The Kpopalypse 2018 survey of important trufax – the results!

This post has all the results of the Kpopalypse 2018 survey of important trufax – read on for the survey results!

A total of 563 intrepid caonimas chose to complete the survey.  Let’s look at the results!

Question 1: Hi! How are you? Answer in as much or as little detail as applicable.

As usual I will reply to selected entries at random, and try to assist caonimas in need.

I really hate these senseless beginning&ending questions – how about getting rid of them or at least making them optional?

It’s not senseless to ask how someone is.  I think it’s friendly.  Perhaps you should embrace it.

Overall, I’m doing pretty well. I have been enjoying my life as an adult over the past few years way more than any part of my childhood and teenage years. I feel that society and the media frame the days of youth as the best time in a person’s life and it’s all downhill after that. For me, the opposite has been true and I’m glad I have rejected that notion and look to the present and future instead of pining for the past.

How are you? How is Stiglitz?

I’m good, and so is Stiglitz!  I agree with your perception of ageing and my own life has only improved with age!  As you get older you learn more and more about how shit actually works and the knowledge is very helpful to do stuff in life more successfully.

shit! i lost my only friend last night, failed to kill myself last week, and my grades are trash. im an 11th grader, which means i need to make decisions about what i want to study and where. all my friends have been thinking about this for years, but i haven’t even planned on living this long. it makes me wish i had succeeded in dying when i was 11.

I hadn’t worked that type of shit out until quite a few years after I had left school completely, if you’re finding it hard to work out it probably just means you’re smart enough to not want to lock yourself into one thing before you’ve experienced life.  Remember as above, life improves as you age.  The world doesn’t start sucking any less, but you get a lot better at dealing with bullshit as time goes on.  It’s worth sticking around even if things suck.  We all die eventually, there’s no rush, so take your time and find things in life you enjoy.  Sorry about your friend, but I highly recommend that you don’t go out like that.  Also school grades don’t matter that much, trust me employers mostly don’t even give a fuck, anyone can get good grades, they’re more interested in your qualities as a person like if you can demonstrate that you can deal with workplace situations, be reliable and trustworthy.

I hope you’re doing well. Always glad to use this spot to send you encouragement. Keep it up. You’re incredibly refreshing.

I know I didn’t phrase that offensively enough to humor you but it’s genuine. You’re great.


I’ve recently taken over as the tech officer for my college’s Christian Union. This means I need to send out surveys to ascertain the availability of all the different techies for events. The most exciting thing is that now get to model my surveys on yours. Finally the tech surveys will meet required standards. Thank you for your inspirational content.

I wish I could do your survey, that would be great, but sadly it probably wouldn’t be relevant to me.  Glad I could help you!

Hello, sir! I enjoy getting this opportunity to “talk” to you (although this is a rather passive way of talking and really I should just get off my ass and find you on Facebook or somesuch). Anyway, right now I am annoyed with myself because I gave myself a haircut this morning and I went too short. I like cutting my own hair, but the downside is that if it goes wrong I have no one to blame but myself. In two weeks I’ll look okay but right now I’m wannabe-butch and my face is like 90% jaw. I suppose I’m demonstrating to my kids that looks aren’t everything? The other mild annoyance is that I woke up sluggish and with a headache, and was all, “What’s up with this, I wasn’t drinking yesterday,” until I remembered that last night we went to a seder hosted by sweet friends, so yes I totally was drinking (remember, kids, the most important ceremony in Judaism REQUIRES that you drink four cups of wine, preferably while leaning one way or the other). So apparently I have no tolerance left. This is all proof that I am not 25 anymore, which is in turn proof that time is passing too quickly and I am closer to death now than I was when I started writing this paragraph. Rage! Rage and mutterings. But otherwise I’m okay. I hope you, Stiglitz, and Jennifer are all doing well.

I used to care a lot about women’s hair until I met Jennifer who has been through a metric ton of different hairstyles.  The shit grows back anyway.

I am good. It is Easter, I am sipping on Irish coffee, and my girlfriend gets back from her trip in a couple hours. I will be going to class in a week for a promotion from First Officer to Captain. I’m an airline pilot, you see. Knowledge-wise, I feel ready, but whoa boy, the responsibility of being a captain is really giving me anxiety. Having to be a leader is not something that comes naturally to me, and I’m not really sure what to expect.

Being a leader is more about applying leadership techniques than it is about your personality type.  Anybody can learn to apply the techniques of leadership correctly.  In my experience people who seem suited to leadership personality-wise tend to fuck up the task a lot more because they let their personality run riot and as a result the amount of ego that they have invested in the role often gets in the way of them doing an effective job because it’s harder for them to be objective.  I recommend this book which is a very short read and may decrease your anxiety as well as give you some effective coaching tools, try to look past the cheesy writing style if possible.

That’s a really good question, how am I? I don’t even know how I am still alive in this world, after all death is common just a moment and you’re found dead in some corner of a shady neighbourhood’s street corner. Beside that, pretty okay.

I wouldn’t worry too much.  Being alive is good, count your blessings and roll with it.

I’m pretty good and not so good at the same time.

The pretty good part >
Monday I got my master’s degree so I’m officially finished with university! As Frank, the lizard in the Disney movie “The rescuers down under”, says: “I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

If you haven’t seen the movie (came on, a Disney movie set in Australia, from 1990, you got to have seen it) here is the link to the scene I’m talking about:

Anyway, I’m free, now I only have to find something to do with my life.

The not so good part >
Kyra, my beautiful, sweet, adorable cat, died on the 14th of February and it still breaks my heart thinking she’s not with me anymore (I’m crying just writing about it).
I know you said that nothing helps you get over an old cat like a new cat, but 1) I already have three cats in my garden to care about 2) I don’t think I want to get over her. It may sound stupid, but she is the love of my life. I’m an only child, and my parents are not really animal persons. I was the only one in the world that loved her, greatly, and she loved me back in the same way. Needless to say, I’m not crying under a blanket all day, I go out, laugh with friends, happily play with my other cats, fill out surveys etc, but I miss her, very very much, that’s just that.

How are you?

I’m good!  There’s a difference between “getting over” and “forgetting”.  As life goes on you tend to accumulate these incidences as people (or animals) around you pass on.  Normal shit, each passing you carry with you but it also teaches you something, over time.

Why do you care

I care about all my readers!

Currently jobless.. I’ve worked cashier jobs my whole life and I’m so desperate to find a better job. I have an associates degree and not even with that do I have any luck. Right now I’m not applying to any cashier jobs so I won’t be tempted to take a job as one later on. Waiting to see how that goes. I’m almost 25 and I literally have nothing to show for it. I feel like such a failure but I’m trying really hard not to let it get to me. I can’t get depressed again, when I do I literally shut down and do nothing. I have to keep hoping and keep trying atleast. I hope you are doing okay though!

A job is better than no job.  I was a self-managed broke-ass musician bum for most of my 20s and had “nothing to show” for my life by the time I was 30, BUT I did have a lot of great experiences.  I actually always wanted to work in retail when I was younger because I figured it’d be a simple job that I could use to support music, but nobody would give me a shot, would you believe.  The grass is always greener…

Hello! I’m doing quite well! Things in my life are going rather smoothly, so I’m quite content these days. I recently quit my awful job where I had a terrible boss, so I’m feeling rather awesome these days, I got a new job as well, and I’m graduating this year! Anyways a lot of positivity all around. I hope you’re doing well too. Please post your best encouragement gif as a response!

The passage of time solves all

Hi! Feeling stereotypically mid-20s and lost. Graduated from college and for a year now have been working a cushy, well-paying software engineering job at one of those big Bay Area tech companies, with coworkers that I like and many perks…and I am extremely bored and completely unfulfilled. I don’t want to be ungrateful for this job that is better than probably anyone deserves (really, tech company perks are excessive), but I just can’t see a future for myself in this industry. In some ways I enjoy the work and I’m good at it, but at the end of the day I don’t CARE about building software or infrastructure, or how well Big Tech Company’s stock is doing, or “”changing the world with our groundbreaking technology””. If they weren’t paying my salary they could burn to the ground and I would have 0 emotions about it, positive or negative. So, I have no idea where to go from here or how to get out of this situation, or even whether I should. I just want to do work that I feel is important. SOS. Wow I’ve never written all this out before like that, I feel weird. Thanks Kpopalypse~

It’s okay if you don’t love your job, and/or that you’re not emotionally invested in the result of your labour, after all you are getting paid.  It’s a myth that people are happiest in the jobs that they love – yes it CAN be true, but do any job long enough, even your dream job, and it will still become drudgery after long enough.  It’s fine to have a job that you can tolerate, that makes enough money for you to live comfortably and where you are sufficiently enabled to pursue the things that you love elsewhere, that can be as good a situation as the “dream jobs”.  The problem with “dream jobs” is that they actually ruin your leisure pursuits a little because you start to associate the things that you like about the job which are not work related with work drudgery.  Humans don’t like jobs in general, but we also need to keep our mind busy and do stuff, plus society needs to run.  If you’re “doing okay” then I think that’s fine as long as you can handle it.  If you are going to leave then that’s fine too, but ask yourself what it is that would make you truly happy and be honest with yourself about the nature of whatever you do next, try and keep old doors open if you can, don’t burn your bridges.  Options are always better than no options.

Exams coming up and I’m worried about my mental state, to be honest. Also kinda feel like everyone secretly hates me and just puts up with me because they feel sorry for me and it’s the worst feeling I’ve ever felt

Fuck ’em.  Plenty of people openly hate me, they make no secret of it.  At least if your haters are being secretive they’re shutting the fuck up, which is a good thing.  Keep doing what you do and rub your existence in their faces.

Tbh not as great as I want to feel but better than I’ve been a few months back. University is always stressful. I’m in my final year of Computer Science and I’m worried about getting the job I want afterwards. I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety and overcoming these feelings is tough but I’m trying to take it one day at a time. Atleast there’s always music to lift my spirits ?

Just enjoy the ride for now.  Pretty soon you’ll have that job and you’ll look back on University days and wish you were still studying.

Pretty terrible. Applying to colleges in the US is a shitty fucking process and makes me want to shoot myself in the ass. I’ve gotten rejected from almost all my schools after working for straight A’s and 99th percentile test scores while my friends get into ivy leagues. I don’t even want to go to college at this point, I just want validation. doesn’t help that each school made me pay like $80 just to apply, fucking dickheads

That sounds like it sucks.  I had super low scores but just went into the workforce instead, then got into University later as a mature age student.  I don’t know how it works in the US but in Australia mature-age entry is honestly a piece of piss if you have a brain and can pass a basic aptitude exam without flaking.

I’m suffering through an existential crisis because I’m slowly giving up my hopes and dreams of pursuing music and now I feel dead inside and like a high school senior applying for college all over again.

The advantage of not pursuing music is that if you’re not in that top 1% almost every other career ever makes more money.  Also it means that you’re free to enjoy music more without having to think about work all the time as you listen.

Hello! I am fine, thank you very much. How about you?

I need your advice.

If I have low CGPA for one more semester, my loans are going to be blocked and I need to pay the course fees on my own.

I am considering to quit my studies should I fail this semester to prevent me from falling further into the mountain of debts that are to ensue later on, but I am honestly lost. Where do I go from here? Should I just study so that I pass the required CGPA and figure out what to do from there?

Have a good day oppar.

I don’t quite know how that system works as I’ve never been in that position but I would personally study the ass off it.  I tend to be a “clutch performer” when it comes to any sort of study or work task – when the pressure is really on and other people start choking out or quitting, that’s when I pull out my best performance.  Now is a good time for you to test and see if this also applies to you.

I’m fine, kind of. I have a crush on someone who’s probably(?) taken and probably(?) not into my gender anyway, but it’s a passing thing and I guess I’ll get over it eventually

Shit happens.  Once I had a crush on a girl for over a year before I found out that I was the only person in her circle of friends who didn’t know she was a lesbian.  Talk about feeling hopeless and stupid!  But it didn’t matter because it left open better options for down the track…

tbh i have crabs and it’s pretty annoying

Hopefully you can enjoy the crab dance at 2:41:

Hi oppar.
Good news: idk???
Bad news: both my dad and my grandma passed away in just 2 months (i wrote about my dad back then in latest survey, he passed away because of kidney failure (he’s still pretty young. He’s only 50 y.o) around two weeks after i answered your survey. My grandparents who live in different city came to attend dad’s funeral and stayed for 3 weeks. When they wanted to go back to their home, my grandma (who’s diabetic and can’t walk without cane) got bleed. Her condition became more severe and she had surgery. Her diabetes, age, and stubborness made her condition became worse, she got hospitalized several times in just a month and she eventually passed away.)
Not as bad as above news: 6 months after finishing my studies and haven’t got any job yet because i only started to look for job recently. I have to help my mom took care of my dad and grandma and also help her manage documents and insurance after both of them passed away. Now that mom have to continue her job (which she had to left behind because of my dad condition for almost 8 months), i’m basically doing nothing right now.
The main problem is, while on paper i may have no problem getting decent job, i’m not very confident about my softskills. I’m bad at interacting with others (i tend to avoid people’s eyes when talking,talking too fast to the point people can’t understand what i say), have extreme stage fright (my voice becomes shaky and my mind becomes blank whenever i have to do presentation), generally awkward, etc. People around me (especially my late dad) pushes me to fix this habit and while i manage to improve my condition a little bit, it still bothers me.

Most people have stagefright, that’s why people write notes for public speaking.  I don’t get it at all but then I’m weird.  I’m fine with interacting with others, I just prefer not to.  It’s okay if I’m being paid though!  “Soft skills” is all stuff that is learnable, it’s not about your personality, it’s about practice and applying certain modes of thought to your actions.  Practice!

Hi there! I am supposed to be doing my thesis right now but I can’t get to the mindset arghhh. Tell me your tips for gaining motivation and concentration, senpai!

Don’t worry about the big picture or you will be overwhelmed and it will stun you into inaction.  Instead work on small parts, then connect them up later.  Start with the easy stuff that you know you can do, then when it’s time to do the hard stuff you can use the existing work as a framework to build on, will make it easier overall.  Whenever I had a to do a big essay I’d do the reference list first, by the time I had finish reading and listing my reference the essay had pretty much written itself inside my head, then it was just a matter of transference.

I’m ok, considering: I’m one of the oldest hardcore kpop fans, so my body has pain every day, medicine problems, etc. As my father used to say, “Don’t get old!” I’m 63 now, but at least there are sweet, adorable cuties like Eunha, Yerin, SinB and Umji to keep me young. 🙂

I can’t wait to be 63.  It’s going to be great, I can be rude to young people and get the little cunts to stand up for me on the bus and they can’t say shit about it.  Payback for when I had to stand up for miserable old cunts back in the day.  It’ll be worth the body pain I think.

Sadly, I am still alive and I don’t have the courage to kill myself. Still waiting for a methode to kill myself without pain, thus I have to wait

I hope, you are okay kpopalypse. You seem to be a bit down due to your writing. I hope everything is okay. Don’t push yourself hardcorely, think about your health. We caonimas are here.

I’m good!  Don’t worry, I pace myself appropriately, I have to.  I’d write more but work has been good these last few years and I need to earn money and stuff to pay for my new house and lavish caonima lifestyle plus take my girlfriend out to dinner etc so you get on average one roundup plus two other articles per week.

I am suffering from depression and want to kill myself every single waking moment but i won’t because i’m not a selfish cunt like jonghyun, who would rather the people that care about him suffer than enduring the suffering himself

From the point of view of depressed people, suicide is actually quite selfless, because they often feel like the world would be happier without them.  Of course as you know this isn’t the case, which is a really good reason to not kill yourself.  Depression does strange things to your brain, but don’t give up, it’s the disease talking, don’t let it win.

strangely excited because I’ve done one of these before despite following the site for quite a while.

also a little worried that this survey won’t work because I block Javascript everywhere by default

I got your results so all good!

Great, actually. You’ve given me advice twice before and I’m taking this opportunity to thank you. People like to accuse you of being edgy, but honestly I enjoy your sense of humor and think you are much more kindhearted than people realize.

I think a lot of my critics don’t bother to actually read most of what I write, so they have no idea.  If I wasn’t a kind person I wouldn’t write so much about stuff that opens people’s eyes up to how fucked up k-pop really is and how people totally shouldn’t get involved in it without being forewarned that it’s essentially a dance with the devil.

well, i`m 16, but i`m already going through my 3rd midlife crisis. it`s a really lovely time for me and my entire family who views me as a failure and an embarrassment in comparison to my sister. i have anxiety attacks every day to the point where nothing feels comfortable or right and the world constantly feels like it`s spinning off it`s axis. i still have feelings for my ex girlfriend (who i`m still close friends with) who has even deeper feelings for a guy who is way more mentally stable, talented, intelligent, and attractive than i will ever be. not to mention i had feelings for this girl even while i was dating my ex boyfriend, who i never truly liked at all. i left him the second she even hinted that she liked me back. needless to say, i think this is probably the worst year of my life!!! this is definitely oversharing. love you kpopalypse. thank you for improving my shitty musical tastes and overall views on the music industry. ❤

I do my best.  However don’t take my music taste as gospel though, it’s just one person’s opinion.  Don’t sweat the crazy world stuff, if you’re feeling like everything is somehow wrong that just means you’re very smart.  Worry about controlling the things that you can control directly to maximise your life quality and let the rest be what it will be.  I think this is good advice for a lot of surveydoers going through depression or hard times (many of whom I couldn’t answer here due to time constraints, but I read everything you guys write to me, thank you for your thoughts).

i want to make a harsh noise live performance where i uselessly roll in the floor with a mic and my noise phone app and maybe one (1) guitar amplifier that i can fiddle with to annoy the fuck out of everyone while someone throws fish guts at them. no opening artist. just kpop songs playing before and after the show.
but everyone here is backwards as fuck and i don’t have enough contacts in the local punk/metal scene to let me get into a show. i’m fine, thank you btw lol

The best way to get involved in the local scene is to go to local shows and talk to people in bands you like after the shows.  Most people in piss-poor bands that nobody likes are only too happy to talk to people who are genuinely appreciative about music.  Do this enough times and you’ll gain new friends and contacts galore.

I’m worried about a friend. I’m trying to help him get professional help for his depression, but he thinks medication is unnatural (he is very religious). He is very kind and I don’t want to lose a friend like that, but at this point I’m willing to sacrifice our friendship if it gets him the help he needs. The problem is, I don’t know if he’ll continue with no one to support him to keep going

He should see a doctor.  Most doctors are pretty cool and if you say “I don’t want to be on meds” they will listen and suggest other stuff.  I saw doctors for depression more than once and while meds were definitely suggested as a possible option, so were many other things.

Hi! I’m actually really good, I went to see music bank live, all the organization was terrible and many people ended up injured but I was really lucky to not be injured. I saw Wanna one and Twice live and being really honest singing wasn’t really important but the performance was amazing. Also I realized that Idols are really skinny, specially twice, I couldn’t believe how some people are telling them to go diet.

I know, crazy right?

¡Estoy muy bien! ¿Sabes español? Hablo un poquito de español porque de clases de español en mi escuela. Si una persona que habla español ve esto, yo quiero decir usted habla inglés más bueno que hablo español.

No hablo español, y de hecho tuve una ex novia abusiva a la que le gustaba mucho el español, así que el español me da un poco de miedo ahora. Ella era una maldita puta.

I just purchased an ungodly amount of dog biscuits on accident. I am the proud owner of one dog. He is tiny – like the 3 kg kind of tiny. I don’t know how he’ll ever eat them all or if he ever will, but I feel baffled right now. I’ve felt better and I’ve felt worse. I don’t quite know how to answer this question, honestly. Would you like a dog biscuit?

Nah, I’m good thanks.

Sad. I desperately want to fuck a friend of mine but he doesn’t. I’ve spend the week looking for a relatable kpop song about sexual frustration, to no avail.

Try this:

Good, I’m happy that I’ve realized some things about a friend of mine I’ve known for awhile. While he’s been there for me during some pretty hard times, there’s hasn’t been a single time lately that I truly enjoyed being around him.

He’s always been argumentative, judgemental, condescending, insulting and big-headed. He acts like he knows everything and antagonizes those around him. All of these traits have only gotten worse since he transferred to a different university.

Now every time I see him, he just wants to get fucked up on shit alcohol and smoke shitty weed from his bong that he’s never cleaned. He never wants to leave his shithole place, where there’s black mold everywhere and the toilet is stained yellow from vomit, piss and shit. He lives an hour away, the place is tiny, and his roommates are complete douchebag athlete-types who watch soccer in the living room 24/7.

I just really dread drinking with this guy. I would normally avoid his place like the plague, but every time I offer to get together he gives me shit for not driving to see him, so I go to appease him. And if I’m already feeling depressed, drinking just makes me more depressed to the point of suicidal ideation.

I don’t enjoy smoking weed either. I try to limit myself, but he usually just annoys me until I take another shot or a hit.

But this last time was the breaking point. At some point in the night, I tried to clean, mainly because of drunkenness, and because I wanted to use the toilet without throwing up from the sight and smell of it. Turns out all that was needed was scrubbing the bowl with a toilet brush.

For whatever reason though, he got so upset about the fact that I was cleaning that he refused to speak to me for the rest of the night. I felt so alone and depressed, I ended up locking myself in the bathroom and sobbing. After that, another friend of mine took me home and I haven’t contacted him since.

I’ve realized that I let myself be run over by this guy too many times. What is most important is being around people that make you happy, so much so that you want to make them happy as well.

There’s a lesson here, caonimas.  Don’t pour your energy down a hole.  Spend time with people who give back emotionally in turn what they receive.

I’m alright.

The person who wrote this response is from Syria.  This person’s country is in the middle of a fucked up war and he/she is completely chill when doing this survey.  That’s pretty rad.

Hi! I have been away in a foreign country for the past 6months and I’m trying to challenge myself to try and do stuff by myself and meet new people,and basically stepping out of my comfort zone! It has always been really hard for me as I am very shy and introvert but so far I am quite pleased even though each steps are small, buy Kpopalypse oppar’s blog is here for me when it gets too much amiright
I hope you are well and that everything goes fine in your life !

Good work!  Yes my blog is here for your entertainment purpose and maybe a bit of education.

My boyfriend broke up with me today. Long story short, his parents found out about his e-life, and they as traditional parents forced him to dump me and delete his fb account because they don’t believe in online bonds. I’m so heartbroken because he’s the only guy who’s ever truly got me, and that I can confidently say I love. (for the record, he’s 20 and i’m 19).

I know realistically I can live past this. But it hurts so much. I don’t know what’ll happen from here on out, but I don’t have much of a choice. I still have his number, his snapchat and his twitter. I want him back so badly, but I don’t know what’ll happen.

What’s the bet that his parents know all about his Facebook but not about what goes on with his Twitter and other social networks.  I reckon the chances of you rekindling things are pretty good… but do you really want to?  He’s 20 years old, not 13 – he’s an adult, why isn’t he telling his parents to get fucked?  Does he have no spine?  Do you really want a relationship with someone who is willing to let his parents rule him like this?  Give him an ultimatum.  Whatever he chooses, the net result for you is positive.

I’m a little stressed but after about two years of chronic procrastination, I’ve grown used to that sense of panic and dread that I won’t be able to finish everything. My current procrastination destination is Stardew Valley. I’ve logged a dozen hours this week despite having two midterms and a project due next week.

Hi Asian Junkie I didn’t know you were still in University.

I’m actually… doing okay. Last year I was trapped in a major I hated, set up for a life of frustration and surrounded by people I couldn’t stand. Now I’ve graduated from the shitty major and switched fields to something I love doing, have removed lazy snd depressing people from my group of friends and I’m actually waking up every day feeling not too bad about my life. And I’m really fucking grateful for that! And on top of that I get to answer one of Kpopalypse Oppa’s super interesting surveys and contribute to increasing the global average level of trufax awareness. Life’s great!

See caonimas – don’t be afraid to dare to take steps to do better in life.  You control your own happiness.  Get on it!

Hi! I just transferred schools recently, and I’ve had trouble making friends. There are also many students at my school who like kpop… but only BTS. I don’t want to form my friendships on a basis of being a kpop/BTS fan (I don’t even like BTS, I like more girl groups), so do you have any tips for making new friends? Thanks!
By the way, I always love reading your blog and expanding my knowledge of music 🙂

Find someone at your new school who everyone hates, who is weird or just having a fucking bad time and struggling.  Be really nice to that person.  You’ll soon have a friend for life.  Glad you’re liking the blog!

Objectively good? But subjectively I just want to die, but don’t really wanna do it because I’m ironically too nice and don’t want to freak out the person who finds my body if I just stab myself, and don’t want to ruin the driving record of anyone or disrupt traffic if I jump on front of a vehicle, so right now I’m just… living? I’m also taking ad hoc piano lessons (ie I text my instructor if I want to have a lesson that week) and if I really want to die I just book a lesson to at least live until then, then rinse and repeat, plus I get motivation to practice which is also my main motivation for not dying, so I guess it’s somewhat working out?

Chill out on the dying stuff, there’s time for that later, no reason to rush straight to that bit.  You’ve got a whole life to do first, don’t skip out on it.  It’s okay to just live for now, things will improve.

why do you want to know you fucking pos

To annoy you.

Not great, I have the first draft of a huge essay due Monday and I’ve barely started but I don’t care enough change that lol. I’m so burned out, I really hope college will be better but I still have a year to go before I graduate. Is Australia’s education system any better than America’s? I guess we still both have the hell that is the IB program. Anyway, hope you’re doing well.

Australia is way better financially but more countries will recognise an American education, I’d say stick with it if you can afford to.  It’s only one more year, pace it, take time out for yourself and you’ll be okay.

I’m good. Looking forward to starting university in September. Does oppa have any helpful tips on how to make it through my degree?


I am OK, I think. First time doing this. I am the wrong side of 40 years of age……so…..don’t know if anyone cares about what an old woman thinks, but here’s my two cents anyway…

More like the right side.  Getting old is awesome.

WOAW there, laddie. That’s a bit personal…guess I’m going to have to tell you about all my relationship problems and ask you, an ancient australian citizen, for advice. By the way, how’s life at the retirement home? I hope they have good wifi!

The wifi sucks but the nurses who change my bedpan are sexy af so it’s okay

I’m fine but I just often find myself fapping in the morning and then being in a flap getting ready for work after. I always fap the night before but I still feel horny in the morning. I feel like if I fapped twice at night then I’d get it all out of my system for the morning after, but I fall asleep before I can be ready for round 2. Pls help me break out of this vicious cycle brought about by my high sex drive.

Happy that I can read your blog again! I had surgery and laughing hurt too much but now I’m healing well and enjoying your writing style.

Good news!

Terrible, because I feel like I’m the only person in the world that prefers Eunha with her hair long. Why is everyone getting boners over that terrible Anna Wintour shit?

Because it’s hot.

Getting better of depression. After losing at least 5 years of my life not being able to continue my undergraduate course, I have finally understood that the world is a big piece of crap with some little non digested intact chocolate sprinkled on it, and that the determination to find happiness in the latter depends on me.
Changing a little the subject, something is really bothering me. I’m getting myself off much better with smut fanfics than with my regular porn videos. Have you ever met someone like that before oppar?

It’s more normal than you think.  It’s the same reason why people visit reddit/kpopfap when there is also hardcore porn available.  Less explicit options make the brain work harder to fill in the gaps.  The mind is the most powerful sex organ.

I’m have to write story for one of my classes. I’m already a shitty writer but to make matters worse I have a major crush on my TA which means I have zero confidence in everything I write since all I can think about it what if he reads it and thinks lmfao who wrote this major waste of time trash story. Anyways I guess my questions is how do I get my TA to like me? You’re a male so you could probably give me some insight on how 20 or so male graduate students think.

Quit fucking around, ask him out for coffee or something, use the pretense of talking about writing if it works.  Correct boob presentation can work wonders, make sure to read all the Kpopalypse Fashion Class episodes before attempting this advanced move.  All guys except the extreme, extreme douches love it when girls make the first move.

I could be better. I just started a round of SSRI’s and they make me tired af (I’m fit as a fiddle and my bloodtests came out as normal). Working hard on the weekends to make some money for fun and saving and going to uni 5 days a week with this is tiring oppar :(. I know I could quit work anytime but I really do like having money and I’m funding my own mental health escapades, but I feel myself burning out and my determination levels are dropping from the constant tiredness + excersize + trying to better my life. It is improving though, but how do you structure your time, considering you work and write for the blog at the same time?

I have a strict schedule and spend as much time out for myself as possible.  I tend to restrict non-self time to stuff which actually makes money, I say no to a lot of “free work”.

Im good Oppar. I hope you decide to start watching the Korean broodwar league regularly now that Ive hopefully reignited your passion.

All I can think of when I watch that shit is how goddamn hopeless I was at that game back when I used to play it a lot.  The micromanagement needed to play Starcraft at any kind of good level is just something else.

Fine, thanks Oppar!

Good to know!  Please enjoy the rest of this post!

Question 2: This is a picture of Gfriend’s Eunha.

Why is this picture here?

Opinion was split fairly evenly but the general consensus was some form of “it looks nice”.

Question 3: Some Kpopalypse readers have said that they suffer from OCD, and that reading Kpopalypse posts helps them with managing their condition. Why is this?

Readers felt that the predictable humour of Kpopalypse posts comforted many OCD sufferers.  Kpopalypse is glad to help you with your mental conditions!

Question 4: Some Kpopalypse readers have said that they suffer from OCD, and that reading Kpopalypse posts helps them with managing their condition. Why is this?

To really go the extra mile to help readers with OCD, I decided to ask the same question twice.  Hopefully you all appreciated the comforting familiarity of being asked the same question again, even if the selectable answers were different.

Question 5: Observe the following excerpt from a previous Kpopalypse post.

How close are the intrepid students above to discovering the true meaning of the Kpopalypse fap posts?

The picture was from the annual Kpopalypse “white-coater comic” which accompanied the “most fappable videos for 2016” post which you can read here.  Most readers were just as clueless as the people in the picture, which was pretty much what I expected.

Question 6: Which k-pop agency has the scariest dungeon in which to store idols awaiting a comeback?

There was a pretty strong consensus here that YG had the scariest dungeon.  A few people lamented the absence of DSP, Blockberry and others in the poll but honestly I don’t think they would have rated that high compared to some of the very scary dungeons in this question.

Question 7: This is the new song from k-pop group Honey Popcorn.

Honey Popcorn is made up of currently active JAV (Japanese Adult Video) stars. How do you feel about their k-pop debut?

Opinions on the song were far more mixed than opinions on the performers.  Most people supported the girls’ right to explore their career options regardless of their opinion of the result.  Perhaps this had something to do with the incredibly strong feelings of pro-porn feminism generated around International Women’s Day which happened just before the survey went live.

Question 8: Which is the best video featuring Yua Mikami of Honey Popcorn?

Naturally “Bibidi Babibid Boo” scooped the results here simply as more people had seen it, however readers were also directed to my Yua Mikami drama reviews post in order to help them make a firm decision, as there were a lot of dramas appearances by this prolific actress to remember!

Question 9: Do you like numerical questions? Submit an answer between 0 and 10, with 10 being “I really like numerical questions thank you Kpopalypse are you single yet” and 0 being “go fuck yourself”. This question isn’t mandatory, just in case you’re too dumb to work out how to fill this question out.

Readers put down an average of 7 for this question, with 5 (the default) being the most common answer.  A few sneaky caonimas utilised their 1337 hacking skills to vote outside the 0 to 10 scale, but the Kpopalypse quality control and data assessment team was able to rectify these scores appropriately.

Question 10: This is a picture of Lee Hi.

Why is Lee Hi facepalming?

We all hope for Lee Hi’s imminent release from the YG dungeon.  Let’s hope that her 2023 comeback goes well!

Question 11: Important political question – where do you place yourself on the political spectrum?

I don’t really believe that standard political spectrums have any validity whatsoever, so I decided that it would be better if I categorised political opinion by k-pop blogsite (I skipped “news” and “netizen comment” sites as most of those don’t really even put forward opinions).   This naturally created a lot of confusion, however for those that felt that they understood this question enough to make a selection, most of them picked Asian Junkie.  Mind you Asian Junkie probably had the advantage here given that they’re by far the most active and popular site on the list and the main competitor in the popularity stakes Anti Kpop-Fangirl has actually closed down.  I was somewhat disturbed to see Seoulbeats collect slightly more votes than Korean Indie, but hats off to what must be the most incredibly tolerant Seoulbeats readers in the world to actually sit through one of my problematic surveys and complete all the questions.

Question 12: Rate the following Kpopalypse series.

This isn’t for future planning, just curiosity and feedback.  Readers can definitely expect all five of these series to continue!

Question 13: Anti Kpop-Fangirl has finally closed down, for good this time. Since this has left a void in the k-pop blogosphere, please submit your own Anti Kpop-Fangirl style blog post in the space below. There is no character limit. Feel free to also include links to relevant audiovisual content. Entries will be assessed on completely unfair, biased and secret criteria, and the winner will be published on Kpopalypse blog at a future date if it meets required standards. You can skip this question if you’re not feeling creative.

Here’s a few choice responses to this question:

Oh fuck no.
Although fun fact that I go to college with one of the old AKF writers. My friend and I found every article he ever wrote for them and accordingly compiled a bingo card to enhance the literary experience.

I’d love to see this bingo card so I could share this game with my readers!  And as promised, the winner is:

Why becoming an AV star is the right career choice for the delulu kpop fangirl who wastes her potential trying to date oppa?

You always hated school, you have no friends, your future seems blur, anyway your grades were shit and your parents couldn’t or didn’t send you abroad for studies. Nowadays, you spend all you have to buy oppa related stuff, because working a part-time job wastes the time you want to dedicate to oppa, and who wants to do shitty jobs with small income, you deserve more than that. You basically deserve oppa and you are convinced that the moment he’ll finally notice you in a crowd of women throwing themselves at him, the nature will take over and you two will start to date and get to know each other in a respectful way but here is why dating oppa is not a sustainable career choice:

– Oppa is always late, sometimes doesn’t show up at all and doesn’t bother to warn you in advance because he simply forgets to do so.
– When he shows up he is always exhausted, sleeps while listening to you and faceplants on the nearest couch.
– Conversation with him is limited if you are not into video games. At least you know he is not illiterate because you frequently see him binge watching his own videos, reading every single comment and using multiple ghost accounts to post positive comments about himself.
– He doesn’t know what he does in bed, you notice that he is more into observing himself than trying to satisfy you. (You also know that he takes some brain and body stimulating drugs to keep up with the idol life and uses the bedtime to ease the brutal crash down his body and brain goes through. )
– When he leaves, all you have left are dark stains on the pillows, hair dye, light stains on the sheets, BB cream. BB cream is easy to clean but hair dye doesn’t wash out.
– You can’t even rant about dating him. Going out is not an option, anyway he acts really weird outside, has paranoid behaviors and poses non-stop in case someone is taking pictures. Anyway, your name on his phone appears as “asdfg 4”.
– The gifts you receive from him are fangifts.
– The smallest negative comment online makes him angry and upset and leads to hours of complaining, shouting and crying about life being unfair, other idols being cunts, the company being shit. Sometimes you ask yourself if this ugly, grumpy, smelly creature is the same person than oppa and think about asking him to put back some make-up on just to be sure.
– He asks you for money because he says he doesn’t have any (which is most of the time true).

Dating oppa is an activity that will make you lose time, money and nerves and is no good for anybody. It’s better to establish yourself as a reliable callgirl with solid connections in the industry: He will never be late because he pays for it, will look good when he shows up and you can charge him extra if he wants someone to talk to after the sexual intercourse. Plus you can easily tell him to fuck off when he starts to suck. Isn’t that great? But we are talking about a sustainable career here because you’re worth it. If you are legal according to your country’s laws, with your extreme determination, solid nerves and supreme sasaeng skills online, you have all the required standards to become an AV star and here is why becoming an AV star will make all your dreams come true.

Years of stanning oppa taught you well about how to use the web.
– Create an account on the messaging app of your choice and start posting some nudes.
– Concept is important and you have enough market knowledge about new and interesting concepts and thanks to kpop you know which concept works and how.
– Try to be creative while maturing your concept and gaining attention, chat with visitors occasionally and when your account reaches a reasonable number of followers set it to private and force them to pay for your new content: videos.

First you will loose a bunch of followers but if your concept is catchy enough they will eventually come back. You’ve started to earn some money? Good.

Second step is live streaming:
– Make your own market and safety research and find the streaming site that fits your online activity. Don’t forget to promote your new initiative on your social media.
– Depending on your popularity, you can just sit on your sofa, live stream yourself while fapping at oppa and you can make between 20-100 bucks a day depending on how many hours you spend there. You know you can spend the whole day and you know you are good at what you do thanks to years of intense practicing, so why wasting this huge potential of yours?

Hard working individuals with interesting concepts never go unnoticed in this world and you already have regulars paying for your activities, you will soon start to receive casting offers for AV videos.

– Make hours of research, as if you were stanning oppa, to find out if the offer is real and if it is not a cover for another activity rather than the art of cinema. AV is a genre and you aspire to be an actress, never forget that.
– Practice is important and experience ends up paying so don’t miss audition opportunities and don’t turn down smaller roles. Even if you don’t market your new activity in a proper way, your followers will eventually find out, the site where the video is posted will quickly notice the new flow of users clicking relentlessly on your video and ask the production company for new releases of yours.

Congratulations, you are an AV actress with an already established fandom. The rest is easy because Yua Mikami already paved the way for you. Get in touch with her, tell her you are willing to pay if she lets you appear in her new MV and here is your Kpop debut. Oppa will notice you right away and might even ask for a collab. The rest is who accepts to pay how much for what but at least now you have a solid career that you can expand and explore in and out for new opportunities. You’re welcome.

(Well, that became an essay rather than a post, no character limit is my best enemy, is no character limit your best enemy?)

Enjoy your newfound blogging fame.  Oh wait, it’s an anonymous survey and you didn’t put your name on this.  Oh well, feel free to “claim it” in the comments if you wish!

Runner-up, chosen for its blistering authenticity:

Here’s a picture of Nayeon with cum on her face.

[Insert image here]

God I wish I was a sex toy used exclusively by her, my current lifestyle just holds no meaning by not being her exclusive sex toy.

Thanks to all readers who participated!

Question 14: Which k-pop fandom has misinterpreted posts by Kpopalypse the most over the last few years?

Odd as it may seem I haven’t had that many interactions with ARMYs at all, even after I published my BTS fanfiction.  Or maybe they’re lurking on this site, ready to pounce as soon as a BTS song winds up on one of my lists.  We’ll see if they can actually muster up anything musically noteworthy this year.

Question 15: This is a promotional video for one of Kpopalypse’s favourite new groups, Loona.

There are a lot of fan theories about Loona. What is Loona’s true purpose?

There wasn’t a clear opinion here but “BTS but girls” was the most popular option, which certainly explains all the fan craziness they’re generating.

Question 16: Should Kpopalypse write some sort of explanation post to explain the true aims of his posts in detail for the morons who don’t get it?

There were three “yes” options, three “no” options and an “I don’t care” option.  When added up, results were almost exactly even, with about 35% of votes going to both “yes” and “no” and the remaining 30% falling into the “I don’t care, just troll these cunts” option.  While my FAQ and Lexicon does explain a lot of stuff, a really comprehensive explanatory post that goes even deeper than this is something that I probably couldn’t be fucked with, it’s probably easier for me to talk about that stuff than write a post about it so perhaps it will come out in interview form one day, for those of you for whom the aims of this blog aren’t already self-evident enough.

Question 17: Should Kpopalypse cover k-pop news and do news opinion pieces?

Once again there were two “yes” options, two “no” options and an “I don’t care” option.  The results here definitely skewed towards “yes”, although some very smart readers were cluey enough to notice that I do in fact drop news-related content already in a more roundabout way in music roundups and other random posts.  However the response has me thinking about how I could incorporate news in a format in a way that would involve minimal upkeep and not take away too much from other posts or overwrite/make redundant existing content, and also be sufficiently unique so it doesn’t read like a version of news sites such as Soompi/Koreaboo or news/opinion blogs such as Asian Junkie (which is where I’d probably be getting the news anyway, so there’s no point for me to just adopt their template).  I have to consider my time, I spend a lot of time making content as it is (this survey results post took two days to write) and this blog makes no money at all apart from a small amount of Patreon donations from a few kind caonimas, so any news coverage would have to be something that I could create near-instantaneously so I don’t experience burnout, while also not just being pointless shit.  I’m still considering options here and if I can make this work in a way that I’m happy with both the quality and the timescale of.

Question 18: This is a picture of k-pop group Oh My Girl.

The new song from Oh My Girl has the girls dressed in monkey costumes. Is this racist?

Is Monkeyface the new Frenchface?  Readers were pretty sure that if you think monkeys aren’t monkeys, then you’re probably a monkey.

Question 19: Do you enjoy questions that manipulate data by allowing only certain types of responses, thereby allowing Kpopalypse to reinforce certain narratives?

I’m glad you all agree.  I will endeavour not to disappoint in future!

Question 20: Should Shannon Williams do Kpopalypse Interview?

I’m impressed that 31% of responses to this question were actually from Shannon Williams.  She must be a big fan of my writing.  Hopefully I get to do an interview with her soon!

Question 21: This is a GIF of Mamamoo winning an award. Congratulations, girls!

Why do some Mamamoo fans incorrectly believe that Kpopalypse hates Mamamoo, despite Kpopalypse’s long history of Mamamoo stanning?

My plagiarism post about Mamamoo created a lot of misconceptions that I hated them or something, when the fact is that I would happily invite all four of them over to my house for tea and biscuits.  According to readers, the main reason for this false impression of myself as a Mamamoo hater was that a few select Mamamoo fans were dumb fucking losers struggling with English comprehension and thus were not particularly good at determining the correct context of statements made in the post.  Here’s hoping that they sterilise themselves so they don’t breed and create more stupid people do some research and learn to appreciate the finer points of my Mamamoo-stanning style.

Question 22: So Kpopalypse doesn’t seem mean and insensitive in future posts, what is the most correct term that he could use to describe k-pop fandoms?

“Challenged” won, but only just beating out “Crazy” and Shannon Williams-endorsed “Special Needs”.  Who really knows for sure how to describe k-pop fandoms in ways that don’t cause offence, I guess it will continue to be a lottery pick.

Question 23: This is another picture of Gfriend’s Eunha.

What is Eunha saying in this picture?

Many readers were happy to see Gfriend’s agency adhering to OH&S compliance.  Don’t slip, girls!

Question 24: Why haven’t you bought UZA’s songs on Bandcamp yet?

Those who are still slacking off on the important activity of giving UZA as much money as possible to allow her to continue saving k-pop from itself, make sure that you read my interview with her and then visit her Bandcamp (link is at the bottom of the interview) so you can rectify this situation and validate your existence while also increasing your personal self-esteem and the quality of life for yourself and those around you.

Question 25: Is Kpopalypse and Asian Junkie fighting always hilarious?

It’s good to know in this very divisive world of k-pop, where opinions and views clash often, we can all agree on some things, like how Asian Junkie is a faggot bitch.

Question 26: This is the new song from k-pop group CLC.

Why is this song here?

Actually the top three responses were all true.

Question 27: It’s Seoul Fashion Week and that means that Kpopalypse Fashion Class may make a return! What item of clothing should the next episode of this important series cover in detail? This question is optional, you can skip it if you’re too stupid to dress yourself.

Thank you for all your suggestions!  The end result was a post about military uniforms in k-pop, so hopefully you enjoyed it and Kpopalypse Fashion Class will return in a future post!

Question 28: This is a video where Momoland’s JooE is interviewed.

Did JooE look better before or after surgery?

Approximately 11% of readers had a wank to JooE shortly after finishing the survey.  The rest of you all agreed that she was either hotter than any of her critics or doing the hard yards for her group so it didn’t matter what she looked like.

Question 29: How upset are you that this survey contained no numerical questions? Submit an answer between 0 and 10, with 10 being “fuck you Kpopalypse” and 0 being “I liked this survey and fluffy kittens”. This question isn’t mandatory, just in case you still haven’t worked out how mobile phones handle the slider thingy.

The average score here was 6.  Next time I might do more numerical questions, perhaps about how many times you have missed not having numerical questions in the past.

Question 30: Thanks for doing this survey! As a reward, here is a picture of Eunha, this time inspecting YG’s horticulture lab.

That’s all for this survey! Hopefully you enjoyed yourself while filling this out, but if not – oh well, sucks to be you, I guess! Please leave any feedback that you have for Kpopalypse below. This question is optional. Thanks for participating!

As usual I will now respond to selected feedback.

I’ve been meaning to tell you, I laughed when I read about you naming your cat Stiglitz — when I bought my car five years ago, it was because my previous car had been rear-ended and totaled, and I was told Volkswagens were pretty safe cars (mine is a regular-gas engine, so I wasn’t affected by the diesel fraud, though its emissions may be a mess too, who knows). So I was all, okay, buying a German car to protect my Jewish children, what should I name it? And came up with Hugo, after Hugo Stiglitz. Of course my Hugo was actually made in Chattanooga and as a result he does not like driving in the cold (or what passes for the cold down here) at all, hopefully your Stiglitz handles temperature fluctuations with more equanimity. Anyway, thanks for putting together another survey, and take care!

Thanks for reading!

1. Thank you for introducing me to Rion.
2. Please keep up the nugu alerts.
3. Are there more photos of Eunha in that white net dress?
4. Have a lovely day!

I just wish you could post more frequently, as you are the only k-pop blogger that I actually enjoy reading.

Thank you – I also wish this!  Hopefully one day all k-pop agencies realise the valuable promotional power of Kpopalyspe blog and send me a ton of money with no obligation for me to do anything for them in return other than shit on their new releases in my roundups, so I can then blog 24/7.  Until that time I will probably be limited by other things that I need to do in order to pay my food, mortgage and bills.

I’ve always appreciated that fact that reading Kpopalypse’s blog is like (the far superior) original “Karate Kid” movie where Daniel does chores for Mr. Miyagi, but actually learns something more meaningful in the process.

When I was a kid and saw this for the first time, this scene blew my tiny mind.

I know you can’t rush greatness but I’m really looking forward to the next fanfiction

Truth has been so much stranger than my fancifctions lately that I haven’t done one in a while as reality has been stealing all my ideas!  However I will resume them at a future date, probably when least expected (or wanted).

i fapped to you playing bass in that one video

Glad you enjoyed it!

thank you for being a source of comfort and entertainment for the 1% of kpop fans who aren`t TOO nutty over their oppars, and a source of stress for the 99% of kpop fans who are too nutty over their oppars. i find so much solace in your blog, and i check it all the time. your weekly roundups, things kpopalypse likes/dislikes in music, and QRImoles make me laugh and i agree with a lot of what you say, which is such a relief. and your fap posts make me horny so that`s definitely a plus. you`ve changed my mind about music so much in the best way. i`m proud to say that you helped me recover from my ARMY phase. thank you for being an overall intelligent, talented, informed guy. you have truly made a mark in the kpop blogosphere and in the kpop community overall. i love you!!!!

Happy to assist!  However don’t worry if you disagree sometimes, that’s probably healthy.

delete your blog

nah cbf

Oppar you need a name for your anti-fanclub!

I think my antis should put in the work and think of that themselves!

No more list of attractive females and/or males in Kpop??? Boob-list or Booty-list would be much appreciated, thanks Oppar.

The objectification surveys happen every year at around the same time.  Wait a few months.

You suck and i hate you. Keep it up. Great job.

Thank you!

I still think you should have ads or make money from this blog somehow
… not just Patreon.?

I like the idea of readers sending me money being a totally optional thing rather than pissing people off with mandatory ads and forcing them to use adblockers just to make the site useable.  I know how much I hate ads on other websites.  I will never go down this path.  The Patreon donations, while not huge, really do make a big difference for each person that does it, just because they motivate me to keep giving back to readers by producing regular content, I think that’s the most honest and ethical way I can proceed.

Taking this survey made me feel a little better about my situation. Thank you. I’ve been following you since about 2013. I was 14 at the time. I’m now 19 and every time I see you have a new survey up I feel so excited because I never know what you have in store (or rather nobody does).

Thank you for putting a smile on my face after hours of sobbing over my first genuine heartbreak.

Happy to help!  You’ll be fine, relationships come and go but caonima spirit is eternal.

Go fuck yourself

no u

I want to review (fap to) some Yua Mikami videos for purely professional (fapping) reasons. Please provide your recommendations.

You can use this post which has ratings roughly corresponding to video fapability but honestly there are quite a lot of JAV stars that I would recommend over Yua Mikami.

I really enjoy your musical dissections and it’s helping me learn a bit about why and how different songs appeal to me. Great stuff, mate. Keep it up!


The more music theory and analytical breakdowns, the better. I also enjoy those posts in which you provide insight using your knowledge of the music industry and music production. I don’t agree with a lot of your views on politics , especially racism/antiracism, but I keep reading because I think your motivation is less to debate issues of race and cultural politics than to puncture what you see as the pieties and pretensions of the chardonnay sipping classes as they percolate into the world of kpop fan discussion.

Your end of the year evaluations are thought provoking and enjoyable. The fact you can give reasons for your choices belies the “it’s nothing more than personal preference” schtick that pops up here continually the rest of the year!

Thanks for all the work you put into this, and keep on blogging!

Thank you!  Remember folks that it’s fine to disagree, I wouldn’t except all or even most readers to coincide with my views on everything.  I think that education and entertainment should give different opinions from time to time and that this is healthy.  I have definite reasons for why I like certain music, I just don’t expect that other people will hear it the same way.

Keep on cunting! J/k but really, you’re one of the lone sane voices in a sea of bullshit that you get from netizens, so I thank you for opening my eyes and saving me from believing in all that nonsense. Plus, your round-ups are the best way to find great new music. As someone with a rock background, I find that my musical taste generally seems to match up to yours, so it’s always nice to find that I can trust your opinion to be solid!

Actually this is pretty common that people who are into heavier music tend to agree with me about a lot of the musical opinions.  Not always but certainly more often.  Not that this matters much, just an observation.

Yo,I love your blog keep up the good work!
Oh and remember
The more offensive the better
The more sarcastic the better
The more controversial(but existing)fap posts that makes 10 years old or 20 years old sad fan girls piss their panties and get them to twist them while lighting their tourches and holding their pitch to haunt you down, the better

This is that person from Syria again.  What a legend.  Hope all is well over there with you.

Cheers mate. As an old women who dabbles in kpop, I tried to understand your questions. But I’m too old & slow. Please had mercy on me & understand that I did my best

I appreciate the effort – thank you!

Thanks for introducing me to UZA, she’s incredibly underrated. She needs to get more exposure from other blogs like yours. (I’m only saying this because you made it mandatory for me to go buy her music. That’s absolutely fine.)

Maybe it’s just my personal taste, but would it be okay if you could tone down the sexual overtones just a little bit? Thanks.

Agree regarding UZA.

I think being honest in all things is part of why this blog is what it is, that includes sexuality along with everything else.  I’m just shining a light on the sexuality that is already present in k-pop but rarely discussed openly because the people who make it are such hypocrites about it and try to deny that it’s there when it clearly is very much there.  If you want less sexuality in k-pop, you need to petition those who are marketing it in a sexual way, not the recipients who are merely pointing this fact out.

I am fairly new to kpop, so I’m enjoying getting my kpop education through this site.

Good to know that I can help!  Feel free to use Qrimole on the sidebar if you have any questions that remain unanswered.

Isn’t a group’s real purpose to launder the sponsor money, not bring it in?

Depends on the company!

that was a surprisingly short survey. is kpopalypse trying to be less of a cunt?

The last few bi-yearly surveys have all been 30 questions long.  Cuntiness should be about equal.

So I’m really uncomfortable I’m really uncomfortable with sex because I was raised in a really strict household and when I was younger I used to be really wild and explorative but now I just shy away from everything and idk is there something wrong with me??? As someone who has had lots of sex is it normal for me to feel so disgusted by it now that I’m older and no longer hormonal? I guess it’s my antidepressants that are dampening my hormonal response but like I just feel like this complete weirdo esp since I’m moving to the uk to study and all white people do it like rabbits whereas I’m 21 and I haven’t even had a boyfriend yet lmao
Also how do I have a social life in uni pls help I haven’t gone in yet but like Vet school is crazy ahahahaha and I’m not actually smart I literally have to study every day just to pass UNLIKE ALL MY OTHER SENIORS

It’s probably the meds, consider consulting a doctor and changing your medication.

I think I might have bipolar along with ptsd from abuse 😦 . I’m pretty lucky that my psych is pretty understanding and bulk bills, plus she has access to cool machines that scan your brain waves and are at the forefront of research. It makes me happy that I’ve found one that caters to my needs! But still, it’s mad fucked that the state of mental health care is so shit in Australia, and I live in constant fear that Medicare won’t cover for my visits to psychs and medicines that I really do need since they improve my quality of life soooo much. What can I do about this?

Anyways, please please please keep on doing what you are doing, because being such a madcunt with more determination than a cao ni ma keeps me hopeful that I can do whatever I want to do<3

Just be glad you don’t live in the USA, you probably couldn’t afford that shit at all.  Don’t worry Kpopalypse will always remain a madcunt.

Did you have to pay for hosting the survey?

No but I do pay a fee to WordPress to keep my blog ad-free.

I’d rather you just covered kpop news, without the “opinion” part. don’t wanna end up disliking you like i did asianjunkie

I don’t think it’s worth disliking someone for their opinions.  I don’t dislike AJ or AKF for instance and there’s plenty of areas where I disagree with both of them.  It’s okay to disagree, doesn’t mean the other person is a bad person.  I share plenty of opinions on my blog as it is anyway, I just don’t do it in a “here’s my opinion” editorial style way very often, my strategy is to use humour for that, so it’s not so boring to read.  If I did news I probably still would use humour somehow rather than whatever it is other people usually do, just because reading dry opinion isn’t that interesting to me so I can’t assume it’d be that interesting to others.

What’s caonima? I keep reading it as enema ?. I’m your new reader

Kpopalypse Lexicon is my best friend, is Kpopalypse Lexicon your best friend?

I’ll leave you readers with this video of Gfriend’s Eunha imitating Mamamoo’s Hwasa, beret and all.

That’s all for this post!  There’ll be another huge-ass survey like this in 6 months, and possibly smaller surveys before then!  Kpopalypse will return!

3 thoughts on “The Kpopalypse 2018 survey of important trufax – the results!

  1. As someone who was under severe pressure to get good grades and experienced depression over it, I can confirm it doesn’t matter. I got accepted into a prestigious university but ended up having to go to an average university, and honestly, I’m much happier that it turned out that way. I know if I went to the prestigious university that my life would’ve been miserable and I would have to sacrifice a lot of my social life to keep up with the harsh grading they impose on first years.

    Options for people who don’t know what to do and don’t have the option to take a gap year or more is community college. If you also got “bad grades” in high school and want to make up for that time, once again, community college can help.

    Parents make a big deal out of everything for literally no reason, especially grades. Only until you get out of high school do you realize how much bullshit that pressure is. So I really hope for anyone whose depression is worsened or even caused by the pressure to maintain good grades that they can at least be relieved by the fact that grades do not have as much of an impact on your success and future as you might think.

  2. Ahora en adelante haré todos mis comentarios en español solo para molestarte y demostrar que soy un buen caonima.

  3. Right off the bat, thanks for the awesome pic of Eunha! Isn’t she adorable? And then, the next pic I see, SinB making the clock! You’re batting 1000 so far! 🙂 And then Wonder Woman, some of the cheesiest kpop dancing ever! Anyway, thanks again for not having ads, and I am one of the proud few who genuinely likes your Nugus! Maybe I imagine myself trying kpop and these show mistakes to avoid… Thanks again for the many great pix and videos of Gfriend’s Eunha and others! You’re the best kpop blog ever!

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