Kpopalypse’s mysteries of k-pop: how the fuck is Skull not in jail

It’s well-known that South Korea has super-strict marijuana laws.  Artists like G-Dragon and T.O.P faced the possibility of jail time for not much more than looking at a funny-smelling cigarette the wrong way from across a room, whereas other Korean artists like E Sens and DMTN’s Daniel who didn’t have powerful agencies to fight for them found themselves punished heavily for fairly minor drug-related activity.  With all this harsh action against drug-takers, as well as the huge social stigma against marijuana users created by Korea’s old dumb-ass dictatorship that people oddly still subscribe to the ideals of, how is Skull even a thing in South Korea?  Does he smoke weed, and if so, how is he getting away with it so openly when nobody else in South Korea does?  Welcome to another edition of Kpopalypse’s Mysteries of K-pop!

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