Kpopalypse reviews the drama video career of Miko Matsuda

While many Korean drama fans starved for content on this very music-focused blog were grateful for my drama reviews of Honey Popcorn’s Yua Mikami, some people had issues with the post.

Always one to diligently listen to reader feedback, Kpopalypse is now going to address this deficit.  Let’s take a look at the drama video career of Miko Matsuda!

Note that I don’t think it’s fair to put both of the remaining Honey Popcorn girls into just one post, when Yua Mikami already has a post all of her own.  Given that the line distribution in Honey Popcorn already heavily favours Yua Mikami, I think it’s fair to give each girl their own separate post to even out the amount of love received from Kpopalypse and readers alike.  Therefore the third Honey Popcorn girl will be the subject of a future post that will appear at a later date.

Some facts about Miko Matsuda – she was born in 1995 and is 22 years of age at the time of writing, she is a former member of the Japanese group NMB48 under the name Okada Risako, and her best works appear under two different drama production companies.  Firstly there is the company Muteki where she debuted in June 2017, and then later she switched to S1 No.1 Style in September 2017 where she continues to make drama productions until the present day.  Miko Matsuda’s drama video career has only taken off fairly recently, so there will be less videos in this post than in Yua’s, but I have taken special care to review all her key works to date where she is the leading actress, rather than where she is in a supporting role, so her true qualities as an actress can be assessed.

The catalog numbers indicate which company released each video:

TEK = Muteki videos
SSNI = S1 No.1 Style videos

I’ve included the catalog numbers along with the film titles, as there’s so much quality drama content out there that catalog numbers become essential when trying to track down specific works, plus they make life easier for those not fluent in Japanese who might have trouble searching by Japanese characters.  Using these codes you should be able to find all these videos at friendly drama retail sites such as where only the best dramas are sold, so why not make a purchase and support Miko Matsuda’s acting legacy today?



Number 01: Miko Matsuda – TEK-094

Plot synopsis: this drama starts with a lengthy fourth-wall breaking interview, where Miko is asked questions about her transfer from the Japanese idol scene into drama productions (remember that Honey Popcorn was pre-debut when this video was released, so her k-pop group isn’t covered).  Miko then undergoes a drama physical fitness assessment, which she passes easily.  After this, the actual drama begins.  A man appears and presents Miko with a tissue box, which is actually in the shape of a plush toy tiger.  “I’ve been sent to you with a message from Korean pop composer Shinsadong Tiger”, the man says.  “He thinks that you’ve got the right qualities to operate his idol logistics operation.  The hours are long but it’s good money, plus you’ll get to meet lots of Korean pop idols.”  Miko is excited.  “Even Jimin from BTS?” Miko asks excitedly.  “No, not him – he’s not k-pop” replies the man.  Miko looks confused.  “But, he’s my favourite, plus he’s Korean, and he does pop music… what do you mean that he’s not k-pop?”  The man sighs.  This is going to be an awkward conversation – he knows the truth but does he have the heart to ruin Miko’s idol crush dreams?

Dramatic impact: Miko’s performance is slightly shaky given that this is her debut production as a leading actress, however as the film continues on she settles into the role well.  The private tutor scene is a definite highlight!

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 tiger tissue boxes

Number 02: Climax x 4th Time – TEK-095

Plot synopsis: Miko is presented with a small pink bulb-shaped device, which vibrates electronically.  “What does this do?” she asks the man holding the device.  “Close your eyes and make a wish, and then touch the device for one minute while it vibrates.  Using the power of pure thoughts transference, your wish may then be granted.  “What do you mean by ‘may’, will it or won’t it?” asks Miko, sensing a scam.  “Look, you can’t be too demanding about this, negativity will corrupt the pure thought energy emanating from the device.  You wouldn’t want it to malfunction, or bad things may happen.”  Miko grabs the device and holds it gently, wishing for a 6-ara comeback.  It’s worth a shot.

Dramatic impact: don’t be fooled by the box art!  The outfit Miko is wearing does not make an appearance at any time during the video.  This lessens the dramatic impact considerably.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 4/10 underutilised school uniforms

Exclusive NO.1 STYLE Miko Matsuda Her S1 Debut, A National Idol From Osaka In An Eros Company Explosion! 4 Hours x 4 Fuck Special – SSNI-028

Plot synopsis: another fourth-wall breaking interview starts off this video, as Miko talks briefly about her change to the new drama production company.  Then Miko is approached by four guys.  “We have been sent by a new k-pop agency, we are here to give you a good time.  How about a walk down by the beach where we hold hands and think pure thoughts while discussing your future career options?”  Miko nods in agreement.  “But.. there are four of you!  I can’t hold hands with all of you at the same time!”  “That’s okay, we’ve got something else for you to hold” the men say, as they produce a bouquet of flowers each.  Miko thinks to herself that Korea has been very good to her so far, but surely these selfless men will eventually want something in return?

Dramatic impact: the drama benefits from S1 No.1 Style’s higher production values, Miko’s increased confidence and a wide array of tasteful costuming.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 romantic strolls


She’s Finally Been Unleashed Upon The Sex Club Industry! A Naniwa National Idol Soapland Girl – SSNI-051

Plot synopsis: short of funds for her Korean idol debut, Miko takes a part-time job in a bath house, changing towels, cleaning floors and checking in and out customer baggage.  One day regular customer T.O.P is having a bath when he slips on a towel and bumps himself on the back of the head.  An ambulance is called and he is taken to hospital, meanwhile Miko notices that his bag is still in the check-in and nobody has come to claim it after several hours, it seems to have been completely forgotten about.  At the end of her shift, Miko opens the suitcase and it’s full of unmarked bills, enough to pay all her trainee debt many times over.  With this money Miko could live comfortably, but surely a sum this large gone missing would eventually be noticed by somebody?  And why does the inside of the suitcase smell so weird?

Dramatic impact: the story is a bit repetitive but Miko’s convincingly slick performance carries the dramatic action

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6.5/10 soap suds


199 Orgasms! 3600 Spasms! 2900cc Of Squirting! A National Idol From Osaka Eros Company Awakening Her First Massive Spasm Special – SSNI-074

Plot synopsis: the doorbell rings, Miko has received a visitor.  She opens the door to Twice’s Nayeon.  “Hi Miko, I’ve got this great new jumper that you can wear for when Honey Popcorn debut!” exclaims Nayeon, holding out a red sweater.  Miko smiles but feels awkward.  “I think it’s great, but it would look really cute on you though?”  Nayeon shakes her head.  “No, I can’t, I mean look…” Nayeon quickly puts the sweater on over her t-shirt. “See this heart-shaped hole over the chest area?  Some fans complained that they could see my cleavage through that.”  Miko raises an eyebrow “…but it’d only be like one centimeter of cleavage, that’s virtually nothing!”  Nayeon sighs.  “Yeah, I know, my fans are fucked.  They all have daddy complexes and think they own me or some shit.  Anyway I really like the jumper but it’s just a bit too risque for my image unfortunately, and it looks like your size so I thought I’d bring it over”.  Nayeon says goodbye and leaves the jumper with Miko, who looks for the care tag to check if this clothing is really going to fit.  On the tag is a handwritten message: “To Miko, with love – JYP”.  Miko’s heart starts racing, is this just a friendly gift or is she being stalked by one of k-pop’s most powerful perverts?

Dramatic impact: a quality performance from Miko is upstaged only by JYP’s plastic pants

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 photoshopped jumpers


Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex Complete Uncut Footage Special – SSNI-097

Plot synopsis: Miko and KKS are having a candlelit dinner together.  “It’s so sweet of you to invite me to your place for this meal, I hope I look good enough to meet required standards”, says Miko.  KKS smiles.  “You look outstanding Miko, and in fact I think you would look even better in my next girl group.  They already have great songs and perfect camaraderie, but I feel that adding an additional member will just give them that extra edge which will help them get over the line with the international fanbase, and it will also bring the group up to nine members, which will help them compete with Twice.”  Miko thinks for a moment.  “I’m worried, I already have such a big debt to my existing agency, I don’t know if I can afford to take on a new project at this time.”  KKS takes Miko’s hand across the dinner table.  “Don’t worry about a thing, Miko.  I know exactly what I’m doing” he says in a kind, concerned voice.  Miko feels torn – a new venture could lead in promising new directions, but could Miko be falling into a trap?

Dramatic impact: the tension in this drama is palpable, especially during the extended egging sequences

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 extra yolks


A National Idol Rough Sex Gang Bang Rape, She Was Forced Into Degrading Sex To Make It To The Top – SSNI-123

Plot synopsis: Miko receives an envelope in the post.  She opens it, it contains several photos of her out with Shindong on a shopping date, and an anonymous note: “if you want to have a career in this town, you need to dump the Dong, he’s mine!”  Miko’s eyes well up with tears.  Who could be behind this unethical blackmail?  Miko picks up the phone to call Shindong, but then thinks twice… what if alerting him to this extortion is putting him in danger?  Or is he the one secretly behind this scheme and trying to get rid of her?

Dramatic impact: Miko’s handling of the dong is exemplary and meets required standards of classy-sexiness

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 Shindong stomach folds


A Nationally Loved Idol x S&M Confinement, This Idol Was Totally Tied Down And Forced Into Some S&M Rape – SSNI-149

Plot synopsis: Miko is practicing at her idol training gym when Yang Hyun Suk, CEO of YG walks in, carrying what looks like a large red net.  “I want you to test our new YG patented rope exercise system.  You put these ropes around your body and wear them, and we put you through some limb-stretching drills.  These should firm up any unshapely parts of your body, and it’s also a great way to reduce the visible marks from carboxy shots.  Give it a try!”  Miko dons the net and Yang Hyun Suk tightens it around her torso, arms and legs.  “Are you sure that this is going to have the desired effect?  How does restraining my body improve my flexibility?” asks Miko.  Yang Hyun Suk smiles.  “Don’t worry, it definitely works.  The benefit is felt afterward, when the ropes are removed it feels a bit like when you take off heavy boots and put on jogging shoes.  I tried this with all the Blackpink girls and they did great.  You’ll be as flexible as them in no time!”

Dramatic impact: Miko’s body may be restrained for most of this video, but her dramatic acting talents are unleashed to outstanding effect

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 exercise plans


A Kansai Idol In A Mind-Blowing Orgasmic Explosion! She Was Forbidden From Fucking For A Month And Now She’s Spasming In A Back Breaking Mind-Blowing Trance Pounding Fuck Frenzy – SSNI-174

Plot synopsis: Miko is being interviewed in an office by an SM Entertainment casting agent.  “What you have in terms of singing and dancing ability looks good on paper, but you’re slightly too heavy on the weigh-in.  We need you to drop another 87 grams before we can debut you.”  Miko stares into her water bottle.  “But I’ve been on the ‘water and brown rice’ diet for three months now!  What more can I do?  I have to eat something?”  The casting agent looks unsympathetic.  “When you eat brown rice you need to separate the light and the dark grains.  The darker grains have more carcinogens, they take longer for the body to break down and process, so eat those and discard the lighter grains.  Also when you drink water make sure it’s been purified, tap water that is unfiltered sometimes contains extra minerals from impurities in the water supply which can cause weight gain.  This should be enough to get you into the good weight zone.  Good luck!”  Miko leaves the office in tears, but determined to do her best.  Will she have what it takes to reach SM’s weight loss goals?

Dramatic impact: a characteristically good performance from Miko only let down by unimaginative costume selection

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 carcinogenic rice grains


Group Molestation Coercion Of A Nationwide Idol, She Got Her Uniform Stripped Off By Her Fans And She Couldn’t Utter A Sound As She Was Forcibly Raped – SSNI-200

Plot synopsis: while on a train journey Miko is recognised.  “You’re the girl from Honey Popcorn!” shouts a fan on the carriage.  Other fans turn to look, and they all start asking questions.  “How come you didn’t get any screen time in your debut song’s video?”  “Can you sign my Honey Popcorn poster?”  “Is there any discord in your group?”  “Can you please bite my arm so I can go and get a tattoo of the bite marks so I can remember your jaw forever?”  “Are you upset that most k-pop fans think you’re a bunch of whores when you are in fact very artistically relevant to today’s k-pop landscape?”  “I don’t menstruate but my girlfriend does, would you be interested in her sanitary pads?”  Miko runs out into the next carriage.  Can she escape the crazed fans and their demented queries, or is her only hope to engage with them in a possibly futile attempt to encourage them to think maturely?

Dramatic impact: definitely Miko’s best work so far, the classy-sexiness is only matched by the accuracy of the train schedules

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 Gain videos

Hopefully this post is enough to give all of you an appreciation of the drama career of Miko Matsuda!  For the sequel to this post which covers the third member Moko Sakura, click here!  Kpopalypse will return with more posts soon!

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