All about Kpopalypse and livestreaming

Kpopalypse will be periodically livestreaming! This post has all the information on Kpopalypse video streaming activities!

Why is Kpopalypse streaming?

One of the big pieces of feedback received from readers recently is that you’d enjoy it if I covered more k-pop news/opinion style content.  However I really couldn’t be fucked writing articles about k-pop news because it takes several hours (minimum) to write just one Kpopalypse article, and I actually don’t really care that much about most of the shit that goes on in k-pop.  I think that Asian Junkie cares about it way more than I do and he does a pretty good job of covering that type of shit so I don’t have to.  Any article that I write about news would probably end up reading just like his, except sloppier (because I give far less fucks) and with perhaps a slightly different opinion tacked onto the end on some cases, and who wants to read that?  Asian Junkie is what it is and that’s great, but I’d like to do something different.

So the plan is, each week, I’ll do a livestream.  As the reason for this is partly to acknowledge my time constrains, the streams will be short.  In the stream I’ll cover the following, usually in this order:

  • Stream questions (form to submit these is below)
  • Whatever k-pop news or events are on my mind (if I even give a fuck)
  • Explanation of whatever posts I’ve been doing
  • Cat mukbang
  • Live drafting of Kpopalypse roundup and quick opinions on all the main songs
  • Random fucking around at the end (usually computer gaming) while you all talk shit

Subject to variation!

Where and when will the next stream be?

Streams will be broadcast on  Stream times will always be weekly at 2:30pm each Sunday (my time – Adelaide, Australia), unless I need to change it for some reason.  If you’re interested in the streams you should follow me on Twitch and also follow the Kpopalypse Twitter account for stream news (as well as other stuff, I’m reasonably active on Twitter).  Note the timezone where I live is either GMT+9:30 or GMT+10:30 and changes seasonally.

I missed a stream, is there anywhere I can watch it?

Yes!  Twitch stores the streams for two weeks at this link and while the Kpopalypse YouTube channel won’t ever feature my streams on it, there are caonimas storing parts of the Twitch streams on their own YouTube channels.

I watched your stream but the video quality is ass!  Why?

I live in Australia and the Internet here is absolutely woeful due to the pathetic Australian Liberal government refusing to roll out broadband Internet in a reasonable manner.  I actually have relatively good Internet for an Australian resident and I still don’t even get 1MB/sec upload.  As a result I’m forced to bump the stream quality down to Minecraft levels, anything above this will just get too choppy and unwatchable for viewers.  If you want better stream quality, Australia has an election coming up, so if you live here make sure you’re registered to vote ahead of time (you have to register before the election is announced to be eligible to vote, so do it like today, srs) and kick these Liberal Party clowns out of office, thanks.

Will the streams be monetised?

Yes there is a button for live donations.  I don’t really like that format because I don’t think that rich people’s questions and comments are more important than poor people’s questions and comments, so I’d hate to feel obliged to address a specific person just because they could afford it.  That’s always been an element that’s bugged me about other monetised streams.  However I’ve decided to do it anyway because one of my lovely caonimas showed me how to set this up and even though my girlfriend hates k-pop she will probably learn to appreciate k-pop a bit more if I can take her out for a nice meal or buy her something nice after the stream, so fuck it why not.  Those interested in supporting Kpopalypse financially but who aren’t into this streaming thing can also use the Kpopalypse Patreon if they wish, and while I definitely appreciate all donations and subscribers, I wouldn’t feel particularly pressured to donate or subscribe, as it won’t make any difference to the streams themselves (which don’t cost me any money to run).

Will there be advertising on your stream?

Well I certainly won’t be putting any on there myself.  If does, I highly recommend Ublock Origin for Chrome or Firefox which should block all advertising.

Will there be paid endorsements on your stream?

I can’t fucking stand streaming endorsements, and I doubt any company would want the negative stigma of being associated with the only blogger in k-pop who routinely gets called a Nazi pedophile rapist by every k-pop fandom ever just for making jokes about their bias and highlighting how their companies are fucking them over and exploiting them, so I don’t anticipate that this will ever be a reality!

I’ve never seen your face or heard your voice before, this will be scary to me.

Then you just haven’t been paying attention.  If you’d like to prepare yourself in advance, I aired my voice each week on the Kpopalypse radio show (which is now defunct but bootlegs exist and are easily web-searchable) as well as on various podcasts, and there’s plenty of videos of me playing guitar in the Kpopalypse tabs series of posts.  Spoiler alert: I’m probably the oldest and baldest Australian man alive who listens to k-pop and probably would fuck your mum.  (Although your mum shouldn’t worry too much, I’ve been in a very happy monogamous relationship since 2010.)

Might I be offended by streaming content?

Don’t worry, there won’t be any explicit visuals, sorry to all you Kpopalypse fappers out there but I have guidelines to work with.  However I won’t be editing my language for the stream, just like I don’t edit my language on this blog.

I went to you Twitch Channel and there’s a bunch of computer gaming streams too?

Sometimes I stream computer gaming as well just for fun.  There’s no regular schedule for this.  If you’re into gaming feel free to follow me on Twitch and check out those streams too.

Will there be guests on your stream?

Highly unlikely at this stage.

Will your partner be on the stream?

Doubtful – I love her partly for her incredibly high intelligence, and her high intelligence levels means that she’s smart enough to disregard all things k-pop.

Will there be cat content?

That depends on my cat.  Nobody tells her what to do.  But given that my cat has worked out that there is food available to eat on Kpopalypse streams, it is likely that she will appear.

Can I request a stream topic?

Yes!  You can do this in the live text chat during the stream.  For those who prefer to lurk during streams and/or wish to make their topic request completely anonymous, you can use the anonymous stream request box below.   If you don’t see a request box between this paragraph and the Eunha picture below, clicking Eunha will take you to the request box as a separate page.

On the livestream I always answer the questions in the request box as the first activity, so if you drop a question in here, don’t be late to the stream!

More questions and answers about the Kpopalypse streams will be added to this post over time as people ask stuff and also as the format potentially changes depending on feedback.

A stream icon has been added to the sidebar to make it easy for readers to find this post and update themselves of any changes to protocol.  Please enjoy the streams as they appear – or don’t!

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