Kpopalypse is quitting feminism

An important announcement.

Regular readers will know that I am an avid feminist, who has made several pro-feminist postings.

However, in solidarity with Han Seo Hee’s recent statement about rejecting feminism, I will now also stop any statement about feminism both online and offline as of today (except when I don’t want to).



I will also stop selling any merchandise with a feminism design.  Well actually, I never did that part, but I certainly won’t start now.



I don’t know what to do when I see those people who took advantage of my feminism support and stabbed the knife in my back harder than the Twin Snakes at an Areum fanmeet.



I have no power now handling those people. Please think of what you did, guys… I kept making posts even though people talked shit about me.



At that time, you gave me compliments like ‘Wow… Kpopalypse… you are so woke like Shannon Williams‘ Now, those same people are, ‘So…what? What did you do about feminism?  You didn’t even get classy-sexy in a music video like Gain.’ People are pathetic.



I really regret what I’ve done.  Due to feminism, I became a trash blogger, and I had to go through many things, like being linked from 4chan and – I didn’t get anything, not even a cut of advertising revenue from Asian Junkie.



You guys are also planning to stab in the back the other bloggers who spoke up about feminism this time, right?  I hope you don’t do this to me only.


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