Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 4/6/2018

It’s time for Kpopalypse roundup!  Let’s take a look at this week’s new releases!

I’m reasonably sure this is a picture of Loona yyxy and not TST.

NTB – Dramatic

Starts horribly but by the time the chorus has arrived it’s transformed into something not too bad.  Oh my god did you see what I did there.

AOA – Bingle Bangle

Let’s not blame Choa’s absence for this being mostly absolute fucking asspaper – there was no saving this jumbled nonsense no matter who was going to be in it.

Pristin V – Get It

Pledis continue to give their new girl group songs that aren’t even half as good as After School’s material back in the day.  This starts promising with a nice moody feel but an awful chorus that may as well not even exist hobbles everything.

Bolbbalgan4 – Wind

Given that it sounds about as interesting as a fart, I guess this is our accurate song title of the week.

WJMK – Strong

If I knew Seola was going to be in this crap when I saw her at KCON I would have coughed in her direction in the hope that she’d be able to call in a sick day instead of being roped into the studio for this.

SHINee – Good Evening

If I absolutely shat on this song, people would call me out for being heartless, but then if I told you it was any good, people would call me out for being a liar.  Sometimes you can’t win.

Soyeah – Cotton Candy

It’s hard not to like this, just because this girl (who apparently is from nugu group Hexe) is cute and has got a serious double chin that is way in excess of allowable k-pop limits.  You can tell she’s nugu as fuck because any dirty mid-tier or higher agency would have rushed her to the plastic surgeon faster than you could say

EXID – How Why

Very good questions.

South Club – Outcast

At least he remembered to bring his band into the video this time.

Loona yyxy ft. Grimes – Love4eva

All that typically Loona-esque esoteric hype and then E-Tribe just end up retreading “Gee” and changing up the melody a bit, ho-hum.  I guess they’re just out of ideas.  It’s certainly far from bad (and definitely better than I.O.I’s attempt at the same territory, even with that gleefully autistic intro) but what a lost opportunity to do something a bit more distinctive.


Leo, Sejeong – We, The Reds

I’m not sure if this is an ode to Marxism, or something even more shit, like sport, but it sucks maybe even more than both of those things.

Crucial Star – Night Alone

Another acoustic ballad just like every other acoustic ballad ever.

Risabae ft. Kisum – E.N.C

Rapping k-pop furries.  We’ve reached a cultural nadir, folks.

Jang Heewon – Letter

Cassette tapes in music videos make me puke.  Crayon Pop had the right idea, wear them as jewelry.  Cassette tapes were one of humanity’s greatest mistakes.  You need to have grown up with them and spent 5 years of your life rewinding the fucking things with a pencil in class when you were bored, only for them to chew up in your walkman on the way home to really understand.

Oh fuck off

Fuck this shit.

Punch – End Of The Night

I guess that song with that EXO dude was a one-off.

Pudditorium – Paradise

Funk music was a mistake.

Echo Dyllis – Stay

I like how this girl walks around with a constantly arched back like she’s trying to stab someone in the eye with her tit.  Posture 10/10.

Jane Jang – Seoul Noir

There was a time in the early 90s where literally every second music video was shot in black and white for no apparent reason.  It wasn’t a money thing, big-name groups were doing this.  Sorry but that’s the only thought that came into my head when watching this.

Animal Divers – Liveaboard

Did you know that in many aboriginal cultures, women aren’t allowed to play the didgeridoo in public?  I wonder how people feel about these Asian guys doing it.  Oh wait, it doesn’t matter because the planet is now a mature non-discriminatory multicultural society where cross-cultural exchanges of all types of music, language, fashion and culture are celebrated and encouraged for everybody, thank motherfucking fuck for that hey.

V.E.I.L – Radio Star

Hey it’s a song about me!  Or maybe not.  It’s alright anyway.

S.min – Let You Go

I’d rather be let go off a fucking cliff than listen to this.


Pocket Girls Habin – Oppa is Trash from 3 Different Directions

While I wouldn’t want to bias anybody’s picks in the Kpopalypse Objectification Survey, it has to be said that the Pocket Girls YouTube channel is the gift that keeps on giving k-pop fappers a boner.

That’s all for this post!  Kpopalypse roundup shall return next week!

10 thoughts on “Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 4/6/2018

  1. Bingle Bangle’s is so flat by the time Jimin started rapping, I’m already over it.
    I am surprised that you didn’t enjoy Get It as much as I do, although I would say the song is more well produced than it is well written(it still is).
    As derivative as love4eva is, the chorus seems more favourable in melodies rather than repetitive hooks.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your writing as always.

  2. ironically i am glad that loona is slightly treading into “mainstream” with their musical direction here. it might bring loona more popularity, allowing for more risky melodies down the line post debut.
    although i would’ve preferred them to make something akin to ‘new’ or ‘loonatic’, but it’s a business after all, and either way the result is a piece of ear worm addicting pop which i certainly enjoyed and still better than 87% of recent releases from other groups.

  3. As much as I love Loona, I can’t deny that “love4eva” is just the poor man’s “Gee”. And as much as I love Grimes, I can’t deny that her intro is practically the definition of cringe. I still do enjoy “love4eva”, but it’s probably my least favourite of their 17 singles thus far. At this point, I suspect that BlockBerry Creative might be saving Loona’s best material for their upcoming debut in August.

  4. NTB used to go by the name “Naughty Boys” (and “Pure Boys”, I’m pretty sure one of their songs got into one of your favourite songs list), that’s where the “NTB” acronym comes from, but honestly, “Not Too Bad” sounds better.

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