Kpopalypse reviews the drama video career of Yua Mikami

A frequent criticism of Kpopalypse blog is that it’s somewhat short of TV drama content, and this is a weakness of the site that I cannot deny.  After all, many people who are into Korean idols also like Korean dramas, but those people aren’t well-catered to on this site, which is all about music and idols only.  So when I heard about Japanese actress Yua Mikami forming a k-pop group and debuting in Korea, I thought it was a good opportunity to redress the balance and give my readers the drama reviews that they all crave.  Read on for a look at the thespian legacy of Yua Mikami!

I couldn’t review every single one of Yua Mikami’s videos, she’s just way too prolific for that.  However the following retrospective covers what I believe to be the “greatest hits” of Yua Mikami and should give those of you new to this particular idol some quick background as to the breadth of her acting resume.  Those who know her well may also discover new content that they were previously not aware of, so hopefully this post is useful to all idol drama lovers!

Some facts about Yua Mikami – she was born in 1993 and is 24 years of age at the time of writing, and her best works appear under two different drama production companies.  Firstly there is the company Muteki which she made several films for starting in 2015, and then later she switched to S1 No.1 Style in November 2016 where she continues to make drama productions until the present day.  The catalog numbers indicate which company released each video:

TEK = Muteki videos
SNIS = S1 No.1 Style videos from November 2016 onward
SSNI = new catalog number used by S1 No.1 Style from September 2017 until present

I’ve included the catalog numbers along with the film titles, as there’s so much quality drama content out there that catalog numbers become essential when trying to track down specific works, plus they make life easier for those not fluent in Japanese who might have trouble searching by Japanese characters.  Using these codes you should be able to find all these videos at friendly drama retail sites such as where only the best dramas are sold, so why not make a purchase and support Yua Mikami’s acting legacy today?


Princess Peach – TEK-067

Plot synopsis: our story begins with Yua Mikami as Princess Peach, giving a press conference from a podium, where she extols the virtues of fame and Nintendo while cameras flash in rapid-fire.  However when asked by a rogue journalist whether the Mario franchise is appropriating Italian culture, her security insists on no further questions and ushers Yua Mikami off the podium.  Yua then retreats to her boudoir where the journalist reappears in several sequential and increasingly Lynchain scenes to inquire deeper into her life and even surprises her with a friend who gifts her a valuable pearl necklace.  Is it the start of true love, or is his princess in another castle?

Dramatic impact: Yua Mikami exudes a cute charm which is largely at odds with stereotypical drama leading ladies, and after watching this it’s easy to see how she would fit right in to her group’s upcoming Orange Caramelesque concept.  However she doesn’t really give the vibe of a “princess”, probably because the wardrobe department here is seriously lacking, there are no princess dresses to be seen here at all.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6.5/10 orange caramels


Pleasant Feeling – TEK-071

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami is seen in the bedroom reading a book.  Smiling, she turns the book’s pages to the camera – the book’s text is not in Japanese, but another language.  Yua laughs as the camera pans away.  In the next scene Yua is watering a plant, but the spray from the water bottle is going nowhere near the plant’s roots, her amateur hydroponic activity providing it with no nourishment.  Yua grins at the camera, knowingly.  Then her plan is revealed as Yua is recruited by YG Entertainment as an intern hydroponics lab assistant.  Yua intends to work undercover and do such a poor job of indoor gardening that YG can no longer grow the plants he needs to nourish his top stars.  Will she succeed, or will she become high on her own supply?

Dramatic impact: like most films with social commentary, “Pleasant Feeling” is sometimes overly preachy, although keen horticulturalists will enjoy the many demonstrations of correct seed-burying techniques.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 5/10 YG hydroponics projects


Climax & 4 Hardcore Scenes – TEK-072

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami is at her apartment relaxing when there is a knock at her door.  A stranger enters.  He points a gun at her and says “My name is Xiumin and I know about your plush zebra empire.  I have been sent to kill you, however if you answer this question correctly, I will let you live – what is hard and hairy on the outside, soft and wet on the inside? The word begins with “c,” ends in “t,” and there’s a “u” and an “n” between them?”  Yua thinks for a while and answers “coconut!”.  The man smiles, and lowers the gun.  Before Yua can ask anything further, he says “you will have three more tests like this – on the first day of each new moon – goodnight” and leaves.  Will Yua survive the next three months?

Dramatic impact: tension is at a high pace throughout this slow-burning drama but Yua fans may not be impressed as often the action is so intense that it’s hard to focus on her specifically.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6/10 gun-weilding Xiumins


My Girlfriend Is Yua Mikami – TEK-073

Plot synopsis: going out with girls can be tough, but it’s even harder for TOP when his new girlfriend is national idol and SM Entertainment slave-since-birth Yua Mikami.  Years in the spotlight has left her with a tunnel-vision view of the world and few social skills.  TOP cringed when his parents asked her at dinner how she would vote in the upcoming election, and she said that she was looking forward to her idol TV show this weekend and could they all please support her to victory.  How can TOP and his family educate someone who has only ever lived in a dorm?  At least Han Seo Hee took her shoes off inside the house.

Dramatic impact: it’s hard being an idol, and this will show you how hard.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 6.5/10 funny-smelling cigarettes


High-Class 5-Star Soapland Brothel Where A Pop Star Will Service You – TEK-076

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami is an employee at a massage parlor, meeting two new clients.  “Hi, I’m Seven, and this here is Sanchu”, they say, while bowing.  Yua explains the payment rates for different types of massage.  “We’ve been in the military and we need the best massage possible”, they say, quickly adding “but no funny business though, we’re upstanding military men fighting for our country with virtuous purity, don’t even think we’re here under false pretences”.  Yua senses that Seven is virtue-signalling to impress her, but the quietly confident Sanchu is more her type.  How will she navigate this awkward social situation?

Dramatic impact: the performances from this all-star trio are top-notch and beneath the white, frothy suds aplenty there’s an important message about social responsibility.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 happy endings


Let’s Fuck A Schoolgirl Idol After School – TEK-079

Plot synopsis: Inspired by the academic rigour of AOA, Yua Mikami takes an advanced Korean history course to help prepare her for her Korean idol debut, but finds herself a little out of her depth.  With no AOA to fall back on for help, Yua is lost until the boys from labelmates CNBlue come to assist.  “Don’t worry, history is just copying and memory, we’re really good at that thanks to all the practice we got copying Crying Nut, we can show you how to steal AOA’s knowledge and ace your thesis!”.  “But isn’t that plagiarism?” Yua asks.  “Not if you don’t get caught”, they reply, giggling.  This wasn’t the “academic rigour” Yua signed up for, but getting high grades does feel good… can she fake it until she makes it, or will her upstanding morals, or her professor, catch up to her?

Dramatic impact: definitely a top-tier drama, seeing Yua’s flawless performance in her school uniform will inspire all viewers to new heights of diligent study.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8.5/10 helpful Yonghwas


Pleasure & Ecstacy – TEK-083

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami awakens to find herself in an abandoned building, with her hands cuffed to a chain hanging from the ceiling.  A man enters and starts yelling at her.  “Wake up!  You can’t fall asleep during the stretches!  How are you going to become flexible enough to compete in the gymnastic finals if you don’t work on your flexibility?”  Yua bows and apologises.  “I’m sorry JYP, I didn’t have my coffee this morning, I’ll try harder!”  JYP stares at Yua as she resumes her leg-lifts.  He thinks to himself: sure, she works hard and she’s keen, but she lapses concentration all the time – does she really have what it takes to beat After School in idol gymnastics?

Dramatic impact: the romantic tension between the two main leads in this story is palpable, easily carrying the film through its rougher moments.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 plastic pants


Exclusive NO.1 STYLE – Yua Mikami’s S1 Debut – Her Shocking Transfer To A New Label x 4-Full Fuck Special – SNIS-786

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami starts touring the club circuit as a solo artist.  Her performance abilities are honed, but few people come to the shows.  Then one day she meets a stranger at the bar.  “Hey babe, my name is Yang Hyun Suk and I’ve got what it takes to make you a star, stick with me and we’ll conquer the world together.”  “What, you mean like Bom?  She’s so cool, I love 2NE1!  Don’t you?” asks Yua.  Yang Hyun Suk hesitates and stares into his drink.  “Look baby, less talk, you just have to trust me on this one” he says.  Could Yua be on the verge of success or falling into a trap?

Dramatic impact: Yua’s performance is matched by the enigmatic Yang Hyun Suk, and the plot has more twists and turns than Hwayoung before she uncoils.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 delayed comebacks


Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex: Complete No-Cut Special – SNIS-800

Plot synopsis: staring down from her penthouse apartment, Yua Mikami is rich and famous, but bored.  Yang Hyun Suk was right that her career would get somewhere, but she’s practically his prisoner, isn’t allowed any freedom, and worst of all has to pretend that he’s a charming man or he won’t release her comebacks.  All of a sudden she sees her ex-boyfriend walking by down on the street.  She goes to wave but hesitates – what if Yang Hyun Suk finds out?  Does rekindling the flame with her ex mean the end of her idol career?  Yua devises a plan to have the best of both worlds.

Dramatic impact: watching Yua squirm her way both in and out of trouble is fascinating, and Yang Hyun Suk is so convincing at his self-portrayal that you’d swear he was actually this much of a bastard in real life.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8.5/10 lock-in contracts


A Massive Dream Cum Face Shot On A Nationally Beloved Idol – SNIS-825

Plot synopsis: short on cash, Yua Mikami does a scientific trial at her local university, to be paid to test a new type of protein-enriched BB cream.  She works the sticky white fluid into the pores of her face, when all of a sudden she feels a burning sensation.  The feeling becomes stronger and Yua is rushed to hospital, where she finds out that the new experimental fluid has caused her third-degree burns.  The university made her sign a disclaimer saying that she tries all products at her own risk, but surely such disclaimers carry no weight in such a serious incident.  Will Yua prevail in the upcoming legal battle?

Dramatic impact: the lack of courtroom scenes and focus on Yua’s personal situation make this legal drama all the more compelling.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 protein shakes


A National Idol Yua Mikami In 31 Cosplays! Get Your Kicks Every Day With Yua In Cosplay Action 4 Hours/31 Outfits – SNIS-850

Plot synopsis: at her local anime convention, Yua Mikami brings a bunch of outfits and changes into a new one over four hours.  All goes well until she is pulled aside by the convention organiser KKS, who tells her that bringing multiple outfits is “cheating” for the convention prizes.  Yua says that she doesn’t care about the prizes but just likes dress-up, but KKS remains unconvinced.  “This isn’t a YG video, you can’t change into a new outfit every 30 seconds, you need to be consistent or get out!”  Tears form on Yua’s face – she wonders if this is a right worth fighting for, or should she run a separate convention with its own rules and get revenge?

Dramatic impact: the constant clothing changes are bound to please, and the egg-throwing scene is a dramatic highlight.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 trademark applications


92 Furious Orgasms! 3600 Cumtastic Spasms! 2300cc Of Squirting! A Nationally Loved Idol Is Awakening To Her Erotic Nature Her First Massive Spasmic Special – SNIS-872

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami is at her apartment relaxing when there is a knock at her door.  A stranger enters.  He points a gun at her and says “My name is Xiumin and I know about your flower arrangement fetish.  I have been sent to kill you, however if you answer this question correctly, I will let you live – what gets longer if pulled, fits snugly between breasts, slides neatly into a hole, chokes people when used incorrectly, and works well when jerked?”  Yua thinks for a while and answers “a seatbelt!”.  The man smiles, and lowers the gun.  Before Yua can ask anything further, he says “you will have two more tests like this – on the first day of each new moon – goodnight” and leaves.  Will Yua survive the next two months?

Dramatic impact: it’s the sequel you didn’t know you needed.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 flower paths


The National Idol Is My Private Slick Lotion Slave Maid – SNIS-940

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami starts working as a maid for a CEO of a well known idol label.  The CEO asks her for advice often.  “Please go to the hairdresser and find the best lotion to slick back my hair – you choose the type”, asks JYP.  Yua bows in understanding and walks down to the hairdresser, thinking that the CEO is a nice man but wouldn’t it be good if he could show some more autonomy.  She wonders if she “accidentally” spills the lotion onto herself, maybe JYP will be forced to brave a day without slick hair, and this might improve his courage to be who he really is behind the image.  Will Yua succeed in encouraging JYP to become more in touch with his inner self?

Dramatic impact: JYP and Yua is always a good combination, especially with JYP playing against type as the shy guy.  Chemistry abounds!

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 whispering song intros


Covered In Sweat, Cum, And Saliva: Dripping Wet Sex With A National Pop Star – SNIS-964

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami is at her apartment relaxing when there is a knock at her door.  A stranger enters.  He points a gun at her and says “My name is Xiumin and I know about your bitcoin mining scheme.  I have been sent to kill you, however if you answer this question correctly, I will let you live – over 1,000 people went down on me. I wasn’t a maiden for long. Something really big and hard ripped me open. What am I?”  Yua thinks for a while and answers “The Titanic!”  The man smiles, and lowers the gun.  Before Yua can ask anything further, he says “you will have one more tests like this – on the next day of the new moon – goodnight” and leaves.  Will Yua survive the next month?

Dramatic impact: it’s the second sequel you didn’t know you needed.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 disappointing Olympic closing ceremony performances


A National Idol An Adrenaline Explosion! Forbidden To Fuck For 1 Month, She’s A Lustful Beast Ready For A Trans-Global Fuck – SNIS-986

Plot synopsis: while being driven between idol performances along the Seoul/Busan highway, the car Yua Mikami is travelling in suddenly slams on the brakes.  “Sorry!” yells Shinsadong Tiger, from the driver’s seat.  “Please watch where you’re going!  Remember Ladies Code!” yells Yua, as she watches S. Tiger pop another caffeine pill.  Yua vows to complain to her agency about S. Tiger, and get them to change the driver, but she doesn’t want to do it while still in the vehicle or he’ll become even worse, she has to stay silent for now.  Can she survive this death ride?

Dramatic impact: the underutilised “road movie” format goes a good work out here.  Bonus cameo by a baseball-bat weilding Boram.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 determinations


Yua Mikami Fan Thanksgiving Day A National Idol x 20 Regular Fans Sex With The Fans, Unleashed A Fuck Fest Special – SSNI-030

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami organises a fan meet at her hotel.  Several fans show up and are treated to signings, hand-holding, and polite conversations.  However one fan causes concern, saying that Yua is “damned to hell” and “will perish in the fires of justice”.  Security escort Siwon out before he can cause trouble, also also photograph his ID in case of future incidents.  Yua sees the ID photo later during a debrief and gasps – he lives next door to her mother.  Can she keep her mother safe while also hiding her identity, and also what about the threat posed by Siwon’s vicious attack dog?

Dramatic impact: there’s never a dull moment with several innovative cinematic ideas including “dogcam”.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 9/10 chomping Bugsys


A Cock Sucking Ball Slurping Gland Rubbing Dick Swallowing Special And It Cums With An Amazing Cleanup Blowjob – SSNI-054

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami is at her apartment relaxing when there is a knock at her door.  A stranger enters.  He points a gun at her and says “My name is Xiumin and I know about your relentless love of ceramic pottery.  I have been sent to kill you, however if you answer this question correctly, I will let you live – all day long it’s in and out. I discharge loads from my shaft. Both men and women go down on me. What am I?”  Yua thinks for a while and answers “An elevator!”  The man smiles, and fires his gun, narrowly missing Yua.  “You’re right, but I’m going to kill you anyway, it’s in my agency’s contract that we can’t have people like you alive.  What will happen when you debut, they hype will be so extreme, will my group be forgotten?  It’s bad enough that BTS exist!”  A tear forms in Xiumin’s eye, and as he goes to wipe it, Yua seizes her opportunity to kick him in the balls and make a run for the stairs.  Can Yua escape the murderous grip of SM’s henchmen?

Dramatic impact: there’s lots of pace and energy in this title as Yua is shot at from all sides.  Those eager to see some hot projectile-firing action should be satisfied.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8/10 warring fandoms


A Super High Class Idol At An Ultra High Temptation Mens Massage Parlor – SSNI-077

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami looks forward to her new job at the massage parlour.  She attacks her work with zeal and commitment, putting in extra hours to make her guests feel comfortable, and impressing her employers with her diligence.  Her performance reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but bitter rumours spread by workplace rival Hwayoung begin to circulate – will the jealousy of her snake co-workers be her undoing?

Dramatic impact: bold use of first-person perspective for many scenes serves to put the viewer “in the moment” and deliver an immersive experience, however this comes at the cost of some visual and dramatic variety.  Many scenes play out in a predictable manner but Yua Mikami does her best to rise on top of the material to deliver a captivating performance.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7/10 barking Hwadogs


Beautiful tits pop out, Special on the lucky events surrounding the breasts of national idol Yua Mikami – SSNI-101

Plot synopsis: while working hard at her pottery class, the instructor takes Yua Mikami aside.  “You know, I’m unsure about what you’re wearing, it doesn’t seem appropriate for this class”, says Han Seo Hee.  “You know I don’t like mess” she continues “please try to wear something less likely to get dirty from all the clay we’re using in this class”.  Yua nods but also notices that she can see white pottery stains on Han Seo Hee’s grey “FEMINIST” shirt.  Nobody is better at making a pot than Han Seo Hee, who might be the best pottery instructor in Korea, but is the class really worth the condescending attitude?

Dramatic impact: the tension between the two female leads keeps this drama cracking at a great pace.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 8.5/10 Instagram rants


Finally It’s Out In The Open! A Nationally Loved Idol In A Scandalous Love Video We Were Embedded With Yua Mikami For 32 Days, With Raw Kissing, Blowjob Action, And Sex… A Totally Private Video, From Start To Finish – SSNI-127

Plot synopsis: Yua Mikami, much-loved Japanese idol star, is engaged to Henry, a dashing man with a sly grin, a global feminine hygiene products empire and a love for Shetland ponies.  Her future is already mapped out, however she finds herself more attracted to her road manager Shindong, who is ugly, loud, and uncouth, but also passionate and exciting – everything that Henry is not.  Cautiously, she begins an affair under the paparazzi’s gaze, knowing that she can’t give Shindong her heart, but has she already fallen in too deep?

Dramatic impact: the gut-wrenching authenticity of many scenes is helped along by clever cinematography and candid-camera angles that imparts the viewer with the correct feeling of danger to match the story material.  Yua Mikami puts in her usual stellar performance but also lets her hunky male co-stars shine in several intimate and touching scenes.  Bring the tissues.

Kpopalypse drama rating: 7.5/10 sleazy Shindongs


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these selections!  That’s all for this post!  Kpopalypse will return!  And for the sequel to this post which covers Honey Popcorn member Miko Matsuda, click here!

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