Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 6/8/2018

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at this week’s new releases!

Don’t hate on Ikon, this horrible photo is their photographer’s fault.

Ikon – Killing Me

Unexpectedly good, definitely the best thing Ikon have ever done, if they keep this quality up I may even have to relent and start writing their name that stupid way.

Zico ft. IU – Soulmate

Accurate video as waiting for Zico to have a good solo song is a bit like waiting for an elevator that never stops on your floor.

Seungri ft. Mino – Where Are U From

This is pretty much just PSY, but arguably Seungri is a better PSY than PSY is, because while PSY obviously just took the piss, Seungri may not be completely joking.  Also I like it how they used Mino here because they wanted someone who looked like G-Dragon, and G-Dragon doesn’t really meet those requirements anymore.

SF9 – Now Or Never

Now that tropical shithouse is slowly dying, boy group k-pop comebacks are starting to become good again.

Nature – Allegro Cantabile

Strange instrumental sections, oddly choked-out EQ and awkward transitions between parts characterise what is definitely one of the weirdest and best k-pop debuts I’ve ever heard.

Leo – Touch & Sketch

Not the best k-pop song called “Sketch” that I’ve ever heard that’s for sure.

Stella Jang – I Go

If you’re going to go just go, don’t stand there and sing about it like your attention-seeking friend who says she’s quitting Facebook and Twitter for the 53rd time but always comes back three weeks later.

BTOB Blue – When It Rains

As if BTOB didn’t have enough shit ballads, they now have a subunit especially dedicated to even more syrupy shit.  It could be a good thing though, perhaps this will free up BTOB themselves to suck slightly less.

Gracie – 25/7

Pretty sure she sings “24/7” in the song and the CEO just mistyped it when they were doing up her album art but nobody wanted the responsibility of telling him that he fucked up.

Riot Kidz – Fahrenheit

It’s heavy enough but the song isn’t all that great, Korean pop-punk always comes off as an even more lightweight version of the already lightweight US version of the UK originals.

Tae Jin Ah – Blooming Love Flower

I know music is subjective and all that, but if you don’t like Tae Jin Ah you should probably be killed.


Tiffany Young – Over My Skin

Actually I covered this already when the audio came out.  Just a heads up that there’s now a video, Tiffany looks absolutely great in it, and the song is still shit.

Giriboy, Kid Milli, NO:EL, Swings – Flex

I’m not sure what’s being flexed here, but clearly it’s not anybody’s songwriting ability.

whatever this is


Villain – Manitto

Nice alpaca hair, fuckface.

Gracie ft. Moonc – Hustle

Not much hustle here I’m afraid.

Soya ft. Heedo – Y-Shirt

The Turkish subtitles that randomly came up for me when I played this song make a lot more sense to me than the song itself.

Dish Crimson ft. Yongrim – Sunset

The beat is almost good but then it becomes some stupid R&B thing and it’s all over.

South Club – Grown Up

Oh my god how slow and boring is it.

Vincent – No More Lonely Night

I think he’s a bit more lonely than he’s letting on.

some more clowns

This is also boring.

Glabingo – On My Body

You all know the rule by now about producers appearing in the title of videos, right?

Hlin – You Are

This song barely even exists at all.

Leesun – Pattaya

Another tropical atrocity.


Gfriend – Sunny Summer – stage mix

Entirely too much work has gone into the seamless transitions for this video.  It does interfere with my fap slightly to have all the changing clothing colours though, just when I’m digging Eunha in the white thing it changes to a red thing and then my broken colour vision just goes “fuck this”.  It’s still really impressive anyway so I’m happy to feature this here, even if they kind of cheat by never doing a transition when the camera is zoomed out.

That’s all for Kpopalypse roundup for this week – more next week!

12 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 6/8/2018

  1. Allegro Cantabile is a remake of Nodame Cantabile anime OST by the same name. Other than lighter instrumental (but not your usual twee Jpop textures), they dont really change much from the original.

  2. I feel like BtoB Blue’s snoozefest won’t stop BtoB’s snoozefest since the sub-unit debuted in 2016 but that still didn’t stop the group from releasing a boring-ass ballad in 2017. Sad.

  3. Nature’s debut is interesting (God they all look so young! Maybe cuz I’m old.)
    The “whatever this is” video is now unavailable.
    Thanks for giving us a Gfriend video I missed! (Maybe cuz it’s on the Korean part of YT – 3 English comments out of 572.) The transitions make for a trippy experience, like reality keeps changing every three seconds… They are well-done, by some high-tech Korean. Good job!

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