The Kpopalypse 2018 Objectification Survey results part 2 of 4 – best FEMALE and MALE ASSES in k-pop

It’s time for the second part of the Kpopalypse Objectification Survey results!  How did Kpopalypse readers assess ass in 2018?  Let’s take a look!

The 2018 Kpopalypse Objectification Survey was a huge success, with more participation from the global k-pop fan community than ever!  Unfortunately this also means that the results take longer to tally than they ever have previously.  However Kpopalypse always has maximum determination and now brings you the results of all your voting!

This year’s survey used the same nuanced scoring system from 2017, to ensure objectification accuracy.  Respondents were asked to list three people in each category, in preference order with best first.  The scoring system was thus:

  • Your first choice was weighted 100% higher than your second choice
  • Your second choice was weighted 66% higher than your third choice
  • If you doubled or tripled on choices, only the first choice was counted
  • Choices after the third were disregarded in all cases

Scores were then tallied to give the final results across all categories.  The four results posts are as follows:


Part 2: FEMALE and MALE ASSES – this post






903 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

The rise in Momoland’s fame during 2018 also created another corresponding rise in the pants of k-pop’s objectifiers, resulting in Nancy shooting from absolute zero votes in 2017 to the #1 female ass, and toppling the previous two-time winner.  Great!


842 points

(2017 position – #1)

Despite being dethroned this year, AOA’s Seolhyun still put in a very strong showing and stayed closely behind her rival in the voting.


475 points

(2017 position – #26)

Some serious gym time was probably responsible for Eunji moving up so far in the world of k-pop fap.  Eunji leveled up her ass considerably and had no issues outperforming nearly everybody, including her own groupmates for the first time.


436 points

(2017 position – #6)

Predictably, Twice moved up in the polls for 2018.  Twice may have asked “What Is Love” but nobody needed to ask “what is ass” because the answer was self-evident.


401 points

(2017 position – #16)

Everyone’s favourite metal-influenced k-pop girl group made a strong showing in the ass votes this year as they consolidated both their core sound and the cores of their asscheeks.


388 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

Most people who voted for Yoohyeon also threw a vote Yeonwoo’s way.  It is because both girl’s names start with a Y so when people thought of one, they thought of the other?  Who knows for sure, but their combined power was enough to overtake many of the “old guard” of the ass survey.

#7 – CHOA – EX-AOA

369 points

(2017 position – #2)

Gone from k-pop but clearly not forgotten, many readers missed Choa’s curvaceous presence, and she polled remarkably well for someone who has done literally nothing in the public eye all year.


346 points

(2017 position – #14)

While her ex-groupmates all slid down the ass charts due to Sistar’s disbandment (especially poor Dasom who didn’t even chart in the top 150), Hyolyn’s performance rose due to her activity as a solo artist being somewhat geared towards ass appreciators.


314 points

(2017 position – #4)

It was understandable that Dahye’s popularity dropped this year, no doubt due to her group BESTie disintegrating, but Kpopalypse poll readers are nothing if not nugu-friendly and made sure that at least one ex-BESTie member consistently charted in something.


296 points

(2017 position – #5)

Mamamoo’s songs might have been beset with false plagiarism charges, but nobody in k-pop can lay claim to an ass like Hwasa, in this field at least she’s a true original.


286 points

(2017 position – #3)

Yura took one of the biggest tumbles in the polls this year, but it clearly had nothing to do with Yura’s ass quality and everything to do with Girl’s Day sitting on their quality asses way too much in 2018.


244 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

Irene was another one of 2018’s big winners and shot up from absolutely nowhere, although for what reason I’m unsure why as it’s not like her ass was lacking before and suddenly grew.  Maybe it was the influence of North Korean agents voting in the survey, or perhaps it was the interest generated by her virtual reality dating app.


207 points

(2017 position – #9)

Sua rounds out the round asses from the female performers this year.


#14 – Hani – EXID

#15 – Soyou – ex-Sistar

#16 – Nayoung – Pristin

#17 – Eunha – Gfriend

#18 – Naeun – Apink

#19 – Sana – Twice

#20 – Joy – Red Velvet

#21 – Jihyo – Twice

#22 – Hyuna – ex-4minute

#23 – Mina – Twice

#24 – Cheng Xiao – WJSN/Cosmic Girls

#25 – Tzuyu – Twice

#26 – Hyomin – T-ara

#27 – Bora – ex-Sistar

#28 – Mijoo – Lovelyz

#29 – Minhee – ex-Stellar

#30 – Wendy – Red Velvet

#31 – Yuri – Girls’ Generation

#32 – Nada – ex-Wa$$up

#33 – Hong Jin Young

#34 – Dahyun – Twice

#35 – Tiffany – ex-Girls’ Generation

#36 – Jennie – Blackpink

#37 – Krystal – f(x)

#38 – Seoyoung – Hello Venus

#39 – Jisoo – Lovelyz

#40 – Hyejeong – AOA

#41 – Jiyeon – T-ara

#42 – Johyun – Berry Good

#43 – Seungyeon – CLC

#44 – Hyosung – Secret


Now it’s time to look at the results for 2018’s best male asses!


#1 – JIMIN – BTS

629 points

(2017 position – #1)

Jimin wins the #1 male ass in k-pop according to Kpopalypse readers for the third year running, with a lead even bigger than the size of his glutes.  Will he ever be dethroned?  Probably not likely in the near future given BTS’s continued upward trajectory.  Some people complained about BTS members being eligible for this survey due to not being k-pop, but you needed to read the rules – anyone who is or was in k-pop is eligible.


411 points

(2017 position – #4)

If there’s anyone who is ever capable of challenging the crown for the top male ass in the near future, it’s probably Monsta X member and keen eroge appreciator Wonho, who doubled his votes this year from last.  Although not the most popular group in Korea, Monsta X have a huge international fandom who love to objectify their favourite idols, especially in my surveys!

#3 – SEHUN – EXO

311 points

(2017 position – #3)

EXO’s Sehun maintains his steady position, coming in at third for two years running.  After seeing him personally at Sydney’s 2017 KCON I can confirm that yes, Sehun has an ass eligible for objectification purposes.  However my thirsty readers needed no confirmation and cast many Sehun votes.


217 points

(2016 position – #8)

In 2018 Shindong moved up significantly, no doubt due to his snappy dress sense this year.  It seems that many Kpopalypse readers prefer a thicc ass in a Black Suit, and Shindong delivered.

#5 – JUNHO – 2PM

215 points

(2017 position – #2)

2PM’s Junho slipped a few places in this year’s results, probably due to a general lack of activity on his group’s front, however his showing was still strong.


134 points

(2017 position – #10)

They might not be k-pop anymore, but BTS members still performed exceptionally well in this year’s results.  What should be the next in the ever-changing list of BTS acronym meanings?  Booty To Share?  Bumcheeks To Slap?  Break Those Shorts?


127 points

(2017 position – #5)

Shownu has an ass so good that even his groupmates can’t keep their hands away.  Don’t forget about the #MeToo movement, Shownu!  Having said that, his position in the ranking still dropped significantly relative to groupmate Wonho, who soared ahead.  Shownu, here’s a tip to keep up – Monmusu.  This game is free and should help you increase your eroge faps to Wonho levels, to give you the extra ass conditioning required to ascend in next year’s results!  Oh and don’t forget the adult content patch!


124 points

(2017 position – #12)

Minho led the charge of SHINee members, easily outperforming all his groupmates while also regaining a lot of lost ground from his 2017 performance in the results.  Interestingly, all other SHINee members charted significantly worse this year than last.  It seems that SHINee fans have certainly made up their minds about SHINee ass.


108 points

(2017 position – #7)

VIXX are really beginning to outgrow their initial nugu status and it may be at least partially due to Hakyeon’s ass.  Of course, Kpopalypse readers are well acquainted with all things nugu so this wouldn’t disturb the results much anyway, with Hakyeon polling consistently compared to last year.


106 points

(2017 position – #9)

JYP is a confirmed ass man himself so it’s not that surprising that he recruits so much high-grade ass into his groups.

#11 – JUNSU – JYJ

105 points

(2016 position – #6)

The old guard of k-pop still had enough juice to get into the top results this year.  For those watching the video wondering when the audience’s heads are going to get out of the damn way, 2:18 – you’re welcome.

#12 – JACKSON – GOT7

71 points

(2017 position – #11)

Jackson shows hs ass almost as little as Shindong these days, but this didn’t stop readers from noticing.


68 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

Can’t a guy tie his own damn shoelaces without being objectified in a Kpopalypse poll?  Clearly not!  Special shout out to the person who attempted to vote for Rap Monster 267 times in a bid to boost his poll results, proving that there’s no determination like army determination.


#14 – Baekho – Nu’est

#15 – S.Coups – Seventeen

#16 – Doojoon – Highlight

#17 – Kai – EXO

#18 – Seungkwan – Seventeen

#19 – B-Bomb – Block B

#20 – BM – KARD

#21 – Johnny – NCT 127

#22 – L/Myungsoo – Infinite

#23 – Taeyong – NCT 127

#24 – Seungri – BigBang

#25 – Rain

#26 – Donghan – JBJ

#27 – Baekhyun – EXO

#28 – Jihun – KNK

#29 – T.O.P – BigBang

#30 – Suga – BTS

#31 – DK – Seventeen

#32 – Moonbin – Astro

#33 – Jooheon – Monsta X

#34 – Daesung – BigBang

#35 – Suho – EXO

#36 – V – BTS

#37 – Jongup – B.A.P

#38 – JYP

#39 – Wow – ACE

#40 – Yunho – TVXQ

#41 – Kang Daniel – Wanna One

#42 – Dino – Seventeen

#43 – Jin – BTS

#44 – Gikwang – Highlight

That’s all for this post!  Hopefully you fapped up a storm enjoyed and appreciated the Kpopalypse ass survey results!  Kpopalypse will return!

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  1. I can’t believe that Seolhyun has won so many times. She is is hot and pretty, but she does not have a good ass. This is not a poll for “Who shows off their ass the most” or “Who is the hottest overall”, it’s a best ass poll. It’s a crime that Eunji lost to Seolhyun, because Eunji OBVIOUSLY has a better ass. Thank god Nancy won, because she actually has a good ass. Seolhyun shouldn’t even be in the top 20 imo.

    It should be either Eunji or Nancy as 1st and 2nd, and then Dahye 3rd

  2. Kpopalypse oppar I have a quesion, do you collect those kind of fapable photos/ videos or do you just search for them specifically for post like this?

  3. God damn, I was breathless when I saw that piece of sin called Shindong, what wouldnt i do to that butt
    then I was brethless again when I saw you refering to RM as Rap Monster. You ignorant moron, don’t you know anything in life??? Why don’t you go studying?? It’s not RapMonster anymore, now is RM!!1!1!!

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