The Kpopalypse 2018 Objectification Survey results part 3 of 4 – best FEMALE and MALE LEGS in k-pop

Yes it’s back – the third part of the Kpopalypse Objectification Survey results!  Let’s take a look at what Kpopalypse readers thought were the best legs in k-pop!

The 2018 Kpopalypse Objectification Survey was a huge success, with more participation from the global k-pop fan community than ever!  Unfortunately this also means that the results take longer to tally than they ever have previously.  However Kpopalypse always has maximum determination and now brings you the results of all your voting!

This year’s survey used the same nuanced scoring system from 2017, to ensure objectification accuracy.  Respondents were asked to list three people in each category, in preference order with best first.  The scoring system was thus:

  • Your first choice was weighted 100% higher than your second choice
  • Your second choice was weighted 66% higher than your third choice
  • If you doubled or tripled on choices, only the first choice was counted
  • Choices after the third were disregarded in all cases

Scores were then tallied to give the final results across all categories.  The four results posts are as follows:



Part 3: FEMALE and MALE LEGS – this post





786 points

(2017 position – #1)

For the second year, Hwasa tops the best legs poll for females, and once again by a margin of only five points!  Legs competition was very tough this year with the top three contenders all exchanging leads multiple times at various points during the polling, however the extreme love that Mamamoo fans showed Kpopalypse in 2018 (no doubt at least partly due to Kpopalypse boldly defending them from false plagiarism claims) may have been influential in helping Hwasa along to her second straight victory.


781 points

(2017 position – #3)

The exceptionally close margin between the top two entrants in this poll shows how incredibly important it is to vote for your favourite.  In the polling system five points represents less than one full vote, and Seolhyun was knocked into second place by the very last person who voted in the survey, so don’t ever feel like your vote in the objectification survey doesn’t make a difference!


591 points

(2017 position – #29)

While Tzuyu ended up in third place by a significant margin, she streaked ahead into a strong lead during the brief phase where votes from Reddit were being counted, before falling back again.  An interesting demographic quirk that my data revealed is that Reddit users tend to consistently prefer voting for very young kpop idols, whereas regular Kpopalypse readers tended to gravitate more towards the older veteran performers.  I’m sure that this is purely a reflection of Reddit having their fingers on the pulse of emerging k-pop trends, and nothing else.


445 points

(2017 position – #2)

Yura has never actually won anything in a Kpopalypse poll, and with Girl’s Day’s profile generally winding down overall, it’s unlikely that she ever will.  Nevertheless she remains a strong performer in every category, despite her group doing absolutely fucking nothing all year, and despite my observation of her at least year’s Sydney KCON that her legs in the actual flesh look like the ant-lions from Half Life 2.


417 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

Surprise breakout star of the legs poll for 2018 is Gfriend’s Eunha, who came up from absolutely nowhere last year to secure a top 5 position.  It’s all the more impressive given that Gfriend are one of the most fanservice-unfriendly girl groups out there, showing the careful attention that Kpopalypse readers paid to the legs voting this year.


298 points

(2017 position – #19)

As more people noticed Pristin in 2018, Nayoung improved on last year’s performance drastically.


251 points

(2017 position – #4)

In with the new and out with the old – perhaps some of those Nayoung voters decided to remain brand-loyal to label Pledis who manages both After School and Pristin, and transferred over their votes from last year for Nana, who suffered a significant popularity drop this year.


235 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

Relative nugus Momoland were nowhere to be found in these polls last year, but in 2018 their membership broke through the door in several categories, confirming that they have definitely arrived on the scene of k-pop objectifiers.


220 points

(2017 position – #16)

The least surprising thing in this year’s polling was that Twice members all performed better than last year in most categories, and Momo ascended to the top ten in legs with little effort.

#10 – SANA – TWICE

218 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

In 2017 Sana wasn’t noticed at all in the legs category, but in 2018 for some reason she shot ahead of almost all of her groupmates.  An indication of Sana’s rising profile relative to the rest of the members, or did her legs just return with a more mature image?


195 points

(2017 position – #6)

Cheng Xiao actually had more votes this year than last, but still dropped in the placings significantly due to the firm competition in the legs category.

#12 – CHOA – (EX) AOA

167 points

(2017 position – #9)

Choa continues to pile on the votes across all categories even though her career in k-pop overall is absolutely over and she produced no new fappable content over the last 12 months whatsoever.  Note how her shoes are taped to her feet because shoemaking technology capable of withstanding the power of Choa’s legs does not yet exist.


158 points

(2017 position – #8)

While her ex-groupmates faded from relevance due to inactivity, Hyolyn carried the torch for Sistar fans interested in fap material and hung onto “picture status” in the Kpopalypse results this year.


#14 – Joy – Red Velvet

#15 – Sua – Dreamcatcher

#16 – Hani – EXID

#17 – Hyomin – T-ara

#18 – Jennie – Blackpink

#19 – Mina – Twice

#20 – IU

#21 – Jeongyeon – Twice

#22 – Kyungri – Nine Muses

#23 – Yoohyeon – Dreamcatcher

#24 – Bora – (ex) Sistar

#25 – Seulgi – Red Velvet

#26 – Jiu – Dreamcatcher

#27 – Sooyoung – Girls’ Generation

#28 – Lisa – Blackpink

#29 – Nayeon – Twice

#30 – Sowon – Gfriend

#31 – Seoungyeon – CLC

#32 – Sunmi – (ex) Wonder Girls

#33 – Jihyo – Twice

#34 – Hyosung – (ex) Secret

#35 – Hyejeong – AOA

#36 – Naeun – Apink

#37 – Irene – Red Velvet

#38 – Yooa – Oh My Girl

#39 – Arin – Oh My Girl

#40 – Yuri – Girls’ Generation

#41 – Minah – Girl’s Day

#42 – Dahye – (ex) BESTie

#43 – Mijoo – Lovelyz

44 – Yoona – Girls’ Generation


Of course it wouldn’t be a Kpopalyspe Objectification Survey without a look at the men of k-pop.  Sexual oppression and reduction of human beings into body parts for the fetishistic enjoyment of a prurient audience is for everybody!  Let’s take a look at the best male legs in k-pop!



352 points

(2017 position – #1)

Unlike the female polling, the male legs results weren’t hotly contested, and Jungkook raced away to a comfortable early lead which was never really in doubt.  Kpopalypse readers knew what they wanted this year out of k-pop legs.


305 points

(2017 position – #3)

Let’s not diminish the achievement of Monsta X’s Wonho, who doubled his voting from last year and cruised into an easy second place.  Looks like Wonho doesn’t skip leg day or eroge fap day.

#3 – JIMIN – BTS

267 points

(2017 position – #2)

Wonho’s achievement is all the most impressive when it’s factored in that he pushed Jimin from BTS into third place – that’s no small task!

#4 – WOW – A.C.E

163 points

(2017 position – #6)

I’m sorry to report that in 2018 it’s still the case that when it comes to A.C.E, Kpopalypse readers completely fail at voting correctly.  Votes that simply said “those boys from A.C.E”, “that one from A.C.E – I can’t remember his name, the one with the legs” or even “just pick someone in A.C.E for me, Kpopalypse, I trust you” were ineligible as you guys need to be specific for your votes to count.  For some reason this affliction only seemed to affect A.C.E, and you guys were all alarmingly specific and accurate with your votes for all other groups.  Maybe it’s because they’re relatively nugu, but if anything nugus struggle for recognition and so they need your accurate support more than anyone else in these lists.  Kpopalypse reminds you to vote carefully in future, and in the meantime know that Wow had a realistic chance at the #2 or #3 spot this year that was probably wasted.


136 points

(2017 position – #9)

I’m not sure what exactly did it, but Minho really performed well in 2018 across all survey categories, maybe it was his superior ball skills that edged him ahead.


129 points

(2017 position – #10)

There’s great speculation that Shindong votes are some kind of protest vote from homophobic readers who can’t handle the idea of voting for men, but I think the real issue is fat-shamers who can’t handle the fact that Kpopalypse readers from all walks of life are starting to recognise Shindong’s sizeable contribution to k-pop fapping.


116 points

(2017 position – #14)

For some weird reason readers are referring to Rap Monster as RM and even telling people off for calling him Rap Monster, when RM obviously stands for Rap Monster anyway.  Maybe I should start calling him Legs Monster judging by his enhanced performance this year.

#8 – SUGA – BTS

115 points

(2017 position – #8)

Suga maintained his placement from last year, although he actually received about 50% more votes this year than last time.

#9 – SEHUN – EXO

113 points

(2017 position – #4)

Sehun only collected a few less votes than last time but slipped several places in the rankings due to stiff competition from k-pop newcomers.  It’s tough times keeping ahead in this k-pop objectification game.

#10 – KAI – EXO

102 points

(2017 position – #12)

In the meantime, Kai moves up.  I’m not sure why he nearly doubled his vote output this year, but who am I to question the voting whims of Kpopalypse readers (as long as they follow the rules, which Kai’s voters did – A.C.E fans take note!).

#11 – Jun – A.C.E

76 points

(2017 position – #11)

Another A.C.E member who probably should be higher in this list, fortunately enough people read and followed the instructions well enough to help him maintain his previous position this year.

#12 – Taemin – SHINee

73 points

(2017 position – #21)

Taemin showed much improved performance this year, probably due to a high profile and active solo projects.

#13 – Jackson – GOT7

72 points

(2017 position – #5)

Jackson was one of the biggest performers in the 2017 results so I’m not sure what happened here for his voting to sink down so low.  Maybe it was all of those sweg comebacks which left his legs looking too Americanised and unrelateable.  Perhaps JYP needs to deploy a few more of his magic whispers.


#14 – DK – Seventeen

#15 – Heechul – Super Junior

#16 – Taeyong – NCT 127

#17 – Baehko – Nu’est

#18 – Johnny – NCT 127

#19 – Shownu – Monsta X

#20 – Leo – VIXX

#21 – BM – KARD

#22 – Kang Daniel – Wanna One

#23 – S.Coups – Seventeen

#24 – Jooheon – Monsta X

#25 – Minggyu – Seventeen

#26 – V – BTS

#27 – Wooseok – Pentagon

#28 – Hyungwon – Monsta X

#29 – Jongup – B.A.P

#30 – Taeil – NCT 127

#31 – Baekhyun – EXO

#32 – Woohyun – Infinite

#33 – Daesung – BigBang

#34 – Jin – BTS

#35 – Taecyeon – 2PM

#36 – U-Kwon – Block B

#37 – J-Hope – BTS

#38 – T.O.P – BigBang

#39 – N/Hakyeon – VIXX

#40 – Ten – NCT 127

#41 – Changmin – TVXQ

#42 – Haechan – NCT 127

#43 – Jaehyo – Block B

#44 – Jongkook – Turbo

That’s all for the legs results for 2018!  Kpopalypse shall return with more posts!

18 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse 2018 Objectification Survey results part 3 of 4 – best FEMALE and MALE LEGS in k-pop

  1. Not gonna lie, comparing a bunch of girls who are all minimum 9.9/10 is boring af. That’s why someone who’s a little different (Hwasa) gets so much attention. But I guess that’s kind of what you’re been saying on this site for the last 8 years.

    • I understand your claim. Comparing such high qualities does raise the question “What’s the point? They all well above the average.” But don’t lose the way of the true Objectification. As far as I know there is no greater ratio (in the music industry) of quality and quantity than Kpop. (well beside J-pop, but that’s just straight up what the fuck territory) And we should be grateful for this to the entertainment gods.

  2. Don’t want to be annoying but how do you vote on the ‘most attractive’ thing? Also I was suprised to see Seolhyun at #2, her legs aren’t anything special imo. Also a shame how no Dreamcatcher or EXID members got to the part that actually matters.

  3. Shingdong’s presence in it shouldn’t be controversial at all. We know very well that female readers vote in the female category too, and they screw up our list by putting their girl crushes in it, idols they want to look like but that no person actually attracted to females faps to (like wth is Yoona doing on this list??). They shouldn’t complain if male readers screw up the male ranking when they do the same with the female ranking.

    It’s my right to vote on both surveys! And I did vote for A.C.E correctly, something they weren’t capable of.

  4. I don’t think people that vote in Shindong are kidding, theyre just in their right mind lol
    You should be concerned with the people voting for Suga, I mean tf??

    • That actually wouldn’t work, my poll’s detection tools can pick up that kind of thing (and yes a few people tried it). A better strategy would be to spread next year’s survey among wherever The Boyz fans hang out on the Internet and get them to vote.

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