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Yes it’s Kpopalypse back with another POSITIVE post, this time dedicated to our friend, Korean rapper Iron!

I’m sorry about the lack of POSITIVE posts lately.  The bar for POSITIVE posts has been set pretty high this year, but let’s now take a moment to recognise Iron who has been working extra hard to attain Kpopalypse POSITIVE post status, so it’s time to give him his reward.  Let’s look at all the wonderful things about Korean rapper Iron!

Why you should love Iron reason #1 – his music is good

Iron has some great songs!

“System” is a great track, and not just because he takes a shit on YG artists at the end.  Don’t worry, it’s all image, he is just pretending, he actually loves YG artists.

Then there’s his iconic collaboration with AOA’s Jimin for the Unpretty Rapstar TV show, “Puss”.

And let’s not forget his spot in Primary’s “Don’t Be Shy” with ex-AOA’s Choa, where he sounds appropriately stoned to match the material.

Oh and he has some other songs too but they’re not quite as good, so let’s just ignore them because they don’t fit the narrative.  Moving right along.

Why you should love Iron reason #2 – his music promotes positive social messages

In the “Rock Bottom” music video he’s drinking, but he’s in the passenger seat – important.  Iron wants to make sure that he doesn’t set a bad example by drinking and driving.  Take care out there on the roads, everybody!  Also he’s spitting out the alcohol as he drinks it, it’s clear that he’s actually kind of grossed out by it, so he’s also sending the socially responsible message that you should drink in moderation.

Why you should love Iron reason #3 – he is toning down rap’s problematic nature

Rap has always been full of douchebags.  Let’s take a look at some of them:

XXXTentacion – was going to rape his girlfriend with a barbeque fork but thankfully didn’t, instead he settled for raping the rest of us with shit music.

Kendrick Lamar – pretends to be “woke” and “socially conscious” but is all about telling women how to behave, the Taliban would be proud.

Dr. Drepretended to be anti-drugs, while calling out other people for pretending to be anti-drugs, then just went “fuck it, drugs are trendy, 420 all day“.

Azaelia Banks – definitely MRS but is basically a cunt, and will probably diss Kpopalypse online for this post because she spends all her time pissfarting around on the fucking Internet instead of writing another song as good as “212“.

Chuck D (Public Enemy) – had great music and raised lots of awareness of racial issues but probably was also solely responsible for recruiting thousands of people (plus a good portion of the docile, trend-following hip-hop community) into the wacky racial-separatist cult Nation Of Islam over the course of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Flavor Flav (Public Enemy) – opened a fried chicken restaurant and didn’t pay his employees, I guess Public Enemy weren’t that big on anti-slavery after all.

Iggy Azelia – what is this shit, I mean seriously.

Tupac Shakur aka 2Pac – was a crappy back-dancer in Digital Underground.  Also was a rapist.  You can decide which is worse.

Compared to that, Iron just smoked a few joints and hit his girlfriend a bit, which definitely isn’t good, but was the fracturing of his girlfriend’s skull as painful as the mental torment delivered to generations of music listeners who had to endure the “Humpty Dance“?  As bad as he has been, he’s still lowering the average douchebagginess of hip-hop culture overall, that’s for sure.

Why you should love Iron reason #4 – he is sensitive to your needs

Iron is careful to not make too much of a fuss about himself.  He knows that he has a lot of haters thanks to his recent controversies and he doesn’t want to upset them by being all over their TV screens.  Example: in the official MV for Puss, he isn’t even in it at all except for where his back is turned, and all his rap parts are gone.

He’s sensitive enough to not want to push himself in where he’s not wanted.  So much so, that when he was due to appear for his appeal trial in a domestic violence case, he didn’t even show up to court.  He doesn’t want to tie up Korea’s legal judicial system with hearing his case, when there are other people desperately waiting for justice.  He’s not out there trying to defend himself, (he’s leaving that to me) he knows most people would rather never see him again so he made it happen.  Talk about shying away from the limelight, it’s clear that Iron cares about what other people want the most.

Why you should love Iron reason #5 – he bought someone a sausage from a convenience store once

How many other rappers have done a charitable kind-hearted act like this, I’m willing to bet very few.  It’s also good to know that if Iron’s rap career doesn’t take off again, he can probably get a job at Bunnings.  Respect!

That’s all for this POSITIVE post!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts!

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