The Kpopalypse 2018 Objectification Survey results part 4 of 4 – MOST ATTRACTIVE MEN AND WOMEN in k-pop

This is it – the final part of the Kpopalypse Objectification Survey results!  Let’s take a look at who Kpopalypse readers thought were the most attractive men and women in k-pop!

The 2018 Kpopalypse Objectification Survey was a huge success, with more participation from the global k-pop fan community than ever!  Unfortunately this also means that the results take longer to tally than they ever have previously.  However Kpopalypse always has maximum determination and now brings you the results of all your voting!

This year’s survey used the same nuanced scoring system from 2017, to ensure objectification accuracy.  Respondents were asked to list three people in each category, in preference order with best first.  The scoring system was thus:

  • Your first choice was weighted 100% higher than your second choice
  • Your second choice was weighted 66% higher than your third choice
  • If you doubled or tripled on choices, only the first choice was counted
  • Choices after the third were disregarded in all cases

Scores were then tallied to give the final results across all categories.  The four results posts are as follows:








642 points

(2017 position – #24)

Everyone laughed at SM Entertainment when they launched their infamous Irene dating app, but it’s clear that they were onto something big, as the votes for Irene shot up this year in a big way.  Maybe it was the powerful influence of North Korean agents mass-voting on behalf of a lovestruck Kim Jong Un, or maybe, just maybe, you really did all think Irene was the most attractive woman in k-pop this year.  Wait, the girl above is Irene, correct?


557 points

(2017 position – #2)

A very consistent Objectification Survey performer through the years in all categories, Seolhyun maintained her position in AOA as well as her position in the charts this year, outperforming previous most-popular groupmate Choa and nearly everybody else in the process.


530 points

(2017 position – #7)

In terms of sheer numbers of people invading the charts, 2018 really was the year of Twice.  Seven of the nine Twice girls hit the charts and honourable mentions this year, and even the ones that narrowly missed out on this list received plenty of votes.


471 points

(2017 position – #13)

Sana just scraped into picture status last year, but in 2018 she was a major performer, with many Kpopalypse readers falling for her charms.  Don’t hang around too long in that bathroom Sana, Yoochun might be nearby!


319 points

(2017 position – #11)

Kpopalypse readers noticed Momo in the group before they noticed anyone else, and she maintains her consistent presence in the Kpopalypse polls for another year.


307 points

(2017 position – #21)

An unprecedented four in a row in the top ten from Twice, an incredible feat which has never happened before in the history of the Objectification Survey.  How did they do it?  Being the most popular girl group in k-pop certainly helps, but when Girls’ Generation were that unassailable number one group they never managed the same feat.  Perhaps it’s the subliminal power of JYP’s objectifying song introductions.


264 points

(2017 position – #4)

Amazingly, Kpopalypse readers also remembered that other girl groups do in fact exist.  Oh wait, she’s from After School… okay, never mind.  Since Nana doesn’t really do k-pop anymore I gave you a video of what she’s probably been doing instead.

#8 – IU

247 points

(2017 position – #17)

IU ascends sharply this year probably due to k-pop fans sharpening their fap sense and finally figuring out that IU has been catering to their fantasies all this time, not that she never made it bleedingly obvious.


240 points

(2017 position – #19)

The Blackpink girls all did well this year, probably because their “Ddu-du Ddu-du” comeback came just in time to break up a year of inactivity.  It’s incredible how much actually releasing a song helps one’s chart position in these polls.


231 points

(2017 position – #39)

Another entrant from Twice, their popularity among Kpopalypse readers can’t be underestimated.  Note also that participation from Reddit gave Twice members a big boost this year, although the youth-obsessed Reddit almost exclusively voted for the extremely young members and pretty much ignored Jihyo in this category.


230 points

(2017 position – #29)

There was a definite changing of the guard this year as Red Velvet members moved up and Girls’ Generation members moved out.  Someone asked me recently about how “generations” of groups are determined and I think the true answer may be in people’s objectification habits.  Joy was the beneficiary this year, moving several spots upward in fap relevance.

#12 – CHOA – EX-AOA

228 points

(2017 position – #1)

Last year’s winner jumped several places down due to no longer being involved in k-pop, nevertheless it’s clear that many Kpopalypse readers wished that she was still active.


204 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

This year’s breakout star in the overall attractiveness category is Twice’s Nayeon, who unlike Choa, is a kpop.  Kpopalypse readers proved that this year they would wrap it softly.


#14 – Hani – EXID

#15 – Yeonwoo – Momoland

#16 – Seulgi – Red Velvet

#17 – Taeyeon – Girls’ Generation

#18 – Eunha – Gfriend

#19 – Sulli – ex-f(x)

#20 – Hyosung – ex-Secret

#21 – Hyuna – ex-4Minute

#22 – Yoohyeon – Dreamcatcher

#23 – Kyungri – Nine Muses

#24 – Nancy – Momoland

#25 – Yura – Girl’s Day

#26 – Hwasa – Mamamoo

#27 – Jinsoul – Loona

#28 – Yves – Loona

#29 – Yoona – Girls’ Generation

#30 – Cheng Xiao – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

#31 – Suzy – ex-miss A

#32 – Eunjung – T-ara

#33 – Jiu – Dreamcatcher

#34 – Jiyeon – T-ara

#35 – Hyomin – T-ara

#36 – Krystal – f(x)

#37 – Yooa – Oh My Girl

#38 – Hyolyn – ex-Sistar

#39 – Nayoung – Pristin

#40 – Chaeyoung – Twice

#41 – Eunbin – CLC

#42 – Naeun – Apink

#43 – Sua – Dreamcatcher

#44 – Doyeon – Weki Meki

Now it’s time to flip the objectification tables – which slabs of hunky man-meat did Kpopalypse readers gravitate towards the most in 2018?  Let’s find out!




295 points

(2017 position – #4)

In 2018 BTS were big and nobody was bigger than Jungkook, who did the unthinkable and dethroned the previous two-time winner T.O.P to come in at the top position in the overall attractiveness category.  That’s a pretty good effort for a group that isn’t even k-pop.

#2 – T.O.P – BIGBANG

272 points

(2017 position – #1)

Let’s not be too blown away by BTS’s achievement however – T.O.P has been off doing drugs military stuff so his polling has suffered, and he may have stayed in the first position if he had a timely BigBang comeback to latch onto.


236 points

(2017 position – #12)

I’m not sure what kind of a name “V” is supposed to be, but this trend of giving k-pop idols single-letter names is definitely going to end in a few generations as all the cool letters get used up and there’s only the gay letters left like “Q” and “F”.  In the meantime Kpopalypse readers were quite clear that they’d be happy to give V some V.


222 points

(2017 position – #5)

NCT on the other hand were quite active over the last 12 months, and Taeyong benefits, moving up into the top four.  The Kpopalypse Objectification polls are often largely about visibility.


208 points

(2017 position – #2)

Wonho actually increased his votes this year, but dropped a few positions anyway due to larger amounts of overall voting in this category.  Wonho’s alarmingly toned physique and hugely positive reaction from Kpopalypse readers everywhere should prove to any doubters that Monsta X are doing well globally this year and also that computer games and masturbation are both very healthy activities.


203 points

(2017 position – #3)

The sad and tragic loss of Jonghyun in late 2017 didn’t deter Kpopalypse readers from sending SHINee members their love and faps.  Not only did Jonghyun himself collect a surprising amount of posthumous objectification votes (more than every single Ladies Code member over three years combined), but Minho also boosted his overall voting despite slipping a few places in the list.

#7 – KAI – EXO

201 points

(2017 position – #9)

EXO’s Kai just gets bigger and bigger every year.  Some high-profile comebacks from EXO helped keep Kai relevant amongst the competition.


147 points

(2017 position – #17)

For the first time ever, Shindong polled high enough for picture status in every single category that he was eligible for.  Was it his looks, his moves, or his personality and charm?  Nobody can be truly sure of anything other than that Kpopalypse readers are on a quest for Shindong.

#9 – JIMIN – BTS

125 points

(2017 position – #7)

One of 2018’s big surprises is that Jimin didn’t increase his lead at all in the overall attractiveness category as anticipated by many readers.  In fact, he received exactly the same amount of votes this year as last, and dropped a couple places as a result.

#10 – JIN – BTS

123 points

(2017 position – #10)

BTS dominated the male category almost as much as Twice dominated the female category for 2018, with four top ten placements.


114 points

(2017 position – #32)

I’m pretty sure Astro in general are still fairly far down over at the nugu-as-shit end of k-pop, which makes Eunwoo’s rise into picture status this year all the more impressive.


92 points

(2017 position – #13)

Seventeen on the other hand are not nugu at all, so I’m surprised to see that they haven’t made a huge dent in the objectification polls this year.  Nevertheless, Mingyu still staked his claim for the group and improved on last year’s position.


87 points

(2017 position – #35)

Taemin roared back into the polls this year, probably due to increased activity across the board both solo and as a group, and rounds out our look at the most attractive males this year!


#14 – Sehun – EXO

#15 – Suho – EXO

#16 – Rap Monster – BTS

#17 – Jaejoong – JYJ

#18 – Baekho – Nu’est

#19 – G Dragon – BigBang

#20 – L/Myungsoo – Infinite

#21 – Baekhyun – EXO

#22 – Jaehyun – NCT

#23 – Shownu – Monsta X

#24 – Heechul – Super Junior

#25 – Junho – 2PM

#26 – Kang Daniel – Wanna One

#27 – Taecyeon – 2PM

#28 – Xiumin – EXO

#29 – Suga – BTS

#30 – Jinyoung – GOT7

#31 – BM – KARD

#32 – Jonghyun – SHINee

#33 – Jun – A.C.E

#34 – Siwon – Super Junior

#35 – Jeonghan – Seventeen

#36 – Donghae – Super Junior

#37 – Seongwoo – Wanna One

#38 – Minhyuk – Monsta X

#39 – Jun – Seventeen

#40 – Lay – EXO

#41 – Lucas – NCT

#42 – Jaehyo – Block B

#43 – Leo – Vixx

#44 – JB – GOT7

This now concludes the Kpopalypse Objectification Survey for 2018!  Hope you enjoyed this post, and Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

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  1. When I see some of the people on these poll results ; Disappointed but not surprised.

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    • Another good pickup thank you – fixed! I wish these people wouldn’t have two names. It’s confusing as shit. Some nice voters do put both their names down, but when people only do either one or the other, and nobody does both, then I’m clueless sometimes. You gotta remember I don’t follow the members of the male groups so it’s easy for me to fuck up like this.

  4. What a quality list. It was inevitable that Irene would someday win this category. It is also good to see Shindong staying strong.

  5. Can’t argue with Tzuyu, Nana, IU, Choa, all are gorgeous, and I’m happy to see my bias Nayeon up there too! Her adorable bunny-teeth smile warms my heart whenever I see it. And we’re just a few steps from seeing Eunha take her rightful place in the Most Beautiful women in kpop. Just a couple more years.

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