Pentagon fancafe’s message from Korean fans to international fans – first draft

Before starting, I’m aware why foreign fans are confused about this situation, and want to say a few words about this in hopes of your understanding how stupid we are.

1. We are not angry at the fact he is dating with Hyuna that slut.  We are angry with how he reacted to this situation with emotions other than fear and groveling before our fandom for forgiveness.  If he had at least thought about his fans, he should have posted SOMETHING in this cafe to validate our pathetic meaningless existence.  Hyuna did it on her Instagram for her fans, why not him?  Do we even exist?  It’s almost like I’m getting the uncanny feeling that I’m wasting my life by joining a fan cafe in the first place.  What we saw was him smiling and touching his girlfriend’s shoulder on Music Bank aired on August 4th, and pictures of him in front of Cube Entertainment smiling and a V-posting on a fan’s comment shipping their relationship.  (Before, he didn’t even respond to fans calling when meeting in front of Cube Entertainment even though I really screamed hard he didn’t even look at me, why not, he at least owes me that much.)

2. We are angry that Triple H was half-made for E-Dawn and Hyuna’s relationship even though I’ll begrudgingly give them points for being devious, and how they failed on keeping their public and private life separate even though we constantly pried into it with all our energy, as often as we could.  We had to know they were dating for two years through the news, which was when E-Dawn did not even debut as Pentagon.  Now we understand they were “dating” through Triple H promotions, which makes us feel stupid for buying into the idol bullshit for all that time like the morons we are, and we’d really like to blame someone else for that besides ourselves.  What were all the scenes of Hyuna and E-Dawn kissing and touching each other from the “365 Fresh” music video for?  It’s bad enough that idols are rich and famous while we are not, how dare they also have fun where we can see it.  It is really difficult for us to embrace this, we are okay if they have a relationship but only as long as they live in constant fear, secrecy and self-loathing.

3. There are complicated parts in the k-pop industry that I believe international fans will find hard to understand.  Members of an idol group dating someone is not just something fans can cheer for, we are far too insecure for that.  It is true that we love them for their music and performance, but that’s just not it because actually our biases could release any old runny turds as a comeback and we’d be on our knees lapping it up anyway.  It is not that we are falsely thinking that we have a chance to date them or something although I WISH IT WERE TRUE EDAWN WHY DIDN’T YOU REPLY TO MY MESSAGES, OMG I LOVE YOU YET I HATE YOU, or that they are possessions of ours even though that’s certainly how we fucking act.  Fans love them for their “images” and dating someone damages that, and since we’re so superficial and stupid, “image” is the most important thing to us, much more important than music, fun, life, or the mental health of the idols that we claim to support.  It’s hard to fully explain about the k-pop industry not that we would know anything about it anyway, given how easily we’re being led like rats by the Pied Piper at every opportunity by these companies, but I hope you guys understand at least a little bit about our situation of extreme gullibility and sexual frustration.

4. We really want to know whether he received consent from all the other members of Pentagon on revealing their relationship, because if there’s no consent that means it’s RAPE.  Cube Entertainment denied their dating, but Hyuna revealed it on her Instagram which means she’s a RAPIST, or something… I don’t know, but calling her a rapist certainly makes me feel a bit better.  An idol group is business, and we can’t avoid the damage he is giving to other members… well, okay, it’s actually us who are doing the damage to the business by being a bunch of insecure shitheads about something fairly normal, but we’re really upset about this and it’s a lot more psychologically comforting to blame someone else for something that’s 100% our fault.

We Korean fans all feel bad about this situation and we need you to feel bad too, to confirm our own emotions, because if you don’t also feel bad, that means we could be wrong to feel this way, which is a frightening thought to us that we’d rather ignore.  We were at once all people who sincerely loved E-Dawn and Pentagon or rather we were obsessed with the image of E-Dawn and Pentagon, I’m not sure if “love” is an emotion we’ve fully developed yet.  I hope we understand each other and make no more conflicts between us so please don’t try to engage with and debunk our arguments in a logical way, haven’t we suffered enough.

Oh and I won’t mind relocating this post to other media.  Thank you.  Just not Kpopalypse blog, I’ve heard he’s a cunt.

9 thoughts on “Pentagon fancafe’s message from Korean fans to international fans – first draft

  1. Oh my god that was a good laugh.

    Holy fuck is it actually that bad in Korea? Or is it just a small group of people whose feelings have been hyper inflated and generalized to all other Pentagon Korean fans?

    I was so psyched when I found out about the two of them (although at that time I had no idea about E-Dawn). They seemed so much more real as humans and not just some superficial mannequins. And now I’m a Hyuna fan because OMG SHE IS SO COOL FOR GIVING THE FUCK YOU TO CUBE (AND IDOL CULTURE) LIKE THAT.

  2. Ok, please someone explain to me so I can finally understand the insane freakouts that are dating scandals… Six years of kpop, and I’m no closer to getting it. Do these fans think they own idol’s bodies and behavior? Do they really think they all (there are thousands for each idol!) have a chance at dating or marrying an idol? WTF are they thinking and feeling, going insane when someone dares to date their idols? As an older American, I’m hopelessly unable to understand this. I never thought for an instant that Britney Spears was just waiting for me to get in touch…

  3. They are not people, they are my fantasies made flesh! How can I fap to Hyuna after this? Every time I think of her now, all I can see is his shrimp despoiling her pristine, hairless, glistening twat. My dick shrivels and becomes an inney. For the love all all that is important, some thugs need to cleave his pate with a stainless steel rod!

  4. You managed to put all my thoughts into words, props to you for that.
    Reading this was a good laugh, but it also made me realize the situation is even more ridiculous than I had in mind.
    I’ll be back when k-fans post a petition to kick E’dawn out that they sent to Blue House.

  5. .I just can’t comprehend how those kind of fan don’t see that they are actually destroying their biases’ carriers by doing this.. how is literally boycotting pentagon’s and triple h’s activities helping anyone? Positive thing is that they will eventually have to get real life when their fave groups disband.

    Being delusional is a scary thing, they are either wasting their life on oppas or shitting on oppas, there is no in between

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