because if there’s a song in k-pop that could use some improvement that’d be it.

MC Sniper – Skyfall

MC Sniper has done a lot better than this limp soppy rap ballad before.

Goodnight Stand – Like A Star

This is very boring.

Twice – BDZ

JYP decides to fix Twice’s awful Japanese catalog by writing a song himself, and the result sounds like early miss A (that’s a recommendation).

Bigflo – Upside Down

A great rhythm and bassline help this song out a great deal.

Berry Good – Green Apple

Apparently if “Green Apple” doesn’t do well it’ll be the last comeback from Berry Good.  I guess that’s why they’re pulling out all the ass-shaking moves but I really don’t think it’s going to be enough.

We Higher ft. Douner – Like You Better


Young B – Polo

Definitely better than I was expecting any song by someone with a name like “Young B” to make, but still not very good.

Imfact – Nanana

Spends just a little too much time being boring.

Jannabi – Good Boy Twist

This reminds me of an 80s pop song but I’m not sure which one.  Anyway it wasn’t that good I guess.

Lim Soo Yeon – Every Day, Every Night

Imagine painting your bedroom yellow.  Talk about hating life.

Hyolyn – Bae

The usual bullshit Sistar summer comeback that sucks musically, but with only 25% of the tits and ass to look at.  What is even the point.

High Tension – Cray

These guys emailed me personally because they really wanted to be in roundup so here you go.  The song is pretty good, but it would have been even better if the guitar in the video was also audible in the song.

DIH – Rock On

Whereas this nugu song has all the guitar it needs but unfortunately isn’t a very good piece of music.  I think I’ll take High Tension over this.

Lime – I’m Your Fan

This isn’t a great song but I do like the strange arrangement quirks.  EDIT: this isn’t k-pop, but since it’s the only video you guys seem to want to discuss, it can stay!

OuR – Desert

This porn video has okay music I suppose.

Ken – The Late Regret

My late regret is that this is the last song on the roundup and I listened to it.


Blackpink “Ddu Du Ddu Du” cover by Deksorkrao from Thailand

A ridiculously good shot-for-shot remake by some Thai kids.  Proof that in k-pop music videos cinematography is 9/10ths of the law.

That’s all for this week – roundup shall return next week!

18 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 20/8/2018

  1. that lime’s song is not kpop though. It’s a Vietnamese song. Lime is also a Vietnamese girl group that has a lot of kpop-style song, so I kinda understand if you think they are a kpop group.

    • Besides, they haven’t got their framerate correctly. The video starts with glorious 60fps to later drop at the third minute to 24, like your typical kpop video, with the credits being again 60fps. I’m pretty sure somebody is going to be sacked for that, you can’t deliver smooth movement in a kpop video and keep on living. What would be next, full length 60fps videos?

    • As an old fan of Miss A, I do like Twice’s BDZ sound, but for the video to start out apparently realistic until the complete fantasy ending, that’s just cheating, isn’t it?
      Berry Good was so wonderful with “Angel”, I hope this comeback doesn’t end them.

    • He stated a long time ago he won’t bother with Japanese versions of songs already released in Korea, especially when the original version was already on roundup. Same song, same video but shorter, the only notable difference is the English raps and it shouldn’t be hard to guess his opinion on that.

  2. And to go along with ass-shaking, Berry Good’s showcase comeback for “Green Apple” last week was complete with short-short cutoff jeans shorts with the requisite no safety shorts ass-hanging-out look.

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