Kpopalypse answers: has any kpop idol breast slipped out of clothe??

Every day many people search the Internet and find themselves on Kpopalypse blog as a result. I receive daily summaries of all Internet searches that direct people to through my website’s sneaky stats-collection machine, which tells me what the Internet is really concerned about underneath the surface. While most of these results are predictable, sometimes a query comes through that is just so unique and compelling that I have to address it:

In this post, Kpopalypse answers the question – has any kpop idol breast slipped out of clothe??

There are many documented instances where a kpop idol breast may have slipped out of clothe..  However, did kpop idol breast actually slip out of clothe??  Many instances of kpop idol breast may have not actually slipped out of clothe,, sometimes it is just wishful thinking and imagination of fans who would like to see the kpop idol breast without the clothe..

Slipping in the following examination is defined as “nipple without clothe””.  However it does not include instances such as ex-f(x) member Sulli and ex-Dal Shabet member Viki who were filmed deliberately with nipple already outside clothe..  This post only documents accidental lack of clothe..  Apologies for the time that this post took to appear but researching the slippage of breast and clothe  is an important task that cannot be rushed.

Above is footage of the ex-T-ara Hwasnake (in black) where her kpop idol breast may have slipped out of clothe  during a live performance of “Lovey Dovey“.  It appears that the clothe  does not completely cover the nipple, as a result this could be defined as kpop idol breast slipped out of clothe..  However given her history of snakeitude it could be questioned whether Hwasnake meets requirements to be defined as a “kpop idol”.

Jiyeon and Hyomin of T-ara are seen above performing “Trouble Maker” are also questioned as to whether kpop idol breast slipped out of clothe..  While we can see Hyomin (in white) adjust her clothe  , this appears to be a “pre-emptive” strike to prevent the slippage of kpop idol breast.  The shadows that appear at the top of the clothe  are not areolas, as they do not appear in the correct position in relation to the clothe..  Hyomin would be aware that many would like to see the nipple without clothe,, and in the full live video she can be seen adjusting her clothe  several times.

There are many alleged nipslips in kpop where the breast has remained firmly in the clothe,, but it is just an illusion.  Another example is CL.

Some claimed that this performance of CL was one where her kpop idol breast may have slipped out of clothe..  However this is not the case.  Firsly, the nipple is in the wrong position.  Also further examination of more images gives context to the relationship between breast and clothe::

Extra clothe in the form of bra can be seen under the white outer clothe..

In motion, it can be seen that the alleged nipple is just shadow of clothe..

Eunjin from DIA represents the reverse scenario, as her bra unfastens during performance – kpop idol breast has not slipped out of clothe,, but kpop idol clothe  has certainly slipped out of breast.

Some instances of breast slipping from clothe  do appear real.  Hyosung from Secret has also been documented to have kpop idol breast that has slipped out of clothe..  Areola exposure appears to have occurred here, which counts as kpop idol breast partially without clothe..

Idol breast with a lack of clothe  is not just for well-known idols.  In my usual commitment to nugus, I have observed that Laysha’s Goeun has also demonstrated kpop idol breast that has slipped out of clothe..  Laysha are known for their wardrobe malfunctions but the lack of clothe  are usually not accidental.  However in the above it appears that more exposure of the breast from the clothe  than desired by the performer may have been achieved.  Goeun tends to use a lot of push-up on her breast, as a result sometimes it is pushed up all the way over the clothe..  This leads to the nipple adopting an “unnatural” position.  It was speculated due to this positioning that it could be a tattoo but as Goeun does not show a tattoo in the image above this one, and tattooing of the breast is not generally a trend for Korean idol groups anyway this seems unlikely.

Nam Gyuri also had a nipslip during a performance of a Beyonce song, probably the only documented instance on the planet where Beyonce ever became relevant.  It is wrapped softly in the above video but sneaky caonimas were on the scene to take photos of the breast without clothe..  She should have been more careful like Momo from Twice, who made sure to pack an extra layer of clothe  under her clothe..

Readers may find this post to be sexist, exploitative or non-gender inclusive, therefore to restore precious gender balance and even out the oppression over both male and female performers I now bring to you this collecting of males where the kpop idol breast may have slipped out of clothe..  Please enjoy the following selection.

Woohyun from Infinite has kpop idol breast which has slipped out of clothe..

Kai from EXO is also seen here with kpop idol breast which has slipped out of clothe..  However these instances are probably planned or at least partially expected due to the cut of the clothe  over the breast.

Although most male nipple exposure is planned, Infinite groupmate Seungyeol has kpop idol breast which has seemingly accidentally slipped out of clothe..  This is more genuine and therefore meets the criteria for accidental lack of clothe  over the nipple.

If this is not enough male breast for you, then consider the following resources:



and of course let’s not forget


Because Onehallyu users are the best and would never unquestioningly stan companies who objectify idols, nor dare to criticise bloggers who may dare to point out that those companies are being creepy by pushing adult concepts onto children.  Isn’t that right, Onehallyu mods?

Hopefully this answers the questions you have about k-pop idol breast and clothe!!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts at a future date!

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