The Kpopalypse 2018 Objectification Survey results part 1 of 4 – best FEMALE BOOBS and MALE TORSO/ABS in k-pop

Yes it’s here, the first part of the results of the 2018 Kpopalypse Objectification survey!  What did Kpopalypse readers believe to be the best female boobs and male torso/abs in k-pop?  Read on for the results!

The 2018 Kpopalypse Objectification Survey was a huge success, with more participation from the global k-pop fan community than ever!  Unfortunately this also means that the results take longer to tally than they ever have previously.  However Kpopalypse always has maximum determination and now brings you the results of all your voting!

This year’s survey used the same nuanced scoring system from 2017, to ensure objectification accuracy.  Respondents were asked to list three people in each category, in preference order with best first.  The scoring system was thus:

  • Your first choice was weighted 100% higher than your second choice
  • Your second choice was weighted 66% higher than your third choice
  • If you doubled or tripled on choices, only the first choice was counted
  • Choices after the third were disregarded in all cases

Scores were then tallied to give the final results across all categories.  The four results posts are as follows:

Part 1: FEMALE BOOBS and MALE ABS/TORSO – this post







2630 points

(2017 position – #5)

Kpopalypse readers were in absolutely no doubt as to the best TTs in k-pop for 2018.  Twice’s Jihyo did the unthinkable and not only dethroned two-time boobs objectification poll winner Hyosung, but did so with little effort, doubling Hyosung’s previous record as well as scoring higher than any boobs poll contender since polling began.


1077 points

(2017 position – #1)

While relegated to the #2 position, over a thousand points is still a damn impressive showing, demonstrating that while Hyosung has been fairly inactive in k-pop media, she still has left a memorable legacy for k-pop boob appreciators to enjoy.


920 points

(2017 position – #2)

Cheng Xiao also slips down a place this year thanks to Jihyo’s meteoric rise, despite the fact that she still polled at nearly twice her previous year’s popularity.


503 points

(2017 position – #8)

Twice girls did well in 2018, and Momo’s popularity also increased this year, along with a corresponding increase in blood flow to the nether-regions of k-pop objectifiers.


410 points

(2017 position – #4)

One of the most noticeable changes in the boobs results for 2018 is that apart from Sunny, Girls’ Generation members were virtually nowhere to be seen, with the majority of then attracting not even one single vote.  Of course it probably didn’t help that SM didn’t resign contracts with a fair chunk of them.


369 points

(2017 position – #7)

A fairly high profile where it matters has kept Hyuna relevant to k-pop fappers.

#7 – CHOA – (EX) AOA

198 points

(2017 position – #3)

I can’t give you any new Choa content because there is none – Choa has left k-pop to regain her mental health and recover from the industry’s dicksuckitude.  She probably won’t be back, despite how much k-pop’s objectifiers clearly can’t let go.  Who can blame Choa – being an idol sucks ass for many, so I’ve picked some throwback images to Choa’s faux-rock-band history for this post.


188 points

(2017 position – #15)

Their agency has tried to hide it for years, but in 2018 the extent and quality of Hayoung’s rack is now k-pop’s worst-kept secret.  Apink’s consistently “innocent but not really” presentation just makes the results even better.


154 points

(2017 position – #6)

Yura continues her gradual slide down the objectification charts as Girl’s Day continue to do nothing much in particular.

#10 – SANA – TWICE

153 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

Sana’s impressive showing in the boobs objectification results this year seemingly came out of nowhere.  I’m not sure what alerted k-pop’s fappers to Sana’s assets, maybe it was her correct horizontal black and white stripes usage.


125 points

(2017 position – #16)

Minhee is another person who seems a lot happier without the k-pop shit machine, and her post-Stellar holiday happy-snaps probably helped her poll highly with k-pop boob appreciators.

#12 – HYOMIN – T-ARA

114 points

(2017 position – #11)

While T-ara themselves remain in legal limbo with as much of a media circus swirling around them as ever, nobody could put a lawsuit on Hyomin being hot.

#13 – LE – EXID

113 points

(2017 position – did not chart)

Those who have been following EXID from long before Hani’s fancam have known that EXID rapper and longtime Shinsadong Tiger musical collaborator LE has had some serious boobs since forever, but recently thanks to some holiday snaps a bunch of other people suddenly found out about this.  Presto, objectification relevance.


#14 – Jennie – Blackpink

#15 – Soyou – (ex) Sistar

#16 – Hong Jin Young

#17 – Rui – H.U.B

#18 – Seolhyun – AOA

#19 – Solar – Mamamoo

#20 – Joy – Red Velvet

#21 – Puer Kim

#22 – Yeri – Red Velvet

#23 – Yulhee – (ex) LaBoum

#24 – Hyunyoung – (ex) Rainbow

#25 – Nayeon – Twice

#26 – Sua – Dreamcatcher

#27 – Dawon – WJSN/Cosmic Girls

#28 – Mijoo – Lovelyz

#29 – Hyoeun – (ex) Stellar

#30 – Sulli – (ex) f(x)

#31 – Jessica – (ex) Girls’ Generation

#32 – Woohee – Dal Shabet

#33 – Yua Mikami – Honey Popcorn

#34 – Amber – f(x)

#35 – Hyeme – Rania

#36 – Jisun – fromis_9

#37 – Hyolyn – (ex) Sistar

#38 – IU

#39 – Nancy – Momoland

#40 – Olivia Hye – Loona

#41 – Jimin – AOA

#42 – Hwasa – Mamamoo

#43 – Hyejeong – AOA

#44 – Hyerin – EXID

It wouldn’t be a Kpopalypse survey if both genders weren’t objectified.  It may surprise you to know that Kpopalypse blog has more female readers than male readers, and even though they tend to vote a bit less, I feel that it’s still important to cater to them, as well as all the other LGBTIQXYZABC types who may enjoy hunky man-meat.  Some people asked “why no abs for the girls, isn’t that sexist” but a boob is like an ab that’s higher up when you think about it.



806 points

(2017 position – #1)

The male side of the objectification poll was a lot closer in votes than the female side.  Wonho’s victory in the polls was by no means assured, and he was trailing behind the #2 entrant for most of the polling before surging home for the final stretch, thanks to all you voters who watched him stretch those stomach muscles.


648 points

(2017 position – #10)

Jungkook’s popularity in the abs poll shot up this year and I don’t know why.  I know what you’re thinking, but it clearly isn’t related to BTS’s popularity overall, as his BTS groupmates actually lost popularity significantly compared to last year’s polling.


495 points

(2017 position – #2)

Minho doesn’t flash his abs that much anymore ever since groupmate Jonghyun sadly passed away, I guess he hasn’t been in the mood.  Incidentally, Jonghyun received a fair few votes this year in the abs category, which is interesting given that absolutely nobody ever votes for the deceased Ladies Code members in these polls.  I wonder why the difference – there’s a thesis in there, somewhere.

#4 – JIMIN – BTS

215 points

(2017 position – #3)

Despite the commercial rise of BTS in overseas markets, this was generally not mirrored in the objectification polls – Jimin was the only other BTS member to make a real dent in the voting this year.

#5 – KAI – EXO

187 points

(2017 position – #14)

Kai did a lot better this year than previously and once again I don’t really know the reason why, but he doesn’t look like he’s in the mood for questions about it.


181 points

(2017 position – #8)

I know what you’re thinking: “these have got to be troll votes from all the people who don’t give a fuck about guys and abs and think Kpopalypse is a massive faggot for even having a male section”, but you’d be dead wrong.  Most Shindong voters showed signs of sincerity in all other answers and also put in a vote for Wonho, Jungkook and other high charters in this year’s abs results.  It seems that many of you genuinely do occasionally crave your abs super-sized (even if he seemingly never gets them on display – life is hard for chubby-chasers in the world of k-pop).


172 points

(2017 position – #5)

While Wonho’s fortunes increased dramatically this year, groupmate Shownu has been somewhat left behind.  Could it be because he didn’t lift his shirt up here all the way?


145 points

(2017 position – #6)

When was the last time 2PM even did anything, I have no idea.  However many of you had the idea that Taecyeon has abs, so this was noted.

#9 – SEHUN – EXO

134 points

(2017 position – #23)

Maybe it was the above photoshoot that sent Sehun skyrocketing to the top 10 this year.  In any event he certainly looks healthy enough.

#10 – BM – KARD

131 points

(2017 position – #4)

BM has a habit of showing off his abs more than most k-pop performers, so I’m unsure why his popularity in the ranking slipped this year, as he doesn’t look any less like a H. R. Giger creation than he used to.


106 points

(2017 position – #18)

Someone should have told Super Junior’s resident champion of gay rights that he didn’t need to bother about exercising and he could be as popular with Kpopalypse readers as Shindong!


104 points

(2017 position – #15)

I don’t think he’s doing too much ab-flashing at the moment in the army, but it’s just as well that Kim Jong Un is being all peacenik with Trump these days because who would want to take on that torso in a fight… besides Kpopalypse’s thirsty readership, of course.

#13 – XIUMIN – EXO

90 points

(2017 position – #11)

He might look like a bit of a creampuff but he’s certainly a very fit one that you all appreciated and he could probably kick my ass.


#14 – Taemin – SHINee

#15 – Daesung – BigBang

#16 – Kang Daniel – Wanna One

#17 – Kyungil – (ex) History

#18 – Jonghyun – (ex) SHINee

#19 – Rain

#20 – Suho – EXO

#21 – Jay Park

#22 – Jaehyo – Block B

#23 – Changmin – TVXQ

#24 – Jackson – GOT7

#25 – Baekhyun – EXO

#26 – T.O.P – BigBang

#27 – Yunho – TVXQ

#28 – Chan – A.C.E

#29 – Donghae – Super Junior

#30 – J-Hope – BTS

#31 – JYP

#32 – Rap Monster – BTS

#33 – Chansung – 2PM

#34 – Jaehyun – NCT

#35 – Jaejoong – JYJ

#36 – Ravi – VIXX

#37 – Hojung/UNB – Hotshot

#38 – Jin – BTS

#39 – Jongkook – Turbo

#40 – Jun – A.C.E

#41 – Junho – 2PM

#42 – Minhyuk – BTOB

#43 – Lee Joon – MBLAQ

#44 – Mingyu – Seventeen

Fuck, this shit took forever!  More popularity means more voting which means more counting.  Objectifying and depersonalising idols is a lot of work!  It’s a good thing that I have maximum determination!  Thanks for reading – Kpopalypse will return!

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  1. It’s funny that some people voted for Amber, since she’s gone out of her way her whole career to never show any sign of having boobs, ever. But that hasn’t kept her from being my UB, due to her wonderful personality, amazing smarts, and super fluent English.

  2. I’m still torn on Jihyo… she turned the MV for Love Shaker into Boob Shaker, but there is a distinct lack of shaking in the live performances even though there is quite a lot of jumping and other TT friendly choreography. Her real boob size is one of the great mysteries of K-Pop, I guess.

  3. aww i haven’t been able to vote : (

    Jimin doesn’t really show his torso/abs,,, most of bangtan actually doesn’t. I guess the few time he showed it is very memorable to some, especially the fur coat.

    Big Meat!

  4. Damn I need to vote more. Eunsol got literally no votes at all. Her career is literally this category…

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