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Introducing the Kpopalypse boycott tracker!  Which sites are currently boycotted by Kpopalypse and why? Find out more here!

It is well known that there is a general lack of quality and integrity in almost all websites that focus on Korean pop.  As a result of this quality deficit, from time to time, Kpopalypse may consider certain Korean pop focused websites to be of such low quality that they become unworthy of direction of web traffic, promotion or direct discussion.  As many k-pop websites are so well known to be complete rubbish to greater or lesser degrees, the earning of a Kpopalypse boycott is therefore a rare mark reserved for only the most extreme offenders in the kpoposphere.

Standard time period of Kpopalypse boycott = 72 months.

During this time:

  • The boycotted site will not be linked to from in any posts published for the duration of the boycott period
  • The boycotted site will be assigned a different name or names by Kpopalypse and referred to as these different name/s
  • Comments referring to the boycotted site that refer to it by its original name instead of the new assigned name/s will be auto-moderated/edited to suit
  • Readers will be encouraged not to visit the boycotted site under any circumstances

At the end of the 72 month boycott period, a site under boycott will undergo an exhaustive performance review upon which the site will be assessed and the site’s quality will be evaluated.  It will then be determined if the boycott is to be lifted or extended.

As Kpopalypse is kind and forgiving of heart, sites under boycott can skip through their boycott period straight to the performance review period ahead of the scheduled time by undertaking both of the following actions:

  • sincerely apologising either in public to their site followers or personally to Kpopalypse for their actions (see “about” for contact details)
  • promising to either embark on a self-imposed period of deep reflection, or to return with a more improved image of themselves

Site: Allkpop

Crimes against kpop:

  • Publishing exclusive revenge porn photographs of Ailee, and gleefully speculating about Ailee’s career downfall during this time
  • Deleting Asteroids (and with it, Kpopalypse’s record-breaking Asteroids high score) from their forum during a forum upgrade

Further reading:

Assigned name/s given to this site during the boycott period: The Great Satan, The Website That Should Not Be, The Website That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Boycott commenced: 14th November 2013

First performance review: 14th November 2019 – FAILED!

Second performance review: 14th November 2025

Site: Netizenbuzz

Crimes against kpop:

  • Popularisation and dissemination of the false T-ara “bullying” rumours as well as the cancerous trend of caring about netizen comments
  • Extensively biased anti T-ara editorialisation in articles and article titles, clearly reveling in T-ara’s misfortune
  • Refusal to apologise and reflect on the above, still has to be dragged kicking and screaming to translate any actual trufax regarding T-ara

Further reading:

Assigned name/s given to this site during the boycott period: Shampoobuzz, Snakebuzz, Netizenbully, Netizenbullshit

In addition: Hwayoung and Hyoyoung will be referred to as “snake” and the “snake twins” only

Boycott commenced: 19th May 2018

Boycott ended: 25th September 2021, Netizenbuzz closed down on this date.

Site: Koreaboo


Crimes against kpop:

  • Relentless clickbait campaign, of dangerously spamming endless non-newsworthy articles whenever a celebrity tragically suicides, to maximise web traffic
  • Refusal to apologise and reflect on the above

Further reading:

Assigned name/s given to this site during the boycott period: The Buzzfeed Of K-pop

Boycott commenced: 30th November 2019

Site eligible for performance review: 30th November 2025

This post will be updated as more sites are added to the list, or with the results of any performance review.  Thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse boycott tracker

  1. I don’t know oppar… i think the major problem is a type of content users want, and this means “i’m here for the mess”. It’s all over social media, YouTube and sites. Once i said if i was dishonest, sure that’s the right way to go. Meanwhile, I am trying to bring informative content about asian culture researching academic material, and my traffic is so little… I will join your boycott, but i’m so skeptical :/

      • Obrigada. Decidi começar do zero ontem, fiz um blog secundário pra organizar esse conteúdo meu. Tô arrumando as postagens aos poucos, mas me deu um ânimo absurdo!

  2. The Great Satan has quickly taken the #1 spot for total “Let’s just stir the shit pot and start fan wars” K-Pop website. Just within the month, they posted articles claiming:

    1) US radio stations were censoring BTS over the Korean word “naega” and prompting an anti-American flame war in the comments
    2) Ran a headline about Jisung from Girls Alert debuting with “above average weight” when she weighs 132 lbs.
    3) Accused Mexican TV hosts of sexually abusing Super Junior during a variety show appearance.
    4) Ran a headline stating “Twice did not like cute choreography for Cheer Up” to stir up an anti-Twice flame war
    5) Ran a headline stating “Umji reveals her secret for her upgraded beauty”. implying that she was unattractive but took steps to improve her appearance.

    They are the fucking worse. They lob a grenade and just stand back and watch the clicks and carnage ensue over their bullshit.

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